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FAX Policy

As a service to the Samford University community, the library's fax machine is available from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday.   This service is available to Samford University faculty and students, and to alumni and special patrons on a case by case basis.

A student who would like to receive a fax will need to call the University Library at 726-2846 to notify the library that a fax is being sent.   It is the student's responsibility to pick up the fax in a timely manner.

Charges for sending and receiving faxes are below, and may be paid in cash or check only.

Personnel in the University Library's Administrative Office on the 1st floor will fax the materials and collect the appropriate fees.

The costs to use the fax machine are as follows:
Page Long Distance Local calls Other
first page $3.00 $2.00 $1.00
each additional page $1.00 $1.00 $1.00
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