Live at the Library

Samford Authors

The University Library will honor Samford authors with a reception on April 25, 2002. Honorees will be those who have had books published in the last five years.

The reception and remarks will be at 4:00 p.m. on the second floor of the library. Come meet the authors and browse their books on display. Order forms will be available and the library will see that the books are autographed and delivered to the buyer.

The following is a list of those being honored at the reception.

S. Jonathan Bass   (History)
Thomas Brad Bishop   (Law)
Alexander J. Bolla   (Law)
Amanda Borden   (Communication)
Gerald Lewis Bray   (Divinity)
Albert P. Brewer   (Law)
Charles D. Cole   (Law)
Thomas E. Corts   (Administration)
Timothy R. Covington   (Pharmacy)
Jo M. Dohoney   (Sociology)
Hajo Drees   (World Languages and Cultures)
Lewis A. Drummond   (Divinity)
Rosemary Mims Fisk   (English)
H. Hugh Floyd   (Sociology)
Sean Flynt   (University Relations)
Timothy George   (Divinity)
Robert J.Goodwin   (Law)
Paul A. Holloway   (Religion)
William E. Hull   (Administration)
Fisher Humphreys   (Divinity)
David J. Langum   (Law)
Penny L. Marler   (Religion)
Janice Milner Lasseter   (English)
David Little   (Education)
Edward C. Martin   (Law)
John Mayfield   (History)
Calvin Miller   (Divinity)
Milburn Price   (Performing Arts)
Randall Richardson   (Performing Arts)
Don Sandley   (Perfoming Arts)
Dennis L. Sansom   (Philosophy)
Carolyn Green Satterfield   (History)
Robert H. Schrimsher   (Pharmacy)
Robert Smith, Jr.   (Divinity)
Joseph A. Snoe   (Law)
Mike Stewart   (Law)
Frank Thielman   (Divinity)
Howard Walthall   (Law)
Stephen Ware   (Law)
Julie Hedgepeth Williams   (Journalism/Mass Communication)
Donald E. Wilson   (History)
Deborah Young   (Law)