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It's All About Color

Exhibit: Exhibit: March - April 2003

Samford University Library hosts "It's All About Color" by Ed Whitfield.

The art is showcased on the main entry level around the grand staircase and on the second floor.

thumbnail of dahlia by Ed Whitfield
thumbnail of dahlia by Ed Whitfield
thumbnail of dahlia by Ed Whitfield
thumbnail of dahlia by Ed Whitfield

DAHLIA: The garden dahlia (dahlia x variablis) is a plant of cultivation, derived from wild relatives found growing in Mexico.
    American Dahlia Society.

Dahlias stand proudly as those can't-miss big blooms which occur in every color except true blue, including white and yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red, purple, and bronze, with many bicolor. Like so many beautiful glowing jewels, the sturdy blooms shine in a rainbow of colors. Flowers may be as small as an inch in diameter or as large as a dinner plate. The American Dahlia Society recognizes 19 flower forms which bloom continuously from mid July until the first frost. The blooms can be enjoyed as cut flowers or left in the garden.

Ed Whitfield

Ed and Kathy Whitfield fell in love with the dahlia five years ago after seeing the exhibition of the Alabama Dahlia Society. They became hooked after growing about 30 dahlia plants and now face the ongoing task of finding additional space to plant new varieties. This past year they grew approximately 200 dahlia plants in raised beds at their home in Hoover. One of Ed's favorite hobbies is taking photographs of their dahlias to capture the brilliant color. He is able to share these colorful pictures with his friends and loved ones throughout the year. All of these pictures were taken with a Nikon camera using a 200mm fixed lens, no flash, and 200 speed Kodak Gold film. IT'S ALL ABOUT COLOR!

Closing date: April 29, 2003.

Dahlia Society of Alabama Brochure

text provided by artist

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