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Alphabetical Directory

Eric Allen
ALLEN, Eric (2007- ) Administrative Assistant, University Library
epallen, 726-2846, Room 131
Beth Ashmore
ASHMORE, Beth (2003- ) Associate Librarian and Metadata Librarian for Serials & Electronic Resources
B.A., Loyola University-Chicago; M.S., University of Illinois
beashmor, 726-2038, Room 430
Aaron Calvert
CALVERT, Aaron (2014- ) Academic Technology Specialist, TLC
B.S., University of North Alabama
acalver1, 726-4131, Room 014A
Erica Calvert
CALVERT, Erica (2014- ) Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Coordinator
B.S., University of North Alabama; M.L.I.S, University of Alabama
ecalvert, 726-2983, Room 410
Tabitha Moore
CATLIN, Tabitha S. (1990-1992, 1994-) Microfilm Lab Manager, Special Collection
B.S., Samford University
tscatlin, 726-2627, Room 025
Cheryl Cecil
CECIL, Cheryl S. (1991- ) Assistant Librarian and Chair, Circulation
B.M., Samford University; M.L.I.S., University of Alabama
cscecil, 726-2699, Room 119
Larissa Charny
CHARNY, Larissa (2010-) Cataloging Materials Processing Assistant
M.S., Belorussian State Technical University
lbcharny, 726-2091, Room 430
Ed Cherry
CHERRY, C. Edward (1986- ) Librarian and Systems Librarian
B.A., Samford University; M.L.S., University of Alabama
cecherry, 726-2506, Room 430
Rachel Cohen
COHEN, Rachel (2012- ) Assistant Librarian and Archivist & User Services Librarian
B.A., Southern Oregon University; M.A., M.L.I.S., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
rcohen1, 726-2252, Room 032C
Catherine Craig
CRAIG, Catherine (1989- ) Library & Information Systems Specialist
B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham
ccevans, 726-2793, Room 430
John Culpepper
CULPEPPER, John (2014- ) Circulation Assistant, Periodical Specialist
B.A., Samford University
jlculpep, 726-2748, Circulation
Lance Day
DAY, Lance (2014- ) Assistant Librarian and Reference Librarian
B.S.W., University of Montevallo; M.S.W., University of Georgia; M.L.I.S., University of Alabama
wday, 726-2521, Room 224
Marcos Duarte
DUARTE, Marcos (2015- ) Circulation Assistant, Night Supervisor
B.A., Samford University
mduarte, 726-2748, Circulation
Ernie Gates
GATES, B. Ernie (2001- ) Manager, Academic Computing Labs, Learning Applications Group
B.S., Texas A&M University - Kingsville
begates, 726-4094, Room 017
Becky Givens
GIVENS, Becky (2017- ) Cataloging Technical Assistant
B.S., LeTourneau University
rgivens, 726-4022, Room 430
Chelsea Green
GREEN, Chelsea (2014- ) Circulation Assistant, Night Supervisor
B.A., Samford University
cgreen1, 726-2748, Circulation
Sean Hammel
HAMMEL, Sean (20- ) Service Desk Technical Analyst, Technology Services
swhammel, 726-2662, Room 014
Bradley Harris
HARRIS, Bradley K. (2007- ) Circulation Assistant, Multi-Media Specialist
B.M., Samford University
bkharris, 726-2748, Circulation
Claire Heard
HEARD, Claire (2016- ) Special Collection Assistant, Microfilm Laboratory
B.S., Samford University
pheard, 726-2627, Room 025
Kim Herndon
HERNDON, Kimmetha (2008- ) Librarian and Dean, University Library
B.S., University of Georgia; M.L.S., University of Alabama
kherndon, 726-2198, Room 131A
Jordan Hughes
HUGHES, Jordan (2011- ) Circulation Assistant, Reserve Specialist
B.A., Samford University
jrjarvis, 726-2748, Circulation
Becky Hyde
HYDE, Becky (2016- ) Assistant Librarian and Processing Archivist & Special Collection Librarian
B.A., University of Mary Washington; M.L.I.S., University of Alabama
rhyde1, 726-4104, Room 025B
Katherine Jarnigan
JARNIGAN, Katherine (2011- ) Senior Academic Technology Specialist, Learning Applications Group
B.A., Samford University; M.A.E., University of Alabama at Birmingham
kjarniga, 726-2138, Room 011
Meredith Milstead
MILSTEAD, Meredith (2016- ) Acquisitions Coordinator
B.A., University of Montevallo
mbmilste, 726-4086, Room 410
Peng Mu
MU, Peng (2012-) Assistant Librarian and Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
B.S., Shandong University; M.S., Wayne State University
pmu, 726-2078, Room 430
Lori Northrup
NORTHRUP, Lori A. (2002- ) Librarian and Associate Dean; Chair, Collection Management
B.A., Troy State University; M.L.I.S., University of Alabama
lanorthr, 726-2518, Room 131A
Chris Sherman
SHERMAN, Chris (20- ) Service Desk Technical Analyst, Technology Services
cmsherma, 726-2662, Room 014
Jaro Szurek
SZUREK, Jaroslaw (2003- ) Associate Librarian and Chair, Cataloging; Music Librarian/Cataloging & Metadata Libarian
M.A., Jagiellonian University; M.S., University of Albany-SUNY
jszurek, 726-4136, Room 430
Jennifer Taylor
TAYLOR, Jennifer R. (1999- ) Assistant Librarian and Chair, Special Collection
B.A., Mississippi State University; M.L.I.S., University of Southern Mississippi
jrtaylor, 726-4103, Room 032D
Carla Waddell
WADDELL, Carla T. (2000- ) Assistant Librarian and Chair, Reference & Research Services; Government Documents Librarian, Reference Librarian
B.A., University of Montevallo; M.L.I.S., University of Alabama
ctwaddel, 726-2755, Room 225
Lauren Young
YOUNG, Lauren (2015- ) Assistant Librarian and Instruction & Reference Librarian
B.A., University of Mississippi; M.L.I.S., University of Southern Mississippi; M.A., University of Mississippi
lyoung2, 726-2079, Room 232
Joe Zellner
ZELLNER, Joe (2003- ) Assistant Director, Learning Applications Group
B.A., St. Vincent College, PA
jmzellne, 726-2108, Room 013
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