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Aleksander Glyadelov and Doctors Without Borders

Since its independence, Ukraine has experienced a growing economic crisis which has produced soaring poverty. The population is surviving, but marginalized families are sending their children to beg live in gangs and are victims of alcohol, drugs, violence and escalating sexual abuse.

Alexander Glyadelov seeks to expose their brutal circumstances, and devotes himself fully to this mission, winning the confidence of the youths to better reveal their lives. Aleksander Glyadelov has tirelessly extended his "witness" to all the marginalized people of the Ukraine.


The "SPARE" project’s aim is to research, using the language of photography, the problems of living in Ukraine for underprivileged children and teenagers. Society calls them "street children" and "children at risk". Every year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs detains about 20,000 abandoned children around the Ukraine. They are often sent to various asylums, but eventually end up back on the streets. Now, even children who are 3-4 years old are living on the streets. Many of their parents are alcoholics and drug addicts. These children live in basements, entrances, in the casing of heating pipes, and in industrial places. They earn their living by begging, picking and stealing, usually eventually getting involved in organized crime. Many of them are being sexually abused. By the age of 8, the majority of these children become smokers and start drinking alcohol. Some of them are being used int he drug business as "pushers" and pickers of raw materials. These children become systematic injective drug addicts by the age of 8 or 9.

Doctors Without Borders USA, Inc.

A private nonprofit organization, Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 by a small group of French doctors determined to respond rapidly and effectively to public health emergencies, with complete independence from political, economic or religious powers. Doctors Without Borders is a worldwide network with offices in 19 countries.

Aleksander Glyadelov and the SPARE project are teaming up with Doctors Without Borders. For more information please call (212) 679-6800.

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