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Exhibition of Children's Books by Parenting Students

Exhibit: October 2003

Samford University Library hosts Values in Parenting: Lessons to be Learned.

The exhibit consists of 30 children books handcrafted by the Parenting Students from the Department of Family Studies. The books are showcased in the Reading Room on the second floor.

image of Parenting Student Reading to the Children

Values in Parenting: Lessons To Be Learned

Image of Parenting Student Reading to the Children How do we teach a group of students who are not parents themselves the art of parenting? At Samford University students rely on their own experiences of having been parented, in a Problem Based Learning class on Parenting, taught by a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Clara Gerhardt. When Dr. Kristie Chandler, an adjunct with the Department of Family Studies, taught the Parenting Course, she introduced the idea of writing children's books. It has since become a tradition. The featured book "Petey's Search for Peace" was written in Dr. Chandler's class.

As part of a unit on the role of values in Parenting, students explore the theories on moral and cognitive development in children. As a 'real world' task, the students wrote children's books in which the core message was to impart a "lesson to be learned." The students read these books to children at the Samford Children's Learning Center. The children's enthusiasm was the true test. Our students learned that the art of reading a story, interacting with the youthful audience, and the relationships established, were a crucial part of their 'lessons-to-be-learned' series of books.

"There's room in the nursery for both story free moralizing and morals-free storytelling." (Gurden, 2003)

Closing date: October 31, 2003.

The Books

Petey's Search for Peace
written and illustrated by Beth Alyson Little
read it online

That's Just Me
created and Illustrated by Emily Richardson, Sarah Godfrey, Sylvia Austin, Steven Castello and Marie Hundley

Tammy the Turtle
created by Elizabeth Chandler, Christen Greene, Vaughan Boyd, Kim Stumf and Melanie Moyd

Key Points to Good Parenting
by Sylvia Austin, Emily Richardson, Steven Castello, Marie Hundley and Sarah Godfrey

Helping Hands
created by Kim Addington, Amber Arnold, Kevin Bradford, Lisa Houston, Katie Gilbert and Melissa Smith

Human Development Lifespan Observations
by Jennifer King - Fall 2002

Peter the Plane says Hello
Sarah Atkins, Lauren Bean, Stephen Fairchild, Hope Johnson and Lauren Keel

Petey Learns Teamwork
(author unknown)

What's Cookin'
by Ginger Coupland, DeLaune Dugas, Kyle Harold, Jennifer King, Sarah Ott and Neeley Vance

Rad Randy and the New Kid on the Block
by Ty Coffey

Rad Randy Learns to Play Ball
by Matt Fields

Lucy and the Broken Radio
by Lauren A. Osmundsen

Carrie the Carrot's Encounter with Pete the Potato
by Kerri Hudson, Sarah Carter, Ashley Baldowski, Kari Blodgett and Alex Milner

Safety First
by Maureen, Abby, Brittany, Melissa and Rebecca

Sammy the Fish
by Tracy Bahakel, Taylor Brooks, Aryvia Holmes, Lauren Lamprecht and Stephanie Wright

Everything I (Really) Needed to Know in Life I Learned in...Lessons No One Meant for Me to Learn
by Jennifer Howard

Freddie Frog Learns the Importance of Listening
by Heather Hackett

Mimi the Monkey Learns to Mind Her Manners
by Emily Faulkner

Domino Learns the Help Others
written and illustrated by Jonathan Clarke

Domino Tells the Truth
written and illustrated by Daniel Evans

Domino Learns the Importance of Good Manners
written and illustrated by Adrienne Kinsey

Domino Learns to be Thankful
by Blake Kersey

Monkey Business: Josie and the Lie
by Jenn Hrabovsky

Monkey Business: Josie and the Gift of Love
by Michael Stevens

Sammy's Bath Time
by Lucy Graves

Lessons of Love box set of five books
by Ryan Brewer, Raliegh Gresham, Jill Hoffman, Anna Tennyson and Kristi Thompson

Harvey Learns about Patience

Harvey Learns about Gentleness

Harvey Learns about Compassion

Harvey Learns about Humility

Harvey Learns about Kindness

text provided by Dr. Gerhardt

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