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The success of Samford University Library depends to a certain extent on the generosity of our patrons and benefactors. For that reason, we not only welcome your monetary or material gift but also recognize that gift as a considerable contribution to our informational resources. Your donation, whether in the form of funds or physical items, will enrich and enhance the quality of our existing collections and will thus aid us in our primary mission, to support the curricular and research needs of the Samford community. In appreciation of any contribution you may wish to make, we will affix to each funded or donated item a bookplate with an appropriate acknowledgment.

Monetary Gifts

The University Library is grateful to benefactors who express their commitment to quality informational services through financial support.

Many donors find it convenient to offer one-time or occasional monetary gifts, which are often presented in honor of or in memory of a certain individual. You may prefer to allow us to use your funds to select items for areas that we know need strengthening. Or you may request that we purchase items within a subject area of your choosing (we cannot, however, limit expenditures to a specific title or author). Please send such monetary gifts to Samford University's Development Office; your check should indicate that it is "For Library Support."

Some donors who are in a position to demonstrate ongoing financial assistance find it more convenient to establish a long-term endowment. to obtain more information about creating an endowment, please contact the university's Development Office.

Material Gifts

Older items received as gifts are as fully valued and as carefully handled as newly purchased items. Even though we accept all material gifts, we must then evaluate each item on an individual basis in terms of processing costs and significance to the collections.

In making that judgement, we work within formal guidelines, which we willingly share with potential donors:

  • When received, all materials then become the property of University Library. At that point, they either will be added to the collections or dispersed at the discretion of the library staff.
  • For materials added to the collections, we, unfortunately, cannot accept restrictions on length of retention, housing, access, processing, or markings. But we will, to the extent possible, make every effort to accommodate your requests as a donor.
  • If materials duplicate others in the collections or if they do not meet the conditions of our written collection development policies, they may be sold to make other purchases, exchanged for other titles, made available to other libraries, or otherwise released in a fitting manner. In this way, we hope to make the best use of your gracious donation.
  • For its general collections, the library accepts books, journals, video and sound recordings, and other similar objects. In addition to these types of items, Special Collection also accepts such archival materials as manuscripts, photographs, and maps.
  • These are materials not generally sought by the University Library:
    • Textbooks
    • General encyclopedias no matter their age
    • Review copies and galley proofs
    • Mass-market paperbacks
    • Popular magazines, either bound or unbound
    • U. S. Government Publications
    • Books or scholarly journals which duplicate our holdings (See: )
    • Materials in poor condition, especially if they show signs of mold or mildew or are malodorous
    • Electronic materials requiring dated software or materials that reference dated software, programs, or programming
    • Materials which might cause the library to be liable for copyright infringement (illegally copied print, audio, or video)
  • When you make a donation, we will furnish you with appropriate acknowledgment and descriptions of materials. However, you should be aware that the library is prohibited by federal law from providing you with monetary appraisals of your gifts. Should you have questions about tax deductions, we suggest that you consult your personal tax advisor.
  • Arrangements for delivery of donated materials must be made on an individual basis.

If you would like more detailed information about donating materials, your are invited to email the library's Collection Management Librarian, Visit the departments page for more information.

Your interest in our library is greatly appreciated.

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