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The Making of a Family Quilt

Exhibit: May - June 2005

Samford University Library hosts "The Making of a Family Quilt" HDFS Parenting Class Exhibit.

The quilts are showcased on the main entry level around the grand staircase.

It's about Family Values, not about Quilting!

The quilts and quilt pieces are a vehicle to express symbols of family values. Students only had to design the symbolism, this was not a task testing quilt making skills. Hence some students glued their pieces together, and some found friends and family to help them execute the task. For this reason the products are so diverse - the main message is: "It's about family values, it's not really about quilting."

HDFS: Parenting Class

Dr. Clara Gerhardt
Dr. Kristie Chandler

How does one teach parenting to a group of students who aren't parents themselves? At Samford University, the parenting class is taught within a “Problem Based Learning” approach through a “project based” method. This means that instead of the traditional lecture format, students are involved in real life problems similar to the ones they may face once they themselves take on parenting roles.

Students had to access their notions of what parenting involves, how it looks intergenerationally and what values they can take from a successful parenting experience. In short, if they look back on their own experiences of being parented and grand parented, what would they like to take from it and what would they like to pass on the next generation of their own offspring?

The student groups made quilts symbolizing various parenting issues such as: leaving home, the role of fathers, the most important value of theme that parents emphasized, and an intergenerational look at the parent-child relationship.

Closing date: June 20, 2005. Extended August 2005

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