Live at the Library

March 17, 2003
4:30 pm

Fred Shuttleworth: Unsung Heroics in the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham

Andrew M. Manis

Andrew Manis, professor of history at Macon State College, is a 1976 Samford University graduate and holds a doctorate in American religious history from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is founder and former chair of the Interracial Fellowship of Concerned Christians. Civil Rights is the focus of much of his research and writing.

In, A Fire You Can't Put Out, Manis opens a window to the Birmingham Civil Rights story, revealing Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth as a dynamic individual living in this complex time. Manis takes seriously Shuttlesworth's insistence that religious commitment and the demand for rights were innately connected and understands the relationship between faith and activism. The Shuttlesworth biography makes an important contribution to the discussion of American religious history, African American religious history, and the history of the Civil Rights Movements.

This is a part of the Series:

Before You Travel On: Reflections of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement.