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National Library Week

April 14 – 20, 2013

Calendar of Events

Please join us for a week of festivities!






Daily Prize Drawings
Five ways to enter! One entry allowed per method. Prize entries accepted: In-Person, Comment on blog; Check In on facebook; Pin to the Living-In board on pinterest; or Retweet a story.
10:00am Grand Prize Drawing $50.00 gift certificate
10:30 Reception
St. John's Bible
Refreshments provided.

Community Highlight

The Saint John's Bible
Experience the Word come to life.

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10:00 am Popcorn
on the Porch

Front steps of the library.

Community Highlight

The Pilgrim's Choice
First Baptist hymnal known to have been published in Alabama.
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Community Highlight

C.S. Lewis Collection
Lewis has and continues to have influence on generations of scholars and the public.
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10:00 am Popcorn      
10:00 am Open House
ALFA Presentation Rm
Refreshments provided.

Community Highlight

The ALFA Practice Presentation Room 214 Fine-tune your presentation skills.
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10:00am Reception
Hellenic Scholars' Library Refreshments provided.

Community Highlight

Hellenic Scholars' Library
An appreciation of Hellenic culture, thought, art and letters.
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National Library Week was established in 1958 by the American Library Association and is celebrated each April by all types of libraries: school, public, academic and special. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians, and to promote library use and support.

We've planned a week of festivities that include Daily Prize Drawings, Living In boards and Free Popcorn on the Porch. Experience the Word come to life Monday at a reception for the Saint John's Bible, Heritage edtion. The reception is free and open to the public. Six volumes of the Saint John's Bible will be available for viewing. On Thursday we are hosting an Open House of the ALFA Presentation Room 214. Stop by for a hands-on experience. Friday we celebrate the Hellenic Scholars' Library with a reception on the lower level. Each weekday we are highlight unique gifts to the library. Please visit our displays and/or read more about them in the Community Highlights section below.

Community Highlights

This year National Library Week is all about how Communities matter @ your library. Gifts to the University Library provide valuable opportunities for enhancements to existing library resources and services. Developing and maintaining a scholarly library and center for learning now and in the future is a long-range enterprise that requires a wide base of support to ensure preservation of and access to key information resources for scholarship. The Samford University Library has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts through the years that have enabled it to provide additional key resources that significantly enhance our offerings that nurture persons learning and knowledge in direct support of the mission of the institution.

This week we highlight five gifts: ALFA Presentation Room; The Saint John's Bible, Heritage edition; The Pilgrim's Choice and other hymnals; C.S. Lewis and other fictional works; and the Hellenic Scholars' Library.

Saint John's Bible

The Saint John's Bible is a monumental work capturing the spirit, scale, materials and techniques of the great medieval European bibles, while bringing them into the present with a New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) text. This exceptional new addition to Samford's collection is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and artistic labor by Welsh artist Donald Jackson and a host of theological advisors and craftspeople. Please join us Monday, 10:30am, for the reception.

The Pilgrim's Choice and Hymnal Collection

This unassuming little collection of 266 hymns and spiritual songs is one of only four known extant copies of the first Baptist hymnal known to have been published in Alabama. David W. Andrews compiled the work and Jacksonville, Ala., printer J.F. Grant printed it in 1843. The only other known copies reside in the Alabama State Archives, the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a private collection.

Samford music professor Paul Richardson, a noted hymnologist and past president of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, acquired the hymnal and donated it to the university in honor of Liz Wells, chair of the library's Special Collection department. "She has been so helpful to me, I saw this as a way to add to the collection and honor her at the same time," Richardson said.

"The Pilgrim's Choice" joins an already sizeable collection of hymnals at Samford resulting from an earlier gift of materials to the university's School of the Arts by the Lorenz publishing family of Chicago.

C.S. Lewis Collection

Through the gift and direction of a generous local donor, University Library has added 72 titles by and about C. S. Lewis since January 2012. The enhanced collections provide a complete catalog of novels, poems, theological and philosophical monographs, literary criticism, children's books, essays, and memoirs by this highly influential Christian scholar. The goals for the collection now include adding audio books and DVDs, a process that has already begun, as well as secondary works about Lewis.

It's hard to overestimate the influence Lewis had and continues to have on generations of scholars and the public. His science fiction, children's literature, and devotional writings persist in popularity, while his scholarly works continue to be studied and analyzed. Derivative works such as movies and plays entice young audiences and lay the foundation of a generous and beautiful Christian theology. Lewis' prodigious body of work can be found throughout the library.

ALFA Presentation Room

In February, Samford dedicated its new ALFA Practice Presentation in library room 214. With funding from the ALFA Foundation, the facility was renovated and outfitted with the latest technology to help students practice and refine presentations for classes, seminars, conferences and thesis defense. In addition to dedicated recording software, the room features an automatic screen, projector, video camera and confidence monitor.

Although the room is reserved for student use, this open house will introduce the facility to the entire university community and public. Please join us Thursday between 10-11:00am, for the open house.

Hellenic Scholars' Library

In partnership with the Birmingham Philhellene Society, Samford University Library houses the Hellenic Scholars' Library representing an appreciation of Hellenic culture, thought, art and letters.

Samford Classics professor Doug Clapp noted that although pride in Greek culture was exaggerated for comedic effect in the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "it is no stretch to say that we can trace our ideas, our ways of thinking, back to their ancient Greek origins through the writings of, among others, Homer, Plato and Paul." "By preserving a multitude of Greek voices," Clapp said, "the Hellenic Scholars Library can help a twenty-first century world maintain access to ancient wisdom that can help us thoughtfully consider our modern quandaries."

Since 2005 over 3,000 volumes have been donated to the collection. The Hellenic Scholars' Library is located on the lower level, adjacent to Special Collection. Materials are accessible through the Samford Libraries Catalog. Please join us Friday, 10:00am, for the reception.

Text provided by Kim Herndon, University Library Dean; Lori Northrup, Collection Management Librarian / Associate Dean; and Marliese Thomas, User Services Engagement Librarian; Sean Flynt, University Communications, Samford University

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