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Visual Potpourri

Exhibit: September 14 – 28, 2007

Samford University Library hosts the photograph exhibit "Visual Potpourri" by Eric Allen.

Eric Allen is an Alabama photographer based in Birmingham and the secretary for the Samford University Library. His art is showcased around the main level grand staircase.

Closing date: September 28, 2007.

From the Artist

Thank you for taking the time to view these selected photographic works. As they are among my favorite pieces, I hope you enjoy them.

I was born in Alabama, raised in Alabama, and even received my degree in Alabama – a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University in 1993. Although my areas of focus were mainly illustration and graphic design, I was always a fan of artists whose favored medium was that of photography; however, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to pursue photography as a major interest of my own. I began taking continuing education classes in photography first at UAB, then here at Samford.

Artists in photography are able to express themselves through lighting and composition every bit as well as those who utilize brush and canvas, and are able to add a unique storytelling quality that makes the viewer wonder about the subject of the photograph both before and after the picture was taken. It is the ability to tell a story in a single picture, as well as the ability to truly capture the essence of a moment, that makes me truly enjoy a quality photograph.

I was asked what to call the works included here. I don’t know that there is a consistent enough theme in my work to give any collection a single title. My main interests are my son, my wife, and all things Disney (preferably combinations of the three), yet there are pictures from a host of other sources as well. I like these selected images for different reasons – such as the quiet dignity of the statue of Beatrice from the Alabama Theatre, the warm and inviting hues of “Sunset at Fulton’s,” or the potential energy and uncomfortably close view of “Serpentine Staredown” – so if there could be a title for this collection, it would have to be something like “Visual Potpourri.”

Whatever you may wish to call it, it is my hope you call it something you enjoyed.

-Eric Allen

text provided by artist

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