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Core Texts Collection

The Core Texts Curriculum is a two-semester course sequence, taken by all Samford University students. These courses survey great works of literature, philosophy, history, and theology, and they demonstrate the relevance of such works for the 21st century. The curriculum inspires students to read, think, discuss, and write about important ideas that have shaped our world. Every culture seeks to explain human nature, the natural world, religion, and political community. Samford's Core Texts Curriculum ensures that students understand this quest through meaningful critical thought. Fall semester introduces texts from ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Early Christianity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. Spring semester surveys the Early Modern Period, the Enlightenment, and the ideological struggles of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Core Texts collection supports this curriculum.

Available on the 1st floor of the University Library. Materials are accessible through the Samford Libraries Catalog.

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