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Lloyd Elder

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Date Completed: June 2004

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Descriptive Summary

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Scope and Content


Descriptive Summary

Title: The Papers of Dr. Lloyd Elder

Creator: Dr. Lloyd Elder


Repository: Samford University; Special Collection

Abstract: The Papers of Dr. Lloyd Elder contain the collection of Dr. Elder's materials from his years as president of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board. a career spanning over forty years of service to the Southern Baptist Convention. Over the years he has served in many capacities including pastor, state convention executive secretary-director, university president, and seminary president. His collection contains information from the years 1937 - 1995.


The Lloyd Elder Collection of materials was presented to the Special Collection Department of the Samford University Library on February 1, 2003 by Dr. Lloyd Elder.

Preferred Citation

The Papers of Lloyd Elder; Special Collection; Samford University; Birmingham, Alabama.

Biographical Note


Dr. Elder was born in Texas in the mid 1930’s. He is married to Sue Bristow Elder. Dr Elder graduated from Howard Payne University (Dallas Baptist University also claims him as an alumnus.) He went on to earn his ThD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Through his career, Dr. Elder has served as Assistant to the Executive Secretary – Baptist General Convention of Texas (1975 – 1978) and the Executive Vice President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1978 – 1983/84). In 1983 he was elected President of the Baptist Sunday School Board. He took office there in 1984 and served until 1991. Later, he became Professor and Director of the Moench Center for Church leadership at Belmont University.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of letters, manuscripts, reports, presentations, and miscellaneous items of a personal nature. This collection primarily includes documents pertaining to Dr. Elder’s years as head of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board 1983 – 1991.

Box 1
Baptist Sunday School Board Issues etc.

Folder 1 (No Title) – Challenge (October 1990), Baptist Student Ministries Guide Book 1990, 1990-1995 Program plans
Folder 2 State Convention – Byrd – State Conventions attended by Elder, Share Jesus Now – Through Publishing and Proclaiming God’s Word. Baptist Sunday School Report – Lloyd Elder President
Folder 3 Hunger – Materials on World Hunger (1984)
Folder 4 Golf Tournament – (1983–1991)
Folder 5 Issues Management – Includes Correspondence and Minutes of the Committee
Folder 6 Inerrancy – (1987–1990)
Folder 7 Music Publishing Department – (1984–1989)
Folder 8 Charlene Sloter
Folder 9 Bob Tenery
Folder 10 Marketing Director Search – (1989) – Tribute to Frederick M. Phango
Folder 11 Joe Knott – (1989-1990)
Folder 12 Corporate Priority Planning – (1985)
Folder 13 Scripture Distribution – 1990 Bibles for Eastern Europe
Folder 14 (No Title) – Retrospective and Prospective by Larry Holly, a review of his four years on the Sunday School Board (1987)
Folder 15 (No Title) – Miscellaneous materials (1992), Financial information on BTN, President’s Workgroup by the General Administration Committee (GAC) 1991
Folder 16 1989–1990 – Correspondence
Folder 17 1983–1984 – The Cooperative Program: At Work around the World, Correspondence
Folder 18 1984–1985 – Correspondence
Folder 19 Outreach Bible Study
Folder 20 Miscellaneous – SBC-Long Range Study Committee February 21-23, 1983, Correspondence and Press Releases (1984–1990)
Folder 21 Hymnal – Materials concerning the 1991 printing of the Baptist Hymnal, Includes Growing Churches (v.1, no.1, 1990) and Program for the “Jubilee Celebration” in Nashville, TN held March 11–14, 1991
Folder 22 Bob Dale Article on Leadership/ Correspondence – Ministries Evangelism Workshop held September 19–21, 1977 in Dallas Texas, Executive Staff Calendar (1987–1991), Correspondence (1981–1991)
Folder 23 Archives – Race Relations
Folder 24 Elder – Mementos/Keepsakes
Folder 25 1985–1991 – Correspondence
Folder 26 National Baptist Doctrine Conference – Robert Tenery
Folder 27 Priesthood of the Believer/ Doctrine
Folder 28 Priesthood of the Believer/Resolution #5 SBC
Folder 29 SBC Exhibit Space – Displays
Folder 30 Job Manuscript
Folder 31 Kaemmerling
Folder 32 Responses to Critical Concerns – Broadman Commentary, Critical Approach to Bible Study, Ordination of Women
Folder 33 Abortion – SS Lessons
Folder 34 Conference Speakers (Cothen, Pollard, et al)

Box 2

Folder 1 Trustee Meeting – (August 1981) – Correspondence
Folder 2 (no title) August 1985 Meeting
Folder 3 (no title) Minutes of the Trustees of the Sunday School Board/ Minutes of the Executive Committee of the BSSB (1984–1989)
Folder 4 Bold Mission Thrust
Folder 5 Bold Mission Thrust – Ephesians
Folder 6 (no title): includes Business and Finance Committee reports, Trustee Space Committee, Trustee Wives, Baptist View Poll 1988, Nominating Committee, Nashville Properties, Baptist World Alliance Mini Library Project
Folder 7 (no title) BSSB Trustee Meetings, Publishing and Distribution Committee August 1988
Folder 8 (no title) Audit Committee 1987, Christian Development Committee 1987, Bible Teaching Committee 1987, Management Services Committee 1987, Finance Committee 1987, Conference Center Committee, Church and Staff Support Committee, Broadman Publishing Committee 1987, Book Store Committee 1987
Folder 9 Audit Committee Meeting – (February 1984)
Folder 10 SBC Peace Committee
Folder 11 (no title) Sunday School Board/ CPO Editorial Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Folder 12 Trustee Minutes – Sunday School Board August 15–17, 1988
Folder 13 Special Meeting of the Full Board – (October 22, 1987)
Folder 14 General Administration Committee – (1987–1988) – Includes Salary Administration Study, Baptist World Alliance Mini Library
Folder 15 Plans and Policies Committee – Includes Bylaw Revision Study Report, CPS Marketing Component Study
Folder 16 Plans and Policies Committee – Meeting of Plan and Policies Committee, President’s Report
Folder 17 Plans and Policies – President’s Goals and Evaluation 1985-86
Folder 18 Plans and Policies Committee – Minutes August 18, 1987
Folder 19 Financial Analysis – Current – Budget 1985-89, Funds Provided From Operations, Operational Planning Guidelines
Folder 20 Church Program and Services Committee – (1988–1989)
Folder 21 Business and Finance Committee – February 1989, BTN Administrative Report to the President, Elm Hill Pike Property Report, Estimate of Construction, Financial Statements, Work Meeting 1/21/88
Folder 22 Nominating Committee – BSSB Trustee Nominations, BSSB Trustee minutes (Aug. 15-17, 1988), Historical information, Bylaws
Folder 23 Publishing and Distributing Committee – February 14, 1989, The New American Commentary (NAC).
Folder 24 Church Program Organizations Committee – (1989) – An Administrative Report to the Baptist Sunday School Board Trustees February 13-15, 1989
Folder 25 General Administration Committee – (1989) – Referred SBC Resolutions, Financial Obligations for Post-Retirement Welfare Benefit Plans, The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Retirement Plan, Pay Grade Adjustments
Folder 26 Audit Committee – (February 13-15, 1989) – Auditors’ Reports
Folder 27 (no title) – 1989 – Publishing Distribution Committee, Church Programs and Services Committee, Church Program Organizations Committee, General Administration Committee, Budgeting for Annual Pay Grade Adjustment, Defined Post Retirement Medical Plan, Board’s Medical Insurance Program Revisions, Restatement of Retirement Plan, Restatement of Employee Savings Plan

Box 3

Folder 1 (no title) President’s Performance Presentation 1989-90 Work Goals for
General Administration Committee Meeting January 4, 1991, the New
American Commentary Romans, President’s Work Plan 1989-1990
Folder 2 President’s Work Plan 1989-1990, President’s Performance Presentation 1989-1990 Managing The Centennial Manuscript, Letter from attorney concerning Trustee Meeting Minutes 1/17/91, Celebrating Hope: Entering Our Second Century, Tape recording telephone calls, Joint Statement, General Administration Committee
Folder 3 President’s Work Plan 1989-90, President’s Performance Presentation, Managing The Centennial Manuscript, Letter from attorney, Celebrating Hope: Entering Our Second Century, Tape recording telephone calls, Joint Statement, General Administration Committee
Folder 4 Celebrating Heritage and Hope by Leon McBeth, (Print out copy) Book on the history of the Baptist Sunday School Board
Folder 5 History and Review Workgroup, 6A committee, Progress Report to Trustees (1990-1995), Bold Mission Thrust Cooperative Work with State Convention Agreement
Folder 6 Plans and Policies Committees – (1982–1983)
Folder 7 Committee Notes, Management Group Position Description, Plans and Policies Committee, President’s Performance Evaluation, BTN 5 year plan 1986, Trustee Workgroup 1990.
Folder 8 General Administration Committee
Folder 9 “Celebrating Hope: Entering Our Second Century-President’s Performance” report to the Board of Trustees dated January 1991
Folder 10 Celebrating Heritage and Hope
Folder 11 Jimmy Draper
Folder 12 Byrd – Confidential Working Notes
Folder 13 Letters – Responses to Reorganization
Folder 14 Issues – Peace Committee Report
Folder 15 Issues – Peace Committee Report
Folder 16 AIG Meeting – (March 22nd, 1990) – Administrative Management Group
Folder 17 SBC Executive Committee Meeting
Folder 18 Miscellaneous materials: BSSB Executive Management Group 1986, Family Letter 1983, SBC Enquirer 1991, Correspondence with Wayne Webb 1990, New Broadman Commentary Report to Trustees August 1987, Trustee Executive Committee October 1986
Folder 19 Executive Office Transition
Folder 20 Peace Committee – Elder/Hultgren – (May 1988) Atlanta
Folder 21 Physical Distribution Improvements

Box 4

Folder 1 Report on Leon McBeth and his work on Celebrating Heritage and Hope
Folder 2 Miscellaneous – Growing Churches January/February/March 1991, BSSB Church Growth Strategy, New Baptist Hymnal, New American Commentary, Business Plan Content & Reporting Model December 1990, Recommendation BSSB Salary Administration Plan, BSSB Planning Status Summary 1990, Financial Business Plan, 1989–1990 SBC Return Churches, Board of Trustees (February 1990), Managing the Centennial Manuscript Report from the President January 1991
Folder 3 Experience the World
Folder 4 President’s Report – Trustee Meeting – (August 1990)
Folder 5 IAC Meeting – (May 30, 1990)
Folder 6 Administrative Assistant-Position Study
Folder 7 Trustee Meeting – (February 5-7, 1990)
Folder 8 BSSB Chapel November 30, 1990, BSSB of the Future Business /Financial Report to the Employees October 24, 1990
Folder 9 Trustee Membership Analysis (Confidential) – (1988) – Analysis of Trustee Voting Strength, New BSSB Trustees (1988), Baptist Press (April 14 & 27 1988), Nomination worksheet
Folder 10 Paul Durham/TBC – (1989) – Baptist and Reflector, Reports on Problems of $400,000 Gift
Folder 11 (no title) Larry Holly’s critique on Leon McBeth’s manuscript (Celebrating Heritage and Hope)
Folder 12 Trustee Project – Report on Elder’s possibility of being fired and letters about Larry Holly
Folder 13 (no title) President’s Performance Report to the Board of Trustees dated January 17, 1991
Folder 14 (no title) Business Plan Content and Reporting Model and Baptist Sunday School Board Planning (1990)
Folder 15 President’s Performance Presentation, 1989-1990 Work Goals for General Administration Committee Meeting (January 4, 1991) and goals for second century
Folder 16 Total Church Cooperative Program (1980-1989)

Box 5

Folder 1 Reports on Leon McBeth manuscript, BSSB Centennial History Chronology, Publishing letters on McBeth’s book
Folder 2 Phone conversations with Leon McBeth and other trustees, inquires about reopening McBeth’s affair, numerous telephone notes and letters relating to McBeth’s manuscript
Folder 3 Editorial samples on McBeth’s manuscript, Foreword by Elder, more letters relating to McBeth’s manuscript, Indiana Baptist
Folder 4 Retirement Agreement – Elder
Folder 5 Earl Posey – $10,000 Agreement
Folder 6 Survey results Employee Attitude (Fall 1990), Termination of Employment of Nashville and Conference Center Personnel February 1991, Moving Your Church Through Conflict by Speed B. Leas, Remarks to the Trustees by James P. Guenther dated February 1990, BSSB Bylaws Articles 5 & 7
Folder 7 Channel 4 Issues
Folder 8 Telephone Recordings
Folder 9 Centennial Manuscript
Folder 10 Manuscript Review – Elder
Folder 11 Legal Materials
Folder 12 Letter from Joyce Byrd concerning distribution of materials, Trustee Minutes January 17, 1991, Trustee Minutes February 4, 1991,
Folder 13 President’s Work Plan (1989–1990), President’s Performance Presentation (1989 –1990), Managing The Centennial Manuscript report to the General Administration Committee (January 4, 1991), Letter from William Harbison pertaining to a letter from Mr. Dan A. Collins, “Celebrating Hope: President’s Performance Report” dated January 17, 1991, Statement by Dr. Elder pertaining to the taping of telephone calls, Joint Statement President and Trustee Officers, Report and Recommendation Concerning the President
Folder 14 Correspondence – Update on financial plan
Folder 15 Correspondence in Support of Dr. Elder, Photocopies of Southern Baptist Advocate June 1991
Folder 16 First Class Mail – Correspondence in support of Dr. Elder
Folder 17 First Class Mail – Correspondence in support of Dr. Elder
Folder 18 First Class Mail – Correspondence in support of Dr. Elder
Folder 19 First Class Mail – Correspondence in support of Dr. Elder
Folder 20 First Class Mail – Correspondence in support of Dr. Elder
Folder 21 Newspaper Articles
Folder 22 Press
Folder 23 Press
Folder 24 Articles regarding

Box 6
1989 Meetings – Firing

Folder 1 Letters of Support/Encouragement – Transcript of letters
Folder 2 Broadman Committee Minutes – Minutes from August 1, 1985 thru February 14, 1989
Folder 3 Excerpts From Minutes – Commentary, Introduction of new business,
Folder 4 Ads, Papers, Etc. – Newspaper clippings
Folder 5 Ron Hanie – Letters to Ron Hanie
Folder 6 Employee Chapel – (August 11, 1989) – Trustee board meeting notes
Folder 7 Dr. Jim Williams – Correspondence
Folder 8 Information from Holley – Information
Folder 9 Business and Finance – Records from the business and finance committee
Folder 10 Baptist Sunday School Board – Proposed budget summary 1989-1990
Folder 11 State Paper Editors – First class mail August 1989
Folder 12 Executive Committee Meeting – Minutes and policies
Folder 13 Larry Holly – Current 1989
Folder 14 Trustee Meeting Preparation Glorieta – (August 7-9, 1989)
Folder 15 Glorieta – (1988-1989) – Full Board Meeting – (August 7-9, 1989)
Folder 16 Documentation/ Events/ Materials – Regarding the $400,000 Gift to the
SBC Cooperative Program for the SBC Building Debt, Draft Motion, Censure
Folder 17 Plenary Sessions (Byrd) – (August 1989)
Folder 18 Transparencies – (Sunday school enrollment 1972-1988, Baptist Sunday
School Board Organization/Structure, Sunday school board Organization chart, Report and recommendations, Offices of Church program and services,) – Seven major goals. New trustees – President’s Preliminary Report – President’s update report
Folder 19 Lloyd Elder – Newspaper clippings, Sunday School Board letters to Lloyd Elder
Folder 20 Ads, Papers, ETC. – Completed Letters
Folder 21 Proposed Agenda, Practical Guide to Parliamentary Procedure,
Schedule of Committee Meeting for the Board of Trustees (August 7-9,
1989) – Glorieta, Map
Folder 22 BSSB Glorieta Trustee Action – (August 7, 1989) – President’s
Commitment and Response – (August 31, 1989)
Folder 23 Minutes of Meeting of the Trustees of the BSSB – (August 7-9, 1989)
Folder 24 Dr. Lloyd Elder – Confidential, Elder/ $400,000 Background
Folder 25 Trustees Miscellaneous
Folder 26 Nashville – (1988-1989) – Full Board Meeting – (February 13-19, 1989)
Folder 27 General Administration Committee
Folder 28 Minutes – Larry Holly Correction – (February 1989)
Folder 29 Trustee Meeting Follow-up – (1988-89)
Folder 30 Board Meeting – Plenary Sessions
Folder 31 Proposed Agenda, minutes of general administration committee
meeting, memo, instruction sheet, budget summary, report and recommendations
Folder 32 Minutes – Glorieta Meeting (responses/corrections)

Box 7
Presidential Files – Employment Goals – Performance

Folder 1 Goal - Setting
Folder 2 Evaluation of the President
Folder 3 Performance Appraisal
Folder 4 Business and Financial Planning – BSSB (Williams/King)
Folder 5 President’s Performance Evaluation, Trustee Workgroup – Elder
Folder 6 President’s Evaluation – (1990-1991)
Folder 7 President’s Evaluation – (1989-1990) – (pt. 1)
Folder 8 President’s Evaluation – (1989-1990) – (pt. 2)
Folder 9 Performance Review, Elder – (August 1989)
Folder 10 Elder Goals – (1986-1987)
Folder 11 Elder Personal/Journal – 2 Father’s Day cards
Folder 12 Elder Employment
Folder 13 Leadership Commitment/Administrative Staff
Folder 14 Presidential Search
Folder 15 BSSB Miscellaneous – Election as President
Folder 16 Byrd – Employment
Folder 17 Williams – Employment
Folder 18 Cook – Employment
Folder 19 Edwards – Employment

Box 8
BSSB – Mostly McBeth

Folder 1 McBeth History – Miscellaneous correspondence and notes
Folder 2 Holly/Manuscript – Correspondence, BSSB Board of Trustee Minutes dated August 17, 1988
Folder 3 Copies of BSSB History – 2 Versions of Chapter 15
Folder 4 Managing the Centennial Manuscript: a report from the President to the General Administration Committee – (January 4, 1991)
Folder 5 History – Meeting notes, correspondence and legal issues concerning McBeth’s book dated 1990-1991, Proposed Agenda Board of Trustees BSSB, Nashville, Tennessee, February 4-6, 1991, 1 note card to Joyce from Janice Williams, dated December 27, 1990
Folder 6 Manuscript Review – Byrd – correspondence support for McBeth, correspondence with Elder and McBeth, typed taped phone conversations with Leon McBeth dated November 29, 1990, Biblical Recorder article on McBeth dated September 15, 1990, The Baptist Messenger article on McBeth dated September 6, 1990, Remarks to Trustees of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention by James P. Guenther dated February 5, 1990, Bylaws of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention: Trustee Board Approved February 5-7, 1990 revised August 13-15, 1990
Folder 7 Newspaper clippings – McBeth History
Folder 8 Request for Manuscript Centennial History – Byrd
Folder 9 McBeth Manuscript – Request from Larry Holly – (October 1990) – Responses – (November 7th & 20th 1990)
Folder 10 McBeth Manuscript – Request from Mark Brooks – (November 26, 1990) – Letter from Mark Brooks – (November 30, 1990) – Letter Tenery to Trustee – (December 3, 1990)
Folder 11 McBeth Manuscript – Request from Larry Holly – (November 30, 1990)
Folder 12 McBeth Manuscript – Request from Larry Holly – (December 6, 1990) –
Response – (December 9, 1990)
Folder 13 McBeth Manuscript – ch.13, p.21; ch.14, p.13-21; p.21-26; p.27-32; p.32-36 – (August 8th or 11th 1989)
Folder 14 McBeth Manuscript – Requests form Larry Holly – (November 26th & 28th 1990) – Response – (December 3rd & 4th 1990)
Folder 15 McBeth Manuscript – ch. 12-15 (1 copy is typed copy, dated August 1989 and 1 is the published copy, dated July 20, 1990)
Folder 16 McBeth Manuscript – Correspondence mentioning “legal concerns” about the manuscript. Correspondence asking McBeth to write history, McBeth agreeing to write history and correspondence giving McBeth permission to conduct research for 100th Anniversary. Correspondence regarding questions and edits of McBeth manuscript.

Box 9
BSSB – Miscellaneous, etc.

Folder 1 Correspondence regarding BSSB Trustees, Listings of BSSB Trustees, Brief biographies of BSSB Trustees, New BSSB Trustees (1981-1985, 1988), Rotating off BSSB Trustees (1980-1985, 1991), BSSB Trustees Nominating Committee Report and Recommendations (August 5-6, 1986), BSSB Trustees listing of positions held and terms served (1971-1983), Worksheet Committee on Nominations BSSB (1984, 1986-1988), Listing of North Carolina BSSB Trustees (1940-1975)
Folder 2 Correspondence to and from Dr. Elder regarding changes of addresses with BSSB members, positions changes with BSSB members, plaque/award recognition for BSSB members, and resignations of BSSB members, Photograph of Dr. Ralph Stone, Copy of Executive Committee, SBC, Administrative and Convention Arrangements Subcommittee dated February 18-20, 1991
Folder 3 BSSB Organization Manual – Correspondence, BSSB Purpose and Programs, BSSB Management Groups, BSSB Corporate Committees, BSSB Office of the President
Folder 4 Rogers’ Press Conference – Dr. Elder Resource File – Newspaper clippings, correspondence and newspaper clippings on miscellaneous information on political activity
Folder 5 Rogers’ Press Conference – (February 24, 1988) – Trustee Meeting – Correspondence, typed phone calls, newspaper clippings, information on view poll on Inerrancy has correspondence
Folder 6 View Poll – Inerrancy – (February 1988) – Correspondence, statistics on poll, typed phone calls and 1 newspaper article
Folder 7 Audit Committee – Correspondence, Account reconciliations, BSSB financial statements as of September 30, 1987 & 1986, BSSB schedule of marketable securities and mutual funds as of September 30, 1987, BSSB comments on accounting procedures, internal controls and related matters for the year ended September 30, 1987, BSSB audit committee meeting February 16, 1988
Folder 8 Response to Holly correspondence, June – (November 1987) – Correspondence, photocopy of Southern Baptist Advocate dated January 1989 article entitled “The Standard of Success in the Vocational” by James L. Holly, “The Standard of Success in the Vocational” by James L. Holly (typed copy), Photocopy of letter to the editor printed in the Baptist Standard dated October 7, 1987 article entitled “New Day in SBC” by James L. Holly, Outline of The Atonement and The Atonement by Albert Barnes, Christ and the Homosexual by James L. Holly, Delighting Yourself in the Word of the Lord by James L. Holly, Delighting Yourself in the Word of the Lord by James L. Holly, Delighting Yourself in the Word of the Lord by James L. Holly (revised January 23, 1989), Retrospective and Prospective by James L. Holly, Priorities and Prophecy by James L. Holly, How You Can Make Yourself Valuable to the Kingdom of God in Medicine by James L. Holly, Agree with thine Adversary and be ye therefore Perfect (Sunday, March 6, 1983) by James L. Holly, A Supreme Allegiance (January 30, 1983) by James L. Holly, Untitled Sunday School Lesson for March 1, 1983 taken from Luke 16:1-17; 19 by James L. Holly, Priesthood of the Believer: Responsibility above Rights by James L. Holly
Folder 9 Lewis/Elder – Conference Meeting – (January 20, 1988) – Correspondence, Proposed changes in SBC Evangelism Program statements, Home Mission Board of the SBC, Business and Financial Plan SBC (pp.19-24), BSSB Activity in Bus Outreach Ministry,
Folder 10 Home Mission Board – Correspondence, newspaper articles The Baptist Messenger and Baptist and Reflector on Home Mission Board, 1 periodical Target AD*2000, Vision of the Eighties: Priority One-Evangelism Section Home Mission Board, Publishing agreement between Home Mission Board and Southern Baptist Convention, 4 separate Memorandum of Agreements between Home Mission Board and Broadman Press dated February 24, 1972, December 19, 1972, August 31, 1977, and April 5, 1978
Folder 11 Subcommittee on Christian Development – (January 1978–August 1983) – Subcommittee on Bible Teaching – (January 1978–August 1983) – SBC in Los Angeles, California dated June 9-11, 1981
Folder 12 Church and Staff Support – (August 1977–August 1983)
Folder 13 Conference Center Committee (January 1978–August 1983)
Folder 14 Book Store Committee – (January 1978–August 1983)
Folder 15 Broadman Committee – (January 1978–August 1983)
Folder 16 Audit Committee – (January 1978–August 1983) – Correspondence, The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Audit Plan dated September 30, 1980, Internal Audit Activities 1977-78
Folder 17 Church Services & Materials Committee – (January 1977–August 1983) – Correspondence
Folder 18 Nominating Committee – Elder – Correspondence, Trustees of the Sunday School Board 1988-1989, Trustees of the Sunday School Board 1989-90, Biographical nomination information
Folder 19 Fellowship Dinner – Trustee Meeting – Agendas 1985-1987, Schedule of Committee Meetings for the Board of Trustees dated August 1-2, 1985
Folder 20 Authority – Handwritten notes on different authorities with some Biblical references, 1 newspaper article entitled “Biblical Authority/Interpretation Confused” by Carol Rothwell dated March 2, 1983 in the Baptist Standard, 1 newspaper article entitled “Do We Need Religion?” by Rabbi William S. Maley, 1 periodical article entitled “The Chain of Command” by Bill Gothard, Jr. dated March/April 1975 in Fatih for the Family, 1 periodical article entitled “It is a Fact” by Leith Samuel dated April 1967 in the Decision, 1 annual convention sermon entitled “Our Autonomy and Christ’s Authority” by Scott L. Tatum given at the SBC in New Orleans, Louisiana dated 1969
Folder 21 Great Commission BREAKTHROUGH – Correspondence, schedules, articles, 1 bulletin for Associational Sunday School Improvement Support Team (ASSIST) dated July-September 1990 v.11, no.4, 1 pamphlet for the 1990 Great Commission Breakthrough Commissioning Service dated October 17, 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee
Folder 22 Proposed Book – If My People – Correspondence, rough draft, proposed title/contents, Bible Study Outlines by Lloyd Elder for the Home Mission Conference at Ridgecrest, North Carolina dated August 14-20, 1982, Correspondence about conference at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, 1 program from the conference at Ridgecrest, North Carolina
Folder 23 Inerrancy Conference – (May 4-7, 1987) – Ridgecrest, North Carolina – Elder – Correspondence, 2 articles written on the Inerrancy Conference held in Ridgecrest, North Carolina, 1 Exxon gas credit card receipt, 3 brochures, 1 videotape order form, 1 program from the Congress on the Bible II International Council on Biblical Inerrancy: a Call to Action dated September 23-27, 1987, The Inerrancy of Scripture by Robert Preus, 1 outline by J.I. Packer entitled Problem Areas Relating to Biblical Inerrancy, Inerrancy and the Humanity and Divinity of the Bible by Kenneth Kantzer, Response to Clark Pinnock on “Parameters of Biblical Inerrancy” by John M. Lewis, Response to Kenneth Kantzer on “Parameters of Biblical Inerrancy” by John M. Lewis, Response to Robert Preus by Paige Patterson, Response to Mark Noll, “A History of Inerrancy, Mostly in America” by James E. Carter, A Brief History of Inerrancy, Mostly in America by Mark Noll, What is Biblical Inerrancy? by Clark H. Pinnock, Parameters of Biblical Inerrancy by Clark H. Pinnock, Implications of Biblical Inerrancy for the Christian Mission by Millard J. Erickson, The Roots of Conservative Perspectives on Inerrancy (Warfield) by L. Russ Bush, James Orr and the Question of Inerrancy by Alan Neely, The Teaching of Recent Southern Baptist Theologians on the Bible by James Leo Garrett, Jr., pages photocopied from the book Evangelicals and Inerrancy by Ronald Youngblood, International Council on Biblical Inerrancy: the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, Not-Errancy by W. Randall Lolley,

Box 10
BSSB – Miscellaneous Subjects

Folder 1 SBC Canada Study Committee – (October 17-18, 1983) – SBC Building (Nashville) – Correspondence, 3 newspaper articles on Canada Study Committee, 1 newspaper article photocopied entitled “Committee Recommends Not Seating Canadians” dated March 10, 1984 in the Biblical Recorder, Committee Recommends Not Seating Canadians by Dan Martin dated 2/23/84 Baptist Press, HMB Directors Discuss Canada Study Committee Recommendations by Patti Stephenson dated 3/16/84 Baptist Press, A Summary of the History of Organized Baptist Work in Western Canada by John D. Raymond dated August 1983, Foreign Mission Board Report to the Canada Study Committee, A History of Southern Baptists in Western Canada: 1963-1980 (pp.19-90) by Robert Lane Tommarson, 1 photocopy of newspaper article entitled “Extension by Invasion” by William H. Jones in The Canadian Baptist, Reports of the Baptist Federation of Canada 8th Assembly dated July 6-9, 1967, The Baptists of Canada by Donald J. Burke, Canada Matter SBC 1954 session, Highlights of the Relationships of Southern Baptists with Canadian Baptists by A. Ronald Tonks, Memoranda a Foreign Mission Board Sponsored Consultation of Canadian Baptists and Southern Baptists dated February 23, 1977 in SBC bldg. Nashville, Tennessee, Information on Canadian Baptists from the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches, 1982 and 1983, Report of Meeting with Executive Members of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Executive Members Baptist Federation of Canada dated July 8, 1980 in Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Miscellaneous paging photocopied from the 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961,1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1977 Southern Baptist Convention – Committee on Canadian Baptist Co-operation
Folder 2 Canadian Baptist & Southern Baptist Relations December 2, 1983, Report of Involvement of Home Mission Board in Canada 1990, What Canadian Baptists Believe: a Study Guide for Church Membership by William H. Jones c1980 (ISBN# 0919151000 pbk. $4.95), Memoranda a Foreign Mission Board Sponsored Consultation on Canadian Baptists and Southern Baptists February 23, 1977, SBC Canada Study Committee Background Materials, SBC Canada Study Committee February 10, 1984, 1 newspaper article written by Dan Martin published in the Northwest Baptist Witness entitled “Canada Committee Hears from Baptist Reps” dated December 21, 1983, 1 newspaper article entitled “Recommends Not Seating Canadians” in Baptist Messenger dated March 8, 1984, 2 articles written by Dan Martin published in the Baptist Standard entitled “Canada Panel Discusses Ramifications” dated February 22, 1984 and “Committee to Ask Canadians Not Be Seated” dated February 29, 1984, 1 newspaper article written by Julian H. Pentecost in the Religious Herald entitled “How to Help Canadian Baptists” dated May 10, 1984, 1 newspaper article in the Word and Way Journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention entitled “Committee Recommends Not Seating Canadians” dated March 1, 1984, Report (Recommendations) of the Southern Baptist Convention Canada Study Committee February 22, 1984, Canadian Baptist Leaders talk to SBC Study Group by Dan Martin dated December 6, 1983, Canada Study Begins Draft of Report by Dan Martin dated February 13, 1984, 3 articles written by Carol Rathbun entitled Canadian Conference Endorses Study Report ; Canadian Southern Baptists Move Toward Independence ; God’s Hand Seen in Canada Report dated May 8, 1984, correspondence and other miscellaneous items referring to the SBC Canada Study Committee
Folder 3 Christmas Coffees, Celebrations – (1984-1987) – 2 Christmas cards from Sue and Lloyd Elder has couple’s picture on front of cards, 1 Thank You card from Lloyd Householder dated December 17, 1984, 1 periodical The Circle dated December 1986, 1 periodical Facts & Trends dated December 1986
Folder 4 Conservative – 1 newspaper article written by Ray Waddle entitled “Are Southern Baptists the GOP in the Pulpit?” published in The Sunday Tennessean dated June 24, 1990, 1 newspaper article written by Frank Stagg entitled “Among Southern Baptists Two Views of Thought” published in The Times-Picayune dated June 13, 1990, 1 newspaper article written by Robert Wuthnow entitled “Pledging Allegiance to One Nation Divided by Two Religious Factions” published in The Los Angeles Daily Journal date unknown, Association of Conservative Churches Creation Discussed by Tom Miller dated September 29, 1983, Draper Disavows Any Support for Parallel State Conventions by Craig Bird dated October 3, 1983
Folder 5 State Executive Directors Association – Correspondence
Folder 6 Five Feasible Futures: Ministerial Education and the Winds of Change by James L. Sullivan, Correspondence between Lloyd Elder and James L. Sullivan, Correspondence about Reuben Herring’s biography on James L. Sullivan and with Broadman Press about the biography
Folder 7 Grady C. Cothen – Brief biography of Grady C. Cothen, Correspondence with Lloyd Elder and Grady C. Cothen, 1 thank you note from Betty Cothen to Lloyd Elder dated January 26, 1987, 1 thank you note from Dr. Cothen to his Administrative Staff dated February 4, 1984, Correspondence about Grady C. Cothen’s retirement as President of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist, miscellaneous correspondence to and from Grady C. Cothen, 1 invitation to Dr. Cothen’s retirement dinner hosted by the Trustees of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention dated January 30, 1984, Cothen’s retirement dinner program outline and invitation list, “Cothen Calls Baptists to Remember Our Purpose” by Breena Kent Paine dated October 10, 1988, “Grady Cothen Reflects on Multi-Faceted Career” by Linda Lawson dated January 5, 1984, 1 periodical Circle (dated January 1984) a tribute to Grady C. Cothen President 1975-1984, 1 periodical Facts & Trends dated December 1983 has picture of Dr. and Mrs. Grady C. Cothen on cover and pp.4-8 featured article on Dr. Cothen’s career, 1 program entitled “Grady C. Cothen: a Life of Denominational Service” with full color portrait of Dr. Cothen on cover, 1 newspaper opinion article written by Stephen M. Fox entitled “Mulling Over the SBC” published in The Alabama Baptist dated June 20, 1991, 1 newspaper article written by Grady Cothen entitled “ Guest Opinion….Concerning the Trustees” published in The Baptist Record dated June 9, 1988, 1 program for Grady Coulter Cothen’s installation as the 6th President of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention dated February 4, 1975, 1 speech by Dr. Cothen given at the Chapel Service of the 92nd Anniversary of the Sunday School Board dated May 20, 1983, 1 newspaper article written by Grady Cothen entitled “Cothen Interprets Motivations for Fellowship and BCMP Funding” dated 1991?, “Cothen Retirement Clarification Issued” by Dan Martin dated June 26, 1984, “Cothen: No Representation False Issue” by Norman Jameson dated August 15, 1984, 1 newspaper article entitled “Tribute to Cothen Benefits Needy Pastors”, 1 newspaper article written by Linda Lawson entitled “SBC Leader Grady Cothen Reflects on Long Denominational Career” published in Western Recorder dated January 17, 1984, 1 newspaper article about Dr. Cothen’s retirement in the Baptist Standard dated February 1, 1984, 1 newspaper article written by Grady C. Cothen entitled “What is a Southern Baptist?” published in Baptist Standard dated February 1, 1984, 4 statements from Wilcox World Tours for Dr. and Mrs. Grady C. Cothen dated December 31, 1983 and January 27, 1984, 1 brochure for the Baptist Theological Seminary Singapore Branch
Folder 8 BSSB/Centennial Celebration – Correspondence, BSSB Centennial Celebration Committee Minutes, 1 newspaper article by James L. Sullivan entitled “Holcombe Elected SSB Head after Trustee Impasse” published in Indiana Baptist dated December 8, 1987, 1 newspaper entitled “Sunday School Board Launches Centennial” published in The Baptist Messenger dated June 28, 1990, 2 newspaper articles entitled “Thank You, Sunday School Board” and “September: Celebration Month in SS” published in Baptist Record dated September 6, 1990, 1 article written by Carol S. Garrett for the Baptist Press entitled “WMU Board Announces Plans for Centennial” dated January 22, 1986, 1 periodical article entitled “My Heart is in the Centennial” published in The Baptist Program dated January 1987, 1 article written by Lonnie Wilkey for the Baptist Press entitled, “Southern Baptists in Identity Crisis, Church Historian Claims” dated July 6, 1987, 2 church programs from First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee, 3 articles dated May 17, 1988 written for the Baptist Press entitled “WMU Celebrates 100 Years of Women’s Call to Missions” by Jim Newton ; “Weatherford says WMU Cannot be Taken Over” by Mark Wingfield ; “Few Men Brave the Throngs of Women at WMU Centennial” by Mark Wingfield, 1 article written by Jim Lowry for the Baptist Press entitled “McBeth Launches Centennial for Sunday School Board” dated May 29, 1990, a Happy Anniversary letter written by Lloyd Elder to all the employees of the Sunday School Board dated May 24, 1990, pp.5-8 of articles about BSSB Centennial, Centennial Celebration, the Sunday School Board 1891-1991: Proposed Plan, 1 BSSB Centennial program, The Centennial Tower: Dedication Ceremonies dated February 5, 1991
Folder 9 Call to Prayer – Correspondence, Schedule for Prayer Times Friday dated March 9, 1990, Call to Solemn Assembly and Prayer dated September 17, 1989, Guidelines for Planning a Solemn Assembly, Solomn Assembly Prayer Plans, 1 poem written by Helen Sims Smaw entitled The Call to Prayer, Approaches for Calling a Solemn Assembly at the Baptist Sunday School Board, 1 newspaper article written by Toby Druin entitled “Pinson Will Call Texas Baptists to Prayer” published in the Baptist Standard dated September 20, 1989, 2 articles written by Mark Wingfield for the Baptist Press entitled “Churches Report Changes After Solemn Assemblies” ; “Churches Studying Old Testament to Understand Solemn Assembly” both dated April 4, 1990, The Solemn Assembly by Richard Owen Roberts dated 1989, 2 newsletters The National Prayer Corps Newsletter dated September-October 1989 and March-April 1990, 1 article written by Breena Kent Paine for the Baptist Press entitled “Prayer Consultant Cites 8 Principles” dated October 16, 1989, photocopies of graphs from a book called America: to Pray or Not to Pray by David Barton, A Call to Prayer in the Workplace dated March 9, 1990, Bold Mission Prayer Thrust Coordinator Planning Guide 1990-91, 1 article written by Terri Lackey for the Baptist Press entitled “Prayer Leaders Seek Revival Through Prayer, Repentance” dated September 25, 1989, 1 article written by Terri Lackey for the Baptist Press entitled “Call to Solemn Assembly Draws Terminology Questions” dated January 30, 1990, 11 issues of Daily News dated January 31-March 9, 1990, 1 newspaper article entitled “Is Solemn Assembly for Southern Baptists?” published in The Baptist Standard dated January 17, 1990, 1 issue of The Family dated October 1989, 1 flyer for Keith Parks and trustees of the Foreign Mission Board for the Concert of Prayer, 1 newspaper editorial by Glenn A. Brown for the Baptist Messenger entitled “There is an Answer to our Need” dated November 2, 1989, pp. 11-14 from the Baptist Standard dated October 4, 1989, 1 newspaper editorial in the Florida Baptist Witness entitled “Getting Serious About Prayer” dated September 28, 1989, 1 newspaper editorial in the Baptist and Reflector entitled “Baptist Group Issues Call to Prayer, Solemn Assembly” dated September 27, 1989, 1 newspaper article published in the Word & Way entitled “BSSB Prayer Consultant Hunt Cites Eight Principles of Effective Prayer” dated October 26, 1989, 1 newspaper article by D.L. Lowrie entitled “Team Talk”
Folder 10 Telephone Notes – Phone messages for Dr. Elder
Folder 11 Rule of 1982 – BSSB Total Expenses Data Projected though September 30, 1990, Charts of Salaries, Names, Ages & Job Titles for BSSB Employees, 1 correspondence to Dr. Lloyd Elder from Jimmy D. Edwards about window for early retirement
Folder 12 1 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary “In Gratitude and Confidence” dated February 1, 1984 signed by K. David Stone, Chairman and Milton Ferguson, President
Folder 13 Plan of Salvation – Correspondence, 1 Personal Commitment Guide, 1 article written by Frank Wm. White for the Baptist Press entitled “Artist Finds Answers Through Literature” dated September 21, 1988, 1 newspaper article published in the Northwestern Baptist Witness entitled “Free-lance Artist Finds Answers in Sunday School Literature”
Folder 14 Inaugural Planning Committee – Service of Installation of Lloyd Elder as the 7th President of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention dated January 31, 1984, Correspondence, Guests lists and addresses, Committee notes, 1 program, itinerary
Folder 15 Elder/Election – (1983-1984) – Correspondence, 1 Newspaper Baptists United News dated April 28, 1983
Folder 16 News Clippings/Installation – Newspaper clippings of Dr. Lloyd Elder’s Installation as the 7th President of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Folder 17 Elder’s Installation – (1/31/84) – Correspondence and congratulation cards, speeches, and newspaper clippings
Folder 18 Search Vice-President for Finance – Correspondence
Folder 19 SBC Work in Canada – Correspondence, SBC Canadian Study Committee, BSSB Relationship to Baptist Federation of Canada
Folder 20 Canadian Baptists – Correspondence, SBC Study Committee, 1 invitation for the 1st Commencement Exercises of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary dated April 28, 1990, Highlights of the Relationships of Southern Baptists with Canadian Baptists by A. Ronald Tonks, Lloyd Elder’s Message to the Special Canadian Committee dated October 18, 1983, photocopy of title page and p.99 of the Reports of the Baptist Federation of Canada 8th Assembly dated July 6-9, 1967, 1 photocopy of p.115 of Appendix C of Foreign Mission Board Policy Guideline Statement on Involvement in Canada, 1 article written by Dan Martin for Baptist Press entitled “Committee to Study Canadian SBC Membership Starts Work” dated October 20, 1983, 1 newspaper article written by William H. Jones originally published in The Canadian Baptist reprinted in the Northwest Baptist Witness entitled “Canadian Baptist Editorial Complains SBC Extension More Like an Invasion” dated February 20, 1980, SBC Relationships with Canada, SBC Canada Study Committee, Foreign Mission Board Report to the Canada Study Committee dated October 17, 1983, Home Mission Board “Canada” dated October 18, 1983 Wm. G. Tanner to Comm., 1 newspaper article published in The Baptist Messenger entitled “Tanner Favors Accepting Canadian Baptists”, 1 article written by Dan Martin for the Baptist Press entitled “Canada Study Committee Named Roach Chairman” dated August 2, 1983, 1 article written by Craig Bird for the Baptist Press entitled “Canadian Southern Baptist Want SBC Voting Status” dated May 26, 1983, 1 article written by Patti Stephenson for the Baptist Press entitled “Tanner Awaits SBC’s Will on Canadian Question” dated May 31, 1983, 1 guest editorial written by Presnall Wood published in the Baptist and Reflector entitled “Should SBC Change the Rules for Canada?”, 1 newspaper article published in SBC Today entitled “The Canadian Question” dated October 1983, 1 article written by Bob Stanley for the Baptist Press entitled “Foreign Board Warns Against Adding Canada Joint Study Asked” dated May 26, 1983
Folder 21 Hay Plan – Correspondence, Computer print-outs and statistics, Hay Points and Hay Job Evaluation Process, Hay Validation of Trustee-Elected Positions, Survey of Salaries, Management/Professional Performance Appraisal, BSSB Organizational chart March 1, 1987, Job descriptions and responsibilities, Job rankings, Correspondence with Hay Management Consultants, Hay report of BSSB employees list rank, position and proposed salaries
Folder 22 Text Management Atex Correspondence, 1 computer statistics print-out entitled Atex Costs/Benefits, Savings in Personal and Fixed Production costs, Questions and Answers concerning writer enlistment within the Youth-Adult group of the Sunday School Department
Folder 23 Miscellaneous Correspondence – 1 Thank You note dated May 5, 1992 to Dr. Elder from Mike Fink, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Nomination for Employer Support “Seven Seals Award” Dr. Lloyd Elder was nominated for this award by Billie K. Banks, 1 letter to Dr. Lloyd Elder from Harold C. Bennett dated June 19, 1992 in regards to the SBC Recommendation 13 Resolution of Appreciation for Dr. Lloyd Elder also included in the letter is a photo of Dr. Lloyd Elder receiving the award, 1 thank you letter from Dr. Lloyd Elder to Harold Bennett and his wife Phyllis dated January 7, 1993 thanking them for the picture and the resolution of appreciation and for them hosting the Christmas Supper Club, Correspondence about the life and work of James Leon Marsch

Box 11

Folder 1 Speech Material Dr. Elder, ABC Report – Chapel – (June 22, 1984)
Folder 2 100 Years of Service: Celebrating Heritage and Hope BSSB Report to the
SBC (June 13, 1990), Leadership Commitment BSSB (December 1983),
“Baptist lawyer warns against new militancy”
Folder 3 DOM Banquet – San Antonio, Texas – (June 12, 1988)
Folder 4 President’s Reports – General Information Recommendation 16 –
(1985–1990) – Mission Thrust Program Emphasis – (June 15th-17th, 1982) – A Personal Statement to the Trustees of the BSSB (February 1983), The Mission Continues-Beginning a New Administration (February 1984),
BSSB Report at the SBC (June 1985), President Elder Lists Seven Challenges for Board, Summary of Churches by State Convention
(1985), Baptist Press (February 1986), Bold Mission Thrust 1985–1990, Student Ministry Support Plan BSSB Program Statements, Baptist and Reflector (December 1987), The Sunday Tennessean (December 1987), Baptist United News (October 1987), Business and Financial Plan, By-laws of the BSSB of SBC, Church Administration Department Proposed Reorganization
Folder 5 Dr. Elder’s Speech Material – SBC Report to Chapel –
(June 21, 1985) –
SBC Bulletin (June 1985) – First Day, Part I & II, SBC Bulletin (June 1985) – Second Day, SBC Bulletin (June 1985) – Third Day, Personal notes from meeting, Daily News (June 1985), SBC wrap-up and resolutions
Folder 6 SBC Report BSSB – (Tuesday, June 11th & 13th, 1989)
Folder 7 Reports, Papers, Etc. – Preparations for Board Meeting/Installation, BTN
Report & Commitment, Faithful in our Stewardship
Folder 8 The Mission Continues (February 1984), President’s Account of+
Stewardship (February 1984)
Folder 9 Installation Address (January 31, 1984), Baptist Press (February 1984),
This Work is of God, A Personal Report, The Work of the Sunday School
Board, “Lloyd Elder: Affirmation and Charge” The Baptist Program (April13, 1984, p.13)
Folder 10 Nominating Committee Minutes
Folder 11 Nominating Committee – Elder – (December 17th, 1987)
Folder 12 Nominating Committee – (1987–1988)
Folder 13 Holly letter – (June 27th, 1990) – Cook BSSB Literature Proposal
Folder 14 BSSB meeting, Evaluations, Performance level samples, Glossary of terms
Folder 15 Salary Administration Plan
Folder 16 Worldwide Scripture Distribution
Folder 17 Communication Plan – Facts & Trends, Correspondence (April 1986
–February 1989), “Vocal Freemasonry Opponent Disfellowship by Church” by Bob Allen, Reorganization Communication Plan
Folder 18 Grady Cothen
Folder 19 SBC President Jerry Vines - Correspondence (June 20, 1988 – November 7, 1989), Article entitled “Vines Vows to Continue Rightward Trend” Florida Baptist Witness (June 1988), Article entitled “Neo- Orthodoxy is Problem, Not Liberalism Says Vines” Baptist Standard (June 1988), Article entitled “Vines Issues Statement of Commitment” Baptist Standard (June 1988), Issues of the Baptist Press (June 1988, August 1988, November 1988, December 1988, February 1989, March 1989, April 1989, June 1989, September 1989), Article entitled “Southern Baptists urged to Shun Movie,” Nashville Banner (August 1988), Article entitled “Vines Increases Cooperative Program Giving” Baptist Standard (August 1988), Article entitled “SBC Playing Party Politics” SBC Today (September 1988), Article entitled “Baptist Chief: Churches to Decide Rift” Nashville Banner (September 1988), Article entitled “Southern Baptists’ Big Problem Seen as Lack of Evangelical Zeal” The Tennessean (September 1988), Article entitled “Vines Clarifies Falwell Statement” Baptist Couriers (December 1988), Article entitled “Scripture Battle ‘Resolved’ Dispute Over Says Vines: SBC Ready to Move Forward” Baptist Standard (May 1989), Article entitled “Conservative Elected to Top Baptist Post” Nashville Banner (June1989), Article entitled “Southern Baptist Roll into Sin City, Bible-Belt Blitz in the Glitz Planned” Nashville Banner (June 1989), Article entitled “Las Vegas Provides Glitzy Setting for Routine Convention” Florida Baptist Witness (June 1989), Front Cover & Article, “Jerry Vines is the Winner in Las Vegas” Baptist Emphasis Standard (June 1989), President ask personal Evangelism, Article entitled “SBC President’s Report to the Executive Committee, the Church, the Churches, and the Church Acts 15,” Indiana Baptist (September 1989), Booklet entitled Acts Alive by Dr. Jerry Vines
Folder 20 Worldwide Literature Distribution (Good News World) –
Correspondence (February 1988–February 1991), Article entitled “Sunday School Literature Continues to Improve” supplement to The Baptist Message (August 1988), Baptist Press Release (March 1989 & April 1989), Newsletter entitled “Here’s Hope: Jesus Cares for you”
(May 1989)
Folder 21 Contingency Reserve
Folder 22 Management Plan
Folder 23 Dr. Lloyd Elder’s professional history, encouragement and cards
Folder 24 Reorganization – (1940-86, 1989) – Article entitled “Shared Perspectives, Organizing for Improving Results” September 1989, Article entitled “BSSB to Undergo Reorganization: Trustees Elect Five New Employees” September 1989, Article entitled “Four Named to Baptist Posts” The Tennessean (September 1989), Article entitled “BSSB Trustees Approve Internal Reorganization” Baptist Record (September 1989), Article entitled “Cook’s Goal is Reaching More People” Facts & Trends (November 1989)
Folder 25 Dr. Sisk Chairman of Trustees
Folder 26 AMA – (May 19th-21st, 1986) – Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting
Folder 27 Documents, Leadership Characteristics (April 29th, 1983), Committed to
Folder 28 President’s Report (June 1984 & September 1984), ACTS/BTN Dedication June 12th, 1984, Rationale for Introduction and Second Draft, Millennial Guidelines August 7th-8th, 1984
Folder 29 Millennial Consultation – Papers on Three Positions
Folder 30 The 94th Annual Report of the BSSB of the SBC (February 4th-5th, 1986),
President’s Report BSSB at the SBC (June 10th, 1986 & August 5th-6th, 1986)
Folder 31 BSSB Report to SBC – (June 13, 1989) – BSSB Executive Director’s
Dinner (June 1989), SBC Bulletin June 13th–15th, 1989, News Summary:
SBCS 132nd Annual Session, Letter of encouragement
Folder 32 Report to SBC – (1990) – Correspondence (September 1989–May 1990),
Advertisement, SBC 1990, “BTN will telecast Convention,” Facts &
Trends dated May 1990, Article entitled “BTN Operation ends October 1,”
Facts & Trends dated July/August 1990, Booklet entitled “The Sunday
School Board Report to the 1990 Southern Baptist Convention”
Folder 33 Retiree Income Reports, Retiree Payroll Amounts, BSSB report to the SBC (June 11th, 1985, February 3rd-4th, 1987, June 17th, 1987), BSSB Trustee Meeting (August 16th, 1988, February 14th, 1989), Office/Conference Tower Project Status Report (October 23rd, 1989), Labor Union Activity Report (October 26th, 1989), Finance report (September 30th, 1989), BSSB Trustee Meeting (February 6th, 1990), Letter of recommendation to discontinue President’s Luncheon from Gary Cook dated 1990
Folder 34 Eastern Baptist Religious Education Association – (1981–1982) –
Correspondence regarding Long Range Strategic Ideas and Proposals in
spending one million dollars November 3rd-22nd, 1983
Folder 35 President’s Report to SBC San Antonio, TX – (June 15, 1988)
Folder 36 President’s Report – (February 5-7, 1990) – Article entitled “A Beginning Perspective: the Work of the Sunday School Board,” Facts & Trends February 1984, Article entitled “Shared Perspectives, Great Events in History” Facts & Trends February 1984, Correspondence (June 7th,1989– April 3rd, 1990), BSSB 1989 Image Study, Curriculum writer “Balance,” Sunday School Division Guidelines: Understanding and Relating to Our Denomination, Response to Trustee Motion Regarding BTN, How to Have an Intercessory Prayer Ministry, BSSB Organization/Structure Study 1989–1990, Phase II Update Report on BSSB Centennial Observance Plans, Financial Statements, BSSB Update February 1990, Southern Baptist Association of State Convention Executive Directors Annual Meeting, Baptist Press February 1990, Convention Operating Budget of BSSB for 1990–1991, Proposed Agenda Board of Trustees February 5th-7th 1990
Folder 37 Suggestions/Ideas from Career of Excellence Employees (Senior) –
Correspondence (September 21st 1990–October 4th, 1990)
Folder 38 Elder Papers (preserve) – Presidential Search Committee, Baptist Press
January 21st, 1983, Personal Data, Abbreviated Resume, Inaugural Dinner
and Installation information, Correspondence November 21st, 1983 –
August 9th, 1991, BSSB Presidential Medallion information, Priority Work
Agenda 1984–1985, Budget Scenario October 1984, Article entitled “People in Progress” Bookstore Journal(December 1984), Article entitled “Elder Overviews Issues of Concern” Facts & Trends (May 1985), Report on Acts at IMC May 25th, 1985, Poster of Administrative Staff, Poster of
Stewardship of Funds 1984–1985, Broadman Book Publishing Statement,
What Must Happen Before Peace Can Come to the Southern Baptist
Convention, Booklet entitled Our Dream Breakthrough, Growth in the
Churches March 1987, “NO!” June 20th (button), Brochure entitled
“Touching Lives”, Booklet entitled The BSSB of the SBC, Centennial Issue Information Guide June 1990, Statement by Elder regarding typing of telephone calls, Presentation to Lloyd Elder March 8th, 1991, 1 periodical The Circle (v.52, no.5, May 1991), BSSB Report June 1991
Folder 39 (Elder papers?) The mission Continues, Beginning a New Administration, 2/1/1984, President’s Comments and Discussion, Article, The Work of the President February 1984, Responsibilities of the president of the BSSB and Cothen’s salary, Response to “The King Makers,” June 1984, Response to Southern Baptist Advocate Update related to articles in Search, Summer 1984, Correspondence August 10th, 1984 – September 3rd, 1985, Lloyd Elder Speaking Engagements of 1985, Response to Trustee June 6th, 1985, Summary Response to Concerned Friends Regarding The Student Editor August 22nd, 26th, 28th, 1985, Established criteria for developing conference Programs October 11th, 1985, President’s Comments and Discussion, October 13th-16th, 1985, Executive Management “Volunteers” October 22nd, 1985, New State Convention Qualifications for Representation on the BSSB
January 17th, 1986, Denominational Concerns/Strategies, A More Excellent Way, Response to article, Stalemate in The Theological Educator

Box 12
BSSB – Reorganization ; Studies 1987–1989

Folder 1 Responses to CPS Review – Elder – (Interview Notes) – Correspondence, CPS/BSSB review correspondence, Is Peter Drucker on your Staff? by Art Criscoe (Overview of Management Seminar, Baptist Sunday School Board, October 29, 1982)
Folder 2 Organization/Structure Study – Elder – Correspondence about BSSB Organization, Recommended candidates for different BSSB positions, 3 spiral bound copies of the Baptist Sunday School Board Organization/Structure Planning Study Report and Recommendations (SBC Annual Meeting) February 1987, August 1989, & February 1990, Dr. Lloyd Elder’s personal copy with handwritten notes of the February 5-7, 1990 of the BSSB Organization/Structure Study Report and Recommendations 1989-90 Phase II
Folder 3 Transition – BSSB Structure – (1989) – 5 letters all dated August 18, 1989 written by Dr. Lloyd Elder to Johnnie Godwin, Gary Cook, E.V. King (2 letters) and Jimmy Edwards, 1 photocopy of a newspaper article dated August 28-September 1, 1989 about the Baptist Sunday School Board newly elected officers: Jimmy D. Edwards, Andy Dodson, Johnny C. Godwin, Gary W. Cook and Robert M. Turner published in the Nashville Business Journal
Folder 4 Baptist Sunday School Board Marketing Study Interim Report prepared for the BSSB in Nashville, Tennessee by Chase Research, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia dated January 1987, Marketing/Ministry Study Administrative Summary Report to the President (Long Range Marketing/Ministry Team) dated July 25, 1987, Handwritten notes about Office of Marketing, Correspondence with and marketing information on the company IBM
Folder 5 OPD Organization – Correspondence about the reorganization of Publishing and Distribution Office of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Folder 6 Reorganization – OPD – (August 1989)
Folder 7 Trustee Special Selection Committee for VP OPD – (1989) –
Correspondence, Resumes
Folder 8 1 Southern Baptist Time Line 1825-2000
Folder 9 Input on New Broadman Commentary Planning
Folder 10 Revised Distribution Study Implementation Plan 1989

Box 13

Folder 1 EBREA – Eastern Baptist Religious Education Association
Conversations with Bill Rogers, Correspondence (June 1990), EBREA
Program dated October 1990
Folder 2 BSSB Philosophy/Credo Statement – Correspondence (December
1985–April 1986)
Folder 3 Employee Opinion Survey (September 1984)
Folder 4 Employee / Elder Meetings – Script/Outline Employee Meetings
Introducing New Salary, Administration Plan (April 1988), Employee
meeting (July 8, 1988)
Folder 5 Employee Opinion Survey – (September 1988) – Employee Opinion
Survey BSSB (1989), Nashville Employees, Brochure entitled Salary
Plus an Employee Benefits Update
Folder 6 Great Commission Breakthrough Plan – Correspondence (March
1990-December 1990), Booklets, GCB Task Force Minutes (April 1990-January 1991)
Folder 7 Jerry Falwell – Baptist Press (January 1986), Correspondence (April 11th,
Folder 8 European Baptist Convention – Correspondence (December 1st, 1987),
Folder 9 Evangelism Urgency – Correspondence (January 1987), Brochure, Articles (1987-1989)
Folder 10 Election of Personnel and Salary Reporting – Elder
Folder 11 Bonus Year End Report (October 24th, 1989) – Emergency Employee
Assembly, Thank you notes, Transparencies
Folder 12 Employee Assembly (April 27th, 1990) – Statistics (1982–1989), Church
literature, Sunday literature, The Sunday Tennessean (April 1990)
Folder 13 Faxed article, Baptist battle heats up as vote nears, The Commercial
Appeal (June 1990), Comments on Financial Statements for 6 months ended (March 1991), Correspondence (October 1988–February 1992),
Minutes of the Trustees of the BSSB (August 1991), Commentary, Top 10 SBC Events of 1991, Ohio Baptist Messenger (January 1992), Article entitled “A Movie or a Soap Opera” by Bob Terry Alabama Baptist (no date)
Folder 14 Sullivan – Confidential
Folder 15 Administrative Assistant Study and Other Primary Support to Trustee-Elected Positions
Folder 16 Salary Study - Correspondence (July 1983–April 1984) – Executive Compensation for Dr. William G. Tanner (1983)
Folder 17 Facts and Trends Manuscripts – Correspondence (December 1983–
February 1987)
Folder 18 New Multi-Volume Bible Commentary SBC Referred Motion (1985) –
Correspondence (July 1985–November 1987)
Folder 19 SBC Issues – Article entitled “The Convention and its Agencies” Review
& Expositor (Spring 1983, pp.271 – 279), Correspondence (February
1984–June 1988)
Folder 20 BWA – Seoul, Korea E & E Conferences
Folder 21 Southern Baptist Alliance
Folder 22 Employee Salaries and benefits
Folder 23 Southern Baptist, Brochure entitled The Baptist Story by Lynn E. May, Jr.,
Periodical Church Training We Are Southern Baptists How We Hold
Together (July 1983)
Folder 24 SBC Disunity
Folder 25 Shared Ministry Letters
Folder 26 Senator/Mayor Letters
Folder 27 HAY Plan – Officers
Position Content Documents
Folder 28 Baptist Spanish Publishing House
Folder 29 Miscellaneous, SBC Baptist Faith and Message, Publication and editorial
responsibilities (August 1987), Forward to the book Developing Believers
(1983), Correspondence (September 1987), Associated Baptist Press
Editor (1991), Dr. Lloyd Elder Retirement (July 1991), Annual Report
1991–1992, Daily News, BSSB’s history under dispute (May 1993)
Folder 30 Touching Lives – Growing Churches, Circle Publication (1984, v.45, no.3-5, 7-8, 11 & v.46, no.1, 5, 7, 10)

Box 14

Folder 1 Rightly Handling the Word of Truth by Roy L. Honeycuttt dated May 14, 1985, BSSB background material for SBC Dallas, Texas, Guidelines for dealing with the ordination of women, Broadman Bible Commentary Information, 1 periodical dated May 1985 entitled Facts & Trends
Folder 2 1 periodical dated October-December 1991 entitled The Sunday School Leader (pp.1-6)
Folder 3 BSSB (1988–1989) Semiannual Report to the Trustees of the SBC dated August 7th-9th, 1989
Folder 4 Baptist Sunday School Board Proposed Budget 1988-89
Folder 5 Meeting of Personnel Committee (President’s Office) August 7, 1984
Folder 6 SBC Program Budget and Financial Data 1984–1985
Folder 7 Elder/Williams/Byrd Staff Meetings – Correspondence, Home Mission Board Information, 1 article by Joe Westbury entitled “Home Mission Board Plans State Paper Supplements” dated March 16, 1987
Folder 8 Nominating Committee – (August 1990) – Byrd – Information on and correspondence about the BSSB Trustee Nominating Committee dated 1989-1990, Bylaws of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention dated February 5-7, 1990, Listing of the 1989-90 Trustees of the Sunday School Board, Listing of the 1990-91 Trustees of the Sunday School Board
Folder 9 Hay Performance Reporting – BSSB Management/professional Position Content Document for Vice-President and Executive Vice-President, President’s Performance Evaluation Procedure, President’s Evaluation forms and letter of 5% performance bonus raise
Folder 10 CPS/CPO Transition
Folder 11 Southern Baptist Convention Indianapolis – (June 9-11, 1992)
Folder 12 CP (Cooperative Program) – Lloyd Elder
Folder 13 Commentary Correspondence – (1987) – Correspondence, minutes, and articles on New Bible Commentary
Folder 14 Reports to the SBC – (1984-1987)
Folder 15 BSSB Nominating Committee/Worksheets – Correspondence, Historical information on BSSB members position held and time served in that position, letter from the law offices of Boult, Cummings, Conners & Berry dated November 7, 1989 in regards to the book Celebrating Heritage and Hope
Folder 16 BSSB Centennial Events – Correspondence, guest lists, agendas, programs, project plans, schedules, and newspaper articles, Historical Commission of the SBC, The Story of Baptists in Nashville: their first half century, early neighbors (part I) by Dr. A.L. Crabb, The Story of the Nashville Baptist Association (part II) by Harold D. Gregory, photocopies of pages from the book The Story of the Sunday School Board, a centennial drama written by Robert Don Hughes entitled We Speak for the Future performed April 14, 1991 at the First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee, 1 picture of 2 cast members in the centennial drama We Speak for the Future, Special correspondence of note: Tennessee Governor, Ned McWherter, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Bob Clement 5th District House of Representatives U.S. Congress, BSSB Centennial Tower dedication, 1 periodical dated May 1991 entitled The Circle, Special noted correspondence to Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama: Dr. Thomas Corts, President, Dr. William Hull, Provost of Academic Affairs, Correspondence written by Lloyd Elder to the Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama Richard Arrington, Jr., Centennial Art Exhibit
Folder 17 BSSB Chapel Service – Correspondence, program, schedule/order of services
Folder 18 Office of Business & Finance – Reorganization – BSSB Trustee Meeting – (February 15-17, 1988) – Correspondence, Office of Publishing and Distribution Organization Study and Management Plan
Folder 19 JOB – 1 periodical dated July-September 1985 entitled Adult Bible Study, Dr. John Durham’s manuscript “Accepting Both Good and Bad” Job 1:1 to 2:10, Correspondence regarding Dr. Durham’s manuscript on Job, Dr. Durham’s writing assignment agreement, Theological review and study notes on Job
Folder 20 Correspondence in regards to Donald S. Burnett’s law suite against the BSSB, Copies of the 3rd Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee includes judgment and punitive damage amounts
Folder 21 BSSB Board of Trustees Meetings: February 5-6, 1985, August 17-19, 1987 & February 13-15, 1989
Folder 22 SBC Peace Convention
Folder 23 BSSB Curriculum/Literature material and correspondence
Folder 24 Sons and Daughters of the Southern Baptist Convention
Folder 25 Correspondence – Elder/Holly regarding McBeth manuscript
Folder 26 Legal Matters – Elder dated 1989 and 1990
Folder 27 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Founder’s Day March 14, 1991
Folder 28 BSSB – Elder - $400,000 gift dated 1989
Folder 29 BSSB Organization/Structure (1989), BSSB Administrative and Management Group (1989)
Folder 30 Elder (SBC and BSSB) – Miscellaneous items and correspondence dated 1989-1990, Newspaper articles

Box 15

Folder 1 Church Programs & Services Committee – (1990-1992)
Folder 2 Marketing & Distributing (M & D) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Elder – (1990)
Folder 3 Business & Finance Committee – Elder – (1990-1991)
Folder 4 General Administration Committee – Elder – (1990-1991) – HMB about BSSB Book Store Operation, Home Mission Board (SBC June 12-14, 1990) about the print/reissue of Soul Winner’s New Testament
Folder 5 Fraternal Representatives – New Process Beginning – (August 1990) – Correspondence dated May-July 1990
Folder 6 Trustee Meeting – Spouse Activities – Sue Elder
Folder 7 CPO Policies/Writers Guidelines
Folder 8 Staff Input – Strategic Ideas Related to Million Dollar Suggestion
Folder 9 Southern Baptist Convention Building – (1984-1985)
Folder 10 Complete Record: Study of Proposed Consolidation of the Brotherhood Commission, SBC and the Sunday School Board, SBC (2 volumes) dated February 15, 1979
Folder 11 Proceedings of Major Presentations: Futuristic Conference sponsored by the BSSB held in Ridgecrest, North Carolina dated March 21-25, 1977
Folder 12 Nominating Committee – (1986-1987 & 1990-1991)
Folder 13 Trustee Expenses
Folder 14 Audit Committee – (1990-1991)
Folder 15 Marketing & Distribution Committee – Elder
Folder 16 General Publishing Committee – Elder
Folder 17 Management Services Committee – (1986-1987) – Nashville Properties Master Plan of BSSB dated August 17-19, 1987
Folder 18 Executive Officers and Executive Staff Meeting Minutes – (1988-1989)
Folder 19 Reaction to Book Store Discounts
Folder 20 BSSB Financial Statements as of September 30, 1988-1989 & September 30, 1989-1990, Together With Report of Independent Public Accountants, Arthur Anderson & Company
Folder 21 Report to SBC Executive Committee – Articles written about the BSSB New Executive Team Members
Folder 22 Comments on Financial Statements for 3 Months Ended December 31, 1990, and Comments on Financial Statements for 12 Months Ended September 30, 1990
Folder 23 Convention Work Formula Study – (1986-1987) – State Formula Study – BSSB and Cooperative Work with State Conventions Bold Mission Thrust 1990-1995
Folder 24 BSSB Board of Trustees Semiannual Meeting (Feb. 4-6, 1991), BSSB Centennial Tower Dedication Ceremonies (Feb. 5, 1991), 1 photocopy of hymn entitled The Crowning Day, 1 photocopy of song entitled Praise Song for Southern Baptists written by Margaret Ann Frost
Folder 25 Elder – Miscellaneous – BSSB Trusteeship, Galatians: Saved by Grace by Thomas Lea (annotated outline by Lloyd Elder), Draper cites concern, actions in state of the board address by Charles Willis, 2 articles about BSSB President Jimmy Draper printed in the Daily News dated October 16 & 25, 1991, Correspondence about the Bob Lawrence Project dated 1988, correspondence BSSB employees about recent trustee actions relating to personal matters dated 1990, correspondence concerning legal matters dated 1987 & 1990

Box 16
Trustee Correspondence

Folder 1 Trustee Officers – Chairman of Board (Anderson) – Chairman of Executive Committee (Mims)
Folder 2 Trustee Project – New Trustees list 1988, Bio sheets on new trustees 1988, BSSB Nominating Committee worksheets 1988, Analysis of Trustee Voting Strength based on changes of 1986-1987, BSSB Trustees 1988-1989, BSSB Trustees 1989-1990, BSSB Trustees 1990-1991, letter to Dr. Lloyd Elder from Floyd Craig dated December 28, 1990
Folder 3 Trustee Mailings – Correspondence, BSSB Trustee meeting February 4-6, 1991 (correspondence to committees, agendas, minutes, and travel/lodging information), 1989-1990 BSSB Annual Report to the Trustees, Comments on Financial Statements for 3 months ended December 31, 1990, BSSB Financial Statements as of September 30, 1989 & 1990, 1 journal The Circle dated May 1991, BSSB Information Guide Centennial Issue, BSSB News Stories 1990-1991, BSSB correspondence dated 1989-1990 about the BSSB Centennial History Manuscript and a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement with Broadman Press and H. Leon McBeth dated 1988, Xerox copies of 2 articles from the Baptist Press dated October 30, 1990 and Comments on Financial Statements for 12 months ended September 30, 1990, Minutes/Financial Statements of Meeting of the Executive Committee of the BSSB dated October 25, 1990, Minutes/Financial Statements of Meeting of the Trustees of the BSSB dated February 5-7, 1990 and August 13-15, 1990, Photocopies of newspaper articles dated August 14-16, 1990, Xerox copies of 5 articles released by the Baptist Press dated July 23, 1990, and August 16-17, 1990, “That we may be found Faithful” president’s/proposed budget report for the BSSB trustees dated August 13, 1990
Folder 4 BSSB Trustee Correspondence – General – (1989-1990) – Correspondence about BSSB President Dr. Lloyd Elder, Newspaper articles
Folder 5 Jean R. Adams – Ken Alford – William E. Anderson – Lynda Ruth Allen Barfield – Michelle Baker – Judy Beeler – William L. Bennett – Sheldon Wilbur Benz – Ondra Black
Folder 6 Leon L. Bolton – Jerry Bowling – Mark W. Brooks – Correspondence related to Brooks’ letter to trustees special session without press and staff – Jerry W. Brown – Joe B. Brown
Folder 7 James E. Carey – Barry Campbell – Ken Carter – Talmadge Chandler – Morris Chapman (SBC President) – Robert W. Cheek – Daniel A. Collins – Biblical Worldview/Collins
Folder 8 Raymond Davis – Wayne Dubose – Rick A. Forrester – Bob E. Fowler – T.C. French, Jr. – Billie Friel – W.C. Garland – John L. Gilbert – Phil Glisson
Folder 9 Allen F. Harrod – Zach T. Hederman, Jr. – Larry Holly – Floyd E. Hughes – Nolan Kennedy
Folder 10 Roland Maddox – Don R. Mathis – J.B. Miller – Donald M. Moore – Mahlon C. Morley – Wayne L. North – Bill Tisdale – Janice L. Williams

Box 17
Miscellaneous BSSB Reports, etc.

Folder 1 1 group photo (Dr. Elder front row, 3rd person from left), 1 photo (Dr. Elder?) receiving an award, 1 program honoring Lloyd and Sue Elder dated August 7, 1991, 1 periodical Facts & Trends (Dr. Elder on front cover) dated July/August 1991, 1 periodical The Baptist Program (a feature on Dr. Lloyd and Sue Elder pp.8-10) dated November 1987, The Baptist Report (Xerox copy) dated September 1985
Folder 2 BSSB Organization Planning Study Report and Recommendations Annual Meeting dated February 2-4, 1987
Folder 3 Dr. Lloyd Elder’s visit to the Mt. Vernon Baptist Association and the controversy around his visit, dated 1985-1986
Folder 4 Dr. Lloyd Elder – Honorariums and Gifts dated 1983-1985
Folder 5 Ralph McIntyre – Special Assistant
Folder 6 Johnnie Godwin – Holman Bible Division – Vice-President of General Publishing
Folder 7 Marketing/Ministry Study dated July 25, 1987, Reevaluation of the Production and Distribution Cycle of Church Literature dated January 2, 1990, Baptist Book Store Expansion Study presented to the Marketing/Distribution Committee dated February 4-6, 1991, Minutes from the General Publishing and the Marketing and Distribution Committee dated January 1991, Proposed Agenda for Meeting of General Publishing Committee dated August 14, 1990, Listing of other suppliers, venders and competitors that are interested in SBC exhibit space dated 1988, Distribution Center Planning Schedule, Information Systems Steering Committee (Product Information System) dated 1986, Broadman Book Idea for Dr. Lloyd Elder’s “Open Door” book, letter to Dr. Lloyd Elder from Harold C. Bennett about the new multi-volume Bible commentary dated June 1985
Folder 8 Minutes of the Conference Center Committee Meeting dated January 1984, Minutes of the Plans and Policies Committee Meeting dated 1984-1988, Minutes of the Church and Staff Support Committee dated August 1987, Minutes of the General Administration Committee Meeting dated 1988-1990, Executive Officers Meeting Minutes dated 1989-1990, Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Sunday School Board dated 1988 & 1990-1991, Executive Staff Meeting Minutes dated 1990-1991, Minutes from the Church Programs and Services Committee dated January 1991
Folder 9 Bylaws of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention dated August 1985, Bylaw Revision Study Report BSSB (Plans and Policies Committee) dated August 1987, Bylaws of BSSB of the SBC dated February 1990 (revised August 1990)
Folder 10 Convention Operating Budget (SBC Executive Committee September Meeting – BSSB) 1989-1990, Corporate Financial Review of Trustee Recommendations and Major Financial Decisions dated October 1990, Business & Finance Committee October Financial Results dated November 1990, BSSB Business and Finance Committee Minutes dated January 1991, Comments on Financial Statements for 12 months ended September 1987, **CORRECTED COPY: Comments on Financial Statements for 12 months ended September 1987, Revenue and Expense Statement for 12 months ended September 1989 and September 1990, Financial and Technical Services Department (Business and Finance Committee Report) dated February 1991, Statement Concerning Investments in South Africa (BSSB) dated December 1985, Distribution Center Planning Reassessment of Alternatives (Reassessment Team) dated September 1986, President’s Report Trustee Executive Committee (BSSB) dated September 1986, Audit Report to SBC Executive Committee, Financial Operations 6 months ended March 1990 (1989-1990) fiscal year, Financial Operations 6 months ended March 1991 (1990-1991) fiscal year Financial Operations 8 months ended May 1988 (1987-1988) fiscal year, Financial Operations 8 months ended May 1990 (1989-1990) fiscal year, Financial Operations 8 months ended May 1991 (1990-1991) fiscal year, Corporate Financial Analysis Task Force Agenda dated November 1990
Folder 11 How the BSSB is Organized, Glorieta Statement, Management Group Position Description (President, Executive Vice-President and Associate to the President/Director of Office of Planning and Research), Southern Baptist Time Line 1825-2000, 1986 Survey of Southern Baptists, Statement of Board Management Philosophy, Pledge of Support to the SBC Special Committee, BSSB Organization Planning, The BSSB and New York dated September 1986, Issue: Role of Women (Correspondence from Ross West, supervisor of Adult Convention Uniform/Bible Book Curriculum, dated January 1986) and 1 Bible Book Study for Adults (1st and 2nd Timothy, Titus) dated January-March 1986 (pp.22-28 discusses the Role of Women in the Church), Plans and Policies Committee (President’s Performance Evaluation) dated February 4-5, 1986
Folder 12 CPS Recommendations, BSSB Executive Management, “What is Excellence” by James D. Williams (associate to the President and Director Office of Planning and Research), Correspondence to the Administrative Staff from Dr. Lloyd Elder about Interim Administrative Procedures Related to CPS Vice-President Position dated July 1986, Wendell C. Reed (chairman, Presidential Search Committee) letter to Dr. Lloyd Elder announcing Dr. James H. Smith’s retirement dated November 1990, BSSB Peace Committee (Notes), 1 (Xerox copy) of an article entitled The Hefley Report “Man on the Host Seat: an interview with Dr. Lewis Drummond”, President’s Report to Executive Officers dated May 1990, BSSB Corporate Priority Plan, 1990-1995, SBC Las Vegas, Nevada dated June 13-15, 1989, Building toward AD 2000 statistics, President’s Recommendations to Trustee Subcommittee on Bible Teaching on Millennial Guidelines, National Student Ministries (NSM), President’s Report on August Trustee Meeting published in Facts & Trends dated October 1988, New “local” BSSB Trustee Members dated June 1989, letter introducing 3 new BSSB Trustee to the Executive Committee dated August 1989
Folder 13 SBC – Atlanta, Georgia – (June 10th-12th, 1986) – Resource File – Correspondence, Newspaper articles, Journal article, Baptist Press articles
Folder 14 Miscellaneous Preparation – Joyce Byrd – BSSB Trustee Meeting – (February 5th-6th, 1985) – Newspaper clippings, Correspondence, Information on the 1986 BSSB Trustee Meeting
Folder 15 Newspaper clippings, Baptist Press articles, Associated Baptist Press articles (1985-1987 & 1990-1991), 1 article written by Bill Nunnelley for the Baptist Press “$38.8 million Ralph Beeson bequest to Samford largest in Alabama history” dated November 19th, 1991
Folder 16 BSSB Marketing (Transparencies) dated May 31, 1989
Folder 17 Elder – Miscellaneous Items – Correspondence – 1985-1988 & 1990-1991, E&E Annual Theme From Darkened Minds into the Light of Truth (Baptist World Alliance) dated 1986

Box 18
BSSB Bylaws/Meetings

Folder 1 Trustee Study – (February 1985) – Correspondence, Trustee Study information dated 1982 & 1984, Executive Committee of SBC Bylaws and meeting notes
Folder 2 Student Ministry – Max Barnett – Newspaper articles, Articles from the Baptist Press and other resources, 1 book entitled: A Guide for Making Disciples on College Campuses : a Team Approach to Student Ministry by Max Barnett dated c1990
Folder 3 BSSB – Bylaws – Dated 1979, 1981, 1985, 1987, & 1990, Correspondence, BSSB Trustee Officers and Committees 1989-1990, Letter and newspaper article about Grady Cothen’s retirement and his retirement package
Folder 4 Carlos Scott Motion – (February 1990) – Sex Education Curriculum
Folder 5 Study of Trustee Meeting Agendas (General Administration Committee) – Information on Special Personnel Committee
Folder 6 Trustee Meeting Dates – Review – (June 1985)
Folder 7 Trustee Meetings – General Administration Committee – Dated 1985, 1987, & 1989, Correspondence and meeting notes dated 1990
Folder 8 Trustee Survey & Results (Number of Meetings) – (1987)
Folder 9 Trustee/Employee Committee – Correspondence, Daily News (BSSB/SBC) dated April 17th-18th, 22nd, 24th, & 30th, 1991
Folder 10 GAC Workgroup – Employees Serving on Church Staffs – Correspondence, BSSB Research Report in Local Churches (M. Dean Anderson) dated January 1991
Folder 11 General Administration Workgroup – Byrd – Correspondence, Response Opinions and Survey Results, BSSB Trustees Meeting dated February 5th-6th, 1985, Bylaw Revision Study Report (BSSB) dated August 1987
Folder 12 Trustee Study – Local & At Large Trustees
Folder 13 Special Committee to Study Bylaws – (1978-1979)
Folder 14 Bylaws of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (Proposed Revisions) Plans and Policies Committee dated August 1985
Folder 15 Bylaw Study – Correspondence
Folder 16 Bylaw Revision – (February 1990) – Copy of BSSB Bylaw Revision Study Report of 1987
Folder 17 Bylaw Revisions – Correspondence
Folder 18 Bylaw Study – (1987) – Correspondence, Copy of BSSB Bylaw of 1985

Box 19
BSSB Issues, etc.

Folder 1 SBC Budget and Financial Data
Folder 2 BSSB Reports – September Executive Committee (SBC Support/Agency Presentation)
Folder 3 BSSB Purpose & Programs – Copies of the SBC: 1965 (pp.62-77), 1967 (pp. 103-117), 1972 (pp. 60-67), 1973 (p. 55), 1974 (p. 60), 1975 (pp. 59-60), 1976 (pp. 36-37), 1984 (pp. 49-50), 1985 (pp. 38-58), 1989 (pp. 36-37), 1989 (pp. 36-37)
Folder 4 Dot Parrish – Correspondence
Folder 5 Program Leadership – Correspondence
Folder 6 National Student Ministries – Correspondence, newspaper articles
Folder 7 Phil Schreyer – EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) – Correspondence, Notice of Charge of Discrimination
Folder 8 Broadman – Interim – Correspondence, CIS Status Report/Budget Plans
Folder 9 Baptist Press – Correspondence, newspaper articles, guidelines, Report of Special Inquiry written by Clifford Christians, John DeMott, and John Merrill dated February 5, 1985
Folder 10 Church Membership – Inactive – Correspondence, articles
Folder 11 Student Ministry Design – (1986)
Folder 12 AMG Birthdays – Cards
Folder 13 SBC Program and Structure Study – Correspondence
Folder 14 Chapel Planning – Elder – Correspondence, articles, CPS Marketing Component Study dated July 1987, Information on BSSB 100th Anniversary, Report on Employee Relocation Study dated May 1986, BSSB Curriculum Study dated July 1987, BSSB brief biography on Dr. Lloyd Elder, 1 issue of The Circle dated May 1991, Centennial Issue of BSSB Information Guide
Folder 15 Shared Perspectives – Correspondence
Folder 16 January 1984 Back-up – Various Proposed Agendas
Folder 17 New Trustee Orientation – Byrd – Correspondence, Bylaws of BSSB dated February 1990, 1989-1990 BSSB Trustees, BSSB Report to the 1990 SBC, BSSB: the President’s Report to Southern Baptists
Folder 18 BSSB Retirement Trust Fund Committee (Minutes and Correspondence), Joint Meeting Investment Committee and Retirement Trust Fund Trustee (Financial & Investment Reports) dated June 1988, BSSB Retirement Plan and Trust Fund (Financial Statements) as of December 31, 1987 & 1988, BSSB Trustee Executive Committee (Minutes, Articles, Agendas and Correspondence)
Folder 19 Executive Directors’ Association – Historical Record
Folder 20 SBC Orientation Manual (Organization Manual of the SBC)
Folder 21 Hefley Book – The Truth in Crisis – Correspondence, newspaper articles, Baptist Press articles, James Hefley Press Conference dated June 1986, Criterion Publications Press Release about the BSSB attempts censorship of Hefley’s book
Folder 22 Glen Hinson – Correspondence, newspaper articles, “Am I a Heretic?” by E. Glenn Hinson dated February 1986
Folder 23 Request for Salaries – Correspondence, newspaper articles, BSSB: the President’s Report to Southern Baptists
Folder 24 Frank Stagg’s Book – The Doctrine of Christ – Correspondence, **This folder contained Frank Stagg’s book The Doctrine of Christ, but was turned over to the Samford University Davis Library Collection Development Dept.
Folder 25 Robert A. Cate’s Book – These Sought a Country – Correspondence, photocopy of the contents, preface, and introduction
Folder 26 Temp Sparkman – Correspondence, article, G. Temp Sparkman’s article “Youth and Faith Development” published in the periodical Search dated Spring 1985
Folder 27 Elder – Miscellaneous – Correspondence
Folder 28 Elder – SBC Peace Committee – What Must Happen Before Peace Can Come to the Southern Baptist Convention? (a personal statement) by Dr. Lloyd Elder dated October 1986, SBC Executive Committee dated February 1984 and September 1990, BSSB Budget and Financial Data for Budget Year 1984-1985, BSSB Trustees Nominating Committee Report/Recommendation dated February 1988, BSSB Operational Planning Guidelines dated 1990-1991, BSSB Supports Bible Study for 100 Years (article) dated May 1990, BSSB General History Information

Box 20

Folder 1 Shaping Change – Correspondence and typed dialogue about organizational change dated 1986
Folder 2 Resumes – Office of Executive Vice-President – Office of Communications /Assistant Vice-President – Office of Business and Finance – Office of Church Programs and Services
Folder 3 BSSB Organization Planning Study Report and Recommendations dated February 1987
Folder 4 Leadership – Decision-Making – Articles, 1 paperback book entitled A Biblical Model for Training Leaders by Roy T. Edgemon and Arthur H. Criscoe dated c1985
Folder 5 Manuscripts – Decision Making Book – Dr. Lloyd Elder – (1986) – Correspondence, Articles, Research material, Bibliography, Notes on chapters, Contents page, Anniversary card to Dr. Lloyd Elder for his 4yrs. as BSSB President from Byrd
Folder 6 Leadership Personnel Management
Folder 7 The Pastor Serving as His Own Minister of Education by J. Clifford Tharp, Jr. (Research Associate) dated May 1983 – Pastoral Leadership Effectiveness by J. Clifford Tharp, Jr. (Research Associate) dated May 1984 – A Study of the Forced Termination of Southern Baptist Ministers by J. Clifford Tharp, Jr. (Research Associate) dated June 1984
Folder 8 Ministerial Stress Survey by Lewis Wingo (Project Analyst) dated August 1984 – Negotiating Expectations in Ministry by Kenneth E. Hayes (Research Associate) dated January 1986
Folder 9 5 issues of Church Administration (a journal for effectiveness in ministry) dated February 1984, March 1983, April 1985, October 1985, January 1986
Folder 10 Baptist VIEWpoll (Cooperative effort for the BSSB and Home Mission Board to monitor quarterly certain key areas of Southern Baptists’ awareness, thought, and action) dated July 1983
Folder 11 Trustees’ Meeting – (February 2nd-3rd, 1982) – CP Organizations/Church Training/Church Music
Folder 12 Trustees’ Meeting – (August 3rd-4th, 1982) – Basic CPS Structure
Folder 13 Nominating Committee – (August 1st, 1985) – Church Base Design Programs
Folder 14 Organization Study Report, Baptist Press Articles dated April 1984–May 1984 & December 1986, BSSB Organization Planning Factors/Goals, BSSB Organization Planning Study dated February 1987,
Folder 15 BSSB & CPS Study File – BSSB charts and illustrated plans, CPS charts and illustrated plans, CPS recommendations, CPS correspondence dated 1986, BSSB Organization Structure charts, Special Selection Committee Correspondence, notes, Article 8 section 2 of Bylaws and plans on the retirement of Dr. Morton Rose, 1 article about Dr. Morton Rose’s retirement dated July 1986, Correspondence and notes on BSSB charts and the BSSB Organization Structure, BSSB Management Groups, BSSB Administrative Structure, BSSB Administrative Staff Levels, BSSB Organization Planning Study/Factors and Goals, Correspondence and notes about Dr. Morton Rose’s retirement as Vice-President of Church Programs and Services dated 1986, 1 article entitled “Resizing For Improved Communication: Productivity and Profitability” written by Franck A. de Chambeau and Norma V. Rosenberg dated February 1986, Consultation between Dr. Lloyd Elder and Ron Galbraith dated December 1986, BSSB Reorganization Communications Plan , BSSB Major Organizational Proposal dated December 1986
Folder 16 BSSB Salary Executive Management Group Current Salary as of December 1986, BSSB Management Structure of Salary Range and Merit Increase dated October 1986, SBC Statistics estimated 1986
Folder 17 Administrative Staff Structure dated March 1987, BSSB Administrative Staff (Personnel Report and Recommendations) President’s Proposal dated December 1986, BSSB Positions Current and Proposed
Folder 18 Church Programs and Organizations charts and plans
Folder 19 Office of Publishing and Distribution charts and plans
Folder 20 Office of Business and Finance charts and plans
Folder 21 Church Base Design Programs
Folder 22 Foreign Mission Board of SBC charts and correspondence dated 1986
Folder 23 Management Group Position Description for President, Vice-President of Church Programs & Services, Executive Vice-President and Associate to the President & Director of Office of Planning & Research
Folder 24 BSSB Management Group and Administrative Management Group, BSSB Leadership Commitment dated December 1983, BSSB Executive Management Group (Manpower Planning Chart) dated October 1986, BSSB Executive Management Group Notes dated January 1987
Folder 25 Correspondence, notes, and scripture references on Dr. Lloyd Elder writing a book for Broadman Press for their Leadership series dated 1986

Box 21

Folder 1 James W. Hume – Correspondence, Conferences notes, Miscellaneous Correspondence dated from 1986-1990
Folder 2 Transcript/Minutes – Board Meeting – (August 7th-9th, 1989) – Glorieta – Documentation/Events/Materials Regarding the $400,000 Gift to the SBC Cooperative Program for the SBC Building Debt
Folder 3 General Administration Committee – (1989) – Byrd – Minutes, Correspondence, Meeting notes, Proposed agendas, Business and Finance Committee dated August 1989, Church Programs and Services Committee dated August 1989
Folder 4 Special Letters/Statements of Encouragement – (1989) – Correspondence and Phone messages for Dr. Lloyd Elder, Church programs, newspaper articles
Folder 5 Glorieta Trustee Meeting – (August 7th-9th, 1989) – Correspondence – Employee Notes/Cards/Letters (“Welcome Home” & “Encouragement” from August 8th – September 18th, 1989)
Folder 6 12 large sheets entitled “A Note to Dr. Elder” which includes personal written messages of encouragement and support
Folder 7 Issues – Elder – List of summary of critical issues, Issues on Monotheism, Correspondence, Articles, Issues about BSSB sales, Plagiarism issues concerning Rev. W.A. Criswell, BSSB 1990-1991 Trustees (photos, along with address, phone number and occupation)
Folder 8 Documentation – Byrd – Issues concerning the $400,000 gift from the BSSB for SBC building debt (articles, Correspondence, and minutes) dated 1989, Review of the 1985-1990 SBC Capital Needs Budget dated September 1988, Summary of phone calls/letters from July 27th-Aug. 3rd
Folder 9 BSSB Bible publishing program plan/distribution (Correspondence, Baptist Press articles, newspaper articles)
Folder 10 Management/Professional Meeting – (September 1989)
Folder 11 September-October 1989 – Letters and cards of support for Dr. Lloyd Elder, newspaper articles
Folder 12 Newspaper articles and Baptist Press articles concerning Dr. Lloyd Elder and his possible termination as BSSB President
Folder 13 Kirk Humphreys – Correspondence between Kirk Humphrey’s and Dr. Lloyd Elder dated August 1989, Letters of support and encouragement for Dr. Lloyd Elder dated 1989
Folder 14 General Administration Committee – (1989) – Minutes, Notes, Correspondence
Folder 15 Glorieta Trustee Action – (1989) – Proposed agenda, Correspondence, articles, and minutes
Folder 16 Documentation – Elder – Dr. Lloyd Elder’s President’s Report, Correspondence on the study text The Doctrine of Creation dated 1989, Correspondence about Dr. Lloyd Elder and his removal dated 1989, Correspondence about curriculum study courses dated 1989, BSSB proposed agenda, charts/statistics and outlined notes on Audit Committee/General Administration Committee/Church Program Organizations Committee/Business Finance Committee/Publishing & Distribution Committee dated February 1989, Miscellaneous Correspondence and articles dated 1985 & 1989
Folder 17 Working With Trustees – Articles, Correspondence/Cards dated 1989-1991

Box 22
BSSB Subjects

Folder 1 Elder – 11 Stenographer notebooks with shorthand letters and notes
Folder 2 Sunday School – Correspondence, Dr. Lloyd Elder’s article entitled “Small Sunday Schools are Giants” (rough draft & printed article) dated 1985, Introduction written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for Neil E. Jackson, Jr.’s book How to Motivate Yourself and Others (typed & hand written rough drafts) dated 1984, Article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for the “Final Four Sunday School Enrollment Emphasis” (rough draft & printed article) dated November 1987, Article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder entitled “Bold Mission Thrust” (printed article) dated April-June 1989, Article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder “untitled” about the new Sunday Schools and offering better study materials for their classrooms
Folder 3 Church Training – Correspondence, Church Training Magazine Interview with Dr. Lloyd Elder (responding questions and printed article) dated 1983, Quote written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for the Discipleship Training (written rough draft & printed quote) dated 1986
Folder 4 Personnel – Correspondence, Articles written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for the BSSB employee organization manual, BSSB brochure for employee service gifts
Folder 5 Special Ministries – Correspondence dated October 1985, Articles about Dr. Lloyd Elder dated 1984, 1986 and 1988
Folder 6 Holman – BSSB Report an article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder entitled “Living Out of the Word” dated 1989
Folder 7 Church Materials Catalog – Articles written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for The Church Materials Catalog dated 1984-1989, Article written by Grady C. Cothen for The Church Materials Catalog dated 1983-1984
Folder 8 Church Administration – Article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder entitled “The Challenge of Bold Mission Thrust” (Manuscript copy, outline, printed article) dated 1985, Article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for Proclaim dated April-June 1987, Foreword written by Dr. Lloyd Elder for the book I’m My Own M.E.! (photocopy of foreword) dated February 1984
Folder 9 Family Ministry – Interview questions for the March issue of Mature Living Dr. Lloyd Elder to Jack Gulledge dated October 1983, Manuscript copy of Dr. Lloyd Elder’s “He Believes in Families” for Home Life dated November 1984, Printed article by Dr. Lloyd Elder entitled “I Believe in the Cooperative Program” for Home Life dated July 1987, Printed article by Dr. Lloyd Elder entitled “The Sunday School Board: a Bible Board” for Christian Single dated January 1988
Folder 10 Baptist Book Store The Merchandiser – Dr. Lloyd Elder writes a guest editorial for The Bill Board (handwritten rough draft, typed draft, printed article) dated 1984, Article “President Elder Lists Seven Challenges for Board” dated January 1985
Folder 11 Excellence – Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr.’s book In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies (articles about the book, and notes written on book’s points) dated 1983, Photocopy article about the success of the Dana Corporation
Folder 12 Toward Excellence Material – BSSB Toward Excellence Process Teaching Guide (correspondence, outlines, survey, and articles)
Folder 13 Toward Excellence – Toward Excellence Priority Survey – Correspondence, Articles, Opinion Surveys and Programs
Folder 14 Toward Excellence – Correspondence, articles, evaluation and brochure
Folder 15 Cooperative Program Pending – (1990) – Correspondence, articles, and computer print-out of the 500 Churches in reported Cooperative Program
Folder 16 The Executive Academy – Ann Arbor, Michigan – (March 1979) – Correspondence, Travel expense form, How to Read a Financial Report (Merrill Lynch), Management Seminars (University of Michigan), Brochure about Ann Arbor, Michigan
Folder 17 State Executive – (December Meeting, 1988) – Correspondence, Agendas, Tentative schedule, Doug Anderson (Directions 2000: Family Ministry Thrust), Directions 2000: 1990-1995 Bold Mission Thrust Promotion Plan, State/Name listing of attendees
Folder 18 BSSB/SBC Financial Update (BSSB Operation, Board/State Ministries, Literature Circulation) dated 1987-88, Agenda for BSSB/State Executive Directors’ Dinner dated June 1988 & June 1989
Folder 19 Cooperative Program – Oklahoma Cooperative Program – Georgia Baptist Convention – West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists – BSC of Michigan – Kentucky Baptist Convention – Baptist General Convention of Texas – Baptist Convention of New York – Cooperative Program of Virginia – Mississippi Baptist Convention Board – Cooperative Program of South Carolina (1990) – Bold Mission Thrust Prayer Calendar South Carolina (1990) – Correspondence, charts, statistics, brochures, articles

Box 23

Folder 1 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) Progress Report dated August 1988, SWBTS campus guide (Fort Worth, Texas), Blue print for the expansion and renovation of the Cowden Hall Music Library at SWBTS (Fort Worth, Texas), SWBTS (Fort Worth, Texas) booklet of the expansion & renovation of Cowden Hall Music Library and School of Church Music
Folder 2 3 issues of Facts & Trends dated November 1969 & March 1983 & May 1987, BSSB (The Centennial Tower) dedication ceremonies dated February 1991, Folded pictorial of the BSSB celebrating 90 years, SBC (San Antonio, Texas) dated June 1988, General Administration Committee dated February 1989, Southern Baptist Statistical Summary (1987-88), Baptist Press article entitled “1988 SBC Statistics Indicate Some Gains, but Flat Trends” written by Jim Lowry dated February 1989, Correspondence and 1 Baptist Press article on “Priesthood of Believers” dated 1988, Correspondence and article about Open Windows dated 1988
Folder 3 SWBTS Alumni Association – Correspondence, Programs, Articles
Folder 4 SWBTS Alumni Association – Lloyd Elder – State Alumni Presidents’ Retreat (1987-1990) – Articles, Correspondence/Memorandums, Itineraries/Agendas, Programs/Booklets, Annual Reports
Folder 5 Ministers’ Support System – (1976-1978) – Forms, Articles,
Correspondence/Memorandums, Handwritten notes, Baptist General Convention of Texas
Folder 6 SBC – Los Angeles, California – (June 9th-11th, 1981) – Correspondence, Articles, Programs, Handwritten notes, Paper presented at SBC entitled “Biblical Inerrancy is a Factor Crucial to the Survival of the SBC”
Folder 7 SBC – New Orleans, Louisiana – (June 14th-18th, 1982) – Correspondence, Articles, 4 SBC Bulletins, Handwritten notes, Letters written about people’s concerns of liberal influences in the SBC about the Bible, 1 thesis written by Noel Wesley Hollyfield, Jr. entitled “A Sociological Analysis of the Degrees of Christian Orthodoxy Among Selected Students in the SBTS” dated July 1976
Folder 8 SBC – St. Louis, Missouri – (June 9th-13th, 1980) – Correspondence, Articles/Bulletins
Folder 9 SBC – Galveston & Houston, Texas – (June 7th-14th, 1979) – Articles,
Correspondence, Issues concerning Inerrancy, Notes, Programs, Bulletins, 1 issue of Shophar
Folder 10 Executive Board and Staff of the Southern Baptist General Convention of California (1982) – Correspondence, Articles, Handwritten notes, Personal evaluations, Salary Study and Analysis, Position descriptions, Report Performances, 1983 Budget, The California Southern Baptist dated November 1982
Folder 11 Personal Search Recommendations – (1988-1989) – Correspondence
Folder 12 Telephone calls of congratulations dated January 19th-February 23rd, Letters/Cards of congratulations for Dr. Lloyd Elder being elected as the new BSSB President dated 1983
Folder 13 Letters/Cards of congratulations for Dr. Lloyd Elder being elected as the new BSSB President dated 1983, Letters of congratulations from BSSB employees dated 1983
Folder 14 Presidential Search Committee File – (1982-1983) – Correspondence, Articles, Minutes/Notes, Letters about Dr. Grady Cothen’s retirement as BSSB President, Announcement of Dr. Lloyd Elder nomination as BSSB Presidential candidate, Dr. Lloyd Elder’s resume (abbreviated), Listing of BSSB Trustees, Bulletin, Excerpt from Article III (Board of Trustees) Section 4 (Officers of Board), Biographical sketches of other possible candidates for the BSSB Presidential position, Facts & Trends dated September 1982
Folder 15 Administrative Staff Commitment Letters (1983-1984)

Box 24
BSSB Correspondence & Subject

Folder 1 President’s Papers – Planning Outlines – Telephone memo dated March 1995, Letter to Dr. Kirby Godsey (Mercer University, President) from Dr. Lloyd Elder (concerning “Lloyd Elder Papers”) dated March 1995, Outline of Dr. Lloyd Elder’s Personal and Professional Papers and a sampling of major events, Notes on the different institutions wanting to house Dr. Lloyd Elder’s Papers, The Circle dated June 1991, 2 copies of Facts & Trends dated February 1987 & June 1991
Folder 2 Religious Liberty – Booklet entitled Baptists/Roman Catholics and Religious Freedom written by Henlee H. Barnette published by the BSSB of the SBC dated 1955, Sermon outline “Is Religion an Issue? In the Presidency”, Paper entitled “The Presidency and the Roman Catholic Church” written by Prof. Robert A. Baker (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), Various articles on the subject matter of Religious Freedom, 6 pamphlets from the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs dated 1986, Religious Liberty Restated by J.M. Dawson delivered before the Southern Baptist Historical Society dated August 1944, Religious Liberty: and its Bearing Upon Separation of Church and Stated by Herbert Miner Pierce, “Bases for Separation of Church and State” and “The Bible Speaks on Christian Citizenship” and “Christian Principles Applied to Citizenship” prepared by the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, A Resource Guide for Religious Communities for Commemorating the Bicentennial of the American Bill of Rights, The American Baptist Bill of Rights, Emerging Patterns of Separation of Church and State: a Perspective on Contemporary Freedom by C. Emanuel Carlson , Baptists and Religious Liberty by George W. Truett,
Folder 3 Revelation – “Models for Interpreting the Book of Revelation” by John P. Newport
Folder 4 “A Renewed Call to an Old Commission” (Subject: Challenge) dated October 1990
Folder 5 Article on the subject of Stewardship/Tithing dated September 1985, Article entitled “The Southern Baptist Wars: What Can We Learn from the Conservative Victory?” written by Samford University’s Dean of the Beeson School of Divinity Timothy George dated March 1992
Folder 6 BSSB Proposed Budget 1984-1985, Comments on Financial Statements for 12 months ended September 1983, Budget and Financial Data for the Budget Year 1983-1984
Folder 7 BSSB Image Study dated October 1983
Folder 8 New Trustees/Orientation – Byrd
Folder 9 Russian Baptists – Correspondence, Articles
Folder 10 A Personal Perspective (The Association /Crucial to the Denomination) drafted by Dr. Lloyd Elder dated May 1983
Folder 11 BSSB Employees Retiree Fellowship – Correspondence, Directory of BSSB Retirees dated May 1988, Programs (Purpose and Function of the BSSB Retiree Fellowship) dated 1987-1989
Folder 12 Cothen’s Retirement Inquiries – Dr. Grady C. Cothen (information on Dr. Cothen’s retirement and retirement package), Correspondence, Articles, Dr. Grady C. Cothen’s retirement program
Folder 13 CPS/BSSB Review – (1986) – Correspondence
Folder 14 State Convention Briefing – (October 1986) – Suggested Outline for the 1985 State Convention Presentations and 1985 Briefing, State Convention Briefing dated 1984, State Convention Briefing dated 1988, State Convention Briefing dated 1989, State Convention Briefing dated 1990
Folder 15 Trustees to State Conventions – Letter to Trustees who are attending the BSSB State Convention from Lloyd Householder dated August 1984, also, their packet with brochures, Baptist Press articles, Facts & Trends articles, and information on the Baptist Telecommunication Network (BTN)
Folder 16 BSSB & Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Mini-Library Project (1983-1989) – Correspondence, Progress Reports, Meeting Minutes, Articles, Photographs, Book/Hymnal/Bible School Material listing with selling price dated August 1984
Folder 17 The Controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention written by Ned L. Mathews (a position paper delivered at the Southeastern Theological Seminary) dated April 1988
Folder 18 Issues on the “Ordination of Women” (Correspondence, Articles, Guidelines) dated 1984-1985
Folder 19 BSSB Office of Publishing and Distribution/Baptist Book Store Managers – Correspondence, Report from Dr. Lloyd Elder, Inventory statistics, Book Store Division Conference dated May 1989, Agenda, 1 Facts & Trends dated 1985, Articles
Folder 20 Baptist General Convention of Texas Correspondence dated 1985, South Carolina Baptist Convention Correspondence dated 1984 & 1986, SBC of California State Student Conference 40th Anniversary dated August 1987, Tennessee Baptist Convention Correspondence dated December 1986 & January 1987, Letter to Dr. Lloyd Elder from Ken Lyle of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware dated August 1990
Folder 21 BSSB Trustee Executive Committee Meeting (minutes, agendas, outlines of President’s Report, Correspondence) dated 1984-1985
Folder 22 BSSB Financial Reports/Evaluations/Charts/Statistics dated 1984 & 1989
Folder 23 Strengthening Families (sermon outline), What is your Vision for our Church? (sermon outline), Call to Prayer and Solemn Assembly dated September 1989, Charts showing percentages of Churches with Population Growth, Recorded list from the year 1940 to 1987 listing the number of Churches/Baptisms/Members/Enrollments
Folder 24 Executive Staff Meeting Minutes dated August 1991 (last staff meeting for Elder & Byrd), Articles written on Dr. Lloyd Elder’s retirement as the BSSB President, An Agenda for Leadership (Summary draft of a response to the issues) written by Dr. Lloyd Elder dated May 1980, A Time for Servant Leadership: a Personal Plea written by Dr. Lloyd Elder, Attachment A (1-3 p.) on Documentation/Events/Materials regarding the $400,000 gift to the SBC Cooperative Program for the SBC Building Debt (Dr. Lloyd Elder, BSSB President) dated July 1989, What Must Happen Before Peace Can Come to the Southern Baptist Convention? (a personal statement) written by Dr. Lloyd Elder given at the Glorieta, New Mexico SBC Peace Committee Retreat dated October 1986, Letter written to the BSSB Board of Trustees from Dr. Lloyd Elder about Russell Kaemmerling’s (editor, Southern Baptist Advocate) correspondence dated September 1984, Letter written to the SWBTS Board of Trustees from Dr. Lloyd Elder dated April 1985, Statement of reaction written by Dr. Lloyd Elder about Dr. Keith Park’s statement dated April 1985, Letter written by Cecil Sims to Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd Elder (thanking the Elder’s for their donation to the Canadian Seminary) dated April 1995, Handwritten outline for the Administrative Staff meeting dated January 1984, Photocopy of p.53 from the book A Handbook of Contemporary Theology (by Bernard Ramm) covering the subject of “Fundamentalism” given to the Administrative Staff from Dr. Lloyd Elder, SWBTS Chapel Message (Dr. Bruce Corley) dated July 1984, Correspondence between Dr. Lloyd Elder and Robert M. Tenery (pastor of Burkemont Baptist Church, Morganton, North Carolina) dated December 1983, Capital Baptist (pp. 3-6) dated June 1991, The Baptist Messenger (pp. 3-4) dated May 1990

Box 25
BSSB “Unpurged” Subject Files

Folder 1 Investment Committee (Financial and Investment Reports) dated March 1983, September 1983 & May 1984, Retirement Trust Fund (Report) dated May 1984, Minutes of Investment Committee Meeting dated March 1984 and May 1984, Minutes of Meeting of Retirement Trust Fund Trustees dated May 1984
Folder 2 SBC Apartheid – (1985-1986) – Articles, Correspondence, Meeting notes, Information Regarding Investments in Companies doing business in South Africa dated 1985
Folder 3 Tommy Jones – Proposal – (1989)
Folder 4 Smoking in the Workplace – (1984-1987) – Correspondence/Policies, Employee Survey Results dated October 1984, The Circle (Special Report)
Folder 5 Committed to Service – (1987) – Correspondence, Articles/Papers, Agenda/Outlines
Folder 6 Center for Urban Churches Studies (1983-1984) – Correspondence, Minutes
Folder 7 BSSB Wives Fellowship – (1982-1984) – Correspondence, Newsletters dated 1983, List of Expenses, Proposed Budget, Officers/Committees
Folder 8 Southern Baptist Properties – Dennis Caddell, President – Correspondence (subject: to preserve the old down town First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia), Phone messages, Dennis Caddell’s Business card, Blue prints, Brochure (SBC’s birthplace in Augusta, Georgia), Report of an Appraisal of First Baptist Church of Augusta, Georgia dated September 1986, Warranty Deed of Gift for 802 Greene Street, Augusta, Georgia dated October 1986
Folder 9 SBC – Dale Cross – (Motion, 1990) – Correspondence (subject: motion for all Southern Baptist to give repentance and reconciliation regarding racism)
Folder 10 Budget Simplifications – A Proposal for Budget Simplification/Multi-Year Budgeting dated May 1986
Folder 11 Simplifying Systems – Suggestions for Revisions of Policies and Procedures (Simplifying the Process) – Correspondence, Meeting notes, Study/Reports dated 1985-1987
Folder 12 At Home With The Bible – Television program, Correspondence, Articles, Study reports dated 1981, 1983-1984
Folder 13 Church Architecture Department – (Director Search, 1983) – Correspondence, Application/Personnel Questionnaire of Gwenn Edwin McCormick
Folder 14 Special Ministries Department – (Director Search, 1985) – Correspondence, Job description/profile, Management position questionnaire, Biographical data on Billie Kenneth Banks
Folder 15 Sunday School Department – (Director Search, 1983) – Correspondence/letter of recommendation, Notes, Articles, Biographical data on applicants
Folder 16 Home Mission Board – (1987-1990) – Larry Lewis Visit to BSSB – (August 1987) – Correspondence, Service of Installation Program for Larry L. Lewis as President of the HMB dated July 1987, Articles, Meeting notes, Information regarding the function of the HMB and its relationship with the BSSB, Recommendations Regarding HMB Statement of Purpose dated October 1988, BSSB organizational chart
Folder 17 Multi-Volume Bible Commentary/Commentary Correspondence –(1988) – Correspondence (1988-1991), Articles, Committee notes, Biographical information on Consulting Editors for the New Commentary dated October 1987, Brochure of New American Commentary, Bible Commentary Survey Among Messengers to the 1986 SBC dated August 1986, Faculty Evaluation of Existing Bible Commentaries dated November 1986, Bible Commentary Survey Among SBC Constituency dated December 1986
Folder 18 Cooperative Work/Iowa Fellowship – (1984-1985) – Correspondence
Folder 19 Cooperative Work with State Boards – (1984-1985) – Correspondence (1986-1987), BSSB and Cooperative Work with State Conventions Bold Mission Thrust 1985-1990 and 1990-1995
Folder 20 BSSB Semi-Annual Report to the Trustees – (1987-1988)
Folder 21 BSSB Annual Report to the Trustees – (1987-1988) – BSSB Annual Report to the Trustees (1986-1987) dated February 1988
Folder 22 Video Tape Service – Video tapes (Titles & VTS numbers) dated 1983-1988
Folder 23 Style Manual Revision – Correspondence, Style Manual mailing list, Style Evaluation team, Notes
Folder 24 BSSB Operational Planning Guidelines 1988-1989 and 1990-1991, Planning Information dated November 1987
Folder 25 Program Leadership Meeting Minutes – (1987-1988)
Folder 26 BSSB Financial Statements as of September 1987-1988, BSSB Schedule of Marketable Securities as of September 1988, BSSB Memorandum on Accounting Procedures, Internal Controls and Related Matters dated September 1988, BSSB Audit Committee Meeting dated February 1990, SBC Program Budget and Financial Data dated 1990-1991

Box 26
BSSB Miscellaneous Subjects

Folder 1 Bible Board – Communication Plan – Correspondence, Outline/Plan dated 1986
Folder 2 Books for the World – (1986-1987) – Owen Cooper – Correspondence, Articles, Agenda for Christian Literature Distribution dated September 1986, Schedule of Giving, 1985-1990 Goals of the Christian Literature Work Group of the Education and Evangelism Committee of the Baptist World Alliance, Baptist World Alliance (Progress Report) Mini-Library Project
Folder 3 State Paper Editor’s Meeting – (1986) – Correspondence, Article, Meeting/Proposal notes, SBC Listing of State Editors (name, name of paper, address), BSSB Chart, Office of Communication Chart dated October 1985
Folder 4 State Paper Editor’s Meeting – (1988) – Correspondence, Articles, SBC Listing of State Editors (name, name of paper, address), Meeting/Agenda notes, List of SBC State Editors attending meeting, Photocopy of receipt for the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Nashville, TN)
Folder 5 Baptist World Alliance – (1983-1984) – Correspondence (1986-1988)
Folder 6 Salary Studies – Correspondence, Background Study, Summary, Recommendations/Definition, Position descriptions, Information regarding the California Salary Study
Folder 7 President’s Portrait – Information regarding Dr. Lloyd Elder’s portrait
Folder 8 Press Interviews/Statements – Elder
Folder 9 Support of BSSB/Statements/Editorials
Folder 10 State Paper Editor’s Meeting – (1984) – Correspondence, Agendas, Briefing, President’s Report (August 1984), List of participants, Articles
Folder 11 BSSB Market Study – Long Range Marketing Study, Correspondence, Meeting/Minutes, Policies/Procedures
Folder 12 BSSB Board of Trustees Correspondence – (1984-1985)
Folder 13 SBREA – (June 1983) – Pittsburg – Letters
Folder 14 Information regarding Dr. James W. Clark’s retirement (1989) – Correspondence, Program, Notes, Articles about Dr. James W. Clark’s retirement, Letters written by Dr. James W. Clark about sending out copies of Dr. Lloyd Elder’s chapel presentation as requested by the committee dated August 1984
Folder 15 Long Range Marketing Ministry Study (1985-1987), Marketing/Ministry Study (Administrative Summary Report to the President) dated July 1987
Folder 16 Administrative Management Group/Training – Customer Orientation Trustee Workshop dated 1988-1989
Folder 17 Notes for President’s Report at Trustee Executive Committee – (1986)
Folder 18 The Baptist Laity Journal – (1985, 1987-1988) – Texas Edition and Nationwide Edition
Folder 19 Baptist Program Article on Elder – (November 1987) – Correspondence
Folder 20 Bibles – National Governor’s Association – (1984) – Correspondence, Article
Folder 21 Millennial Consultation – Millennial Presentation – (1984) – Notes, Correspondence, Articles, The Millennium: the Big Question by John L. Bray dated 1984, “Priorities and Prophecy” (chapel sermon) by James L. Holly dated March 1982, Millennial Consultation: Papers on 3 Positions (3 separate papers written by Hal Brooks, Ralph M. Smith, & John H. McClanahan) dated 1983, Outline for The Lion and the Lamb: the Book of Revelation for Today, Administration’s Recommendations to Trustee Subcommittee on Bible Teaching on Millennial Guidelines dated August 1984, Report on/Rationale for Millennial Guidelines dated August 1984, Guidelines for Approaching the Millennium in Church Literature and Convention Press Materials dated January 1984 (revised June 1984)
Folder 22 Dr. John Bryan, Chairman – (1984-1986) – Correspondence (1984-1988), Articles
Folder 23 Warren Hultgren, Board Chairman – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Articles
Folder 24 Roland Maddox, Vice Chairman – (1988-1989) – Correspondence
Folder 25 Dr. Lloyd Batson, Chairman – BSSB Trustees – (1986-1988) – Correspondence, Articles
Folder 26 Richard Jackson – (1989) – Correspondence, Articles
Folder 27 Letters of Congratulations – (1983) – Letters/Cards congratulating Dr. Lloyd Elder on his election as BSSB President, “Thank You” letters written by Dr. Lloyd Elder, Miscellaneous letters dated 1987
Folder 28 SBC Building – Funds allocated from the BSSB designated as Cooperative Program funds for the indebtedness of the SBC building (1989) – Correspondence, Executive Committee notes, SBC Operating Budget Income, Dedication Service Program and Pamphlet for the new SBC Building dated September 1985, Floor Plans for the SBC Building
Public Relations Plans for the SBC Building Project
Folder 29 Salary Administration Plan – BSSB Salary Administration Study (Report and Recommendations) to the General Administration Committee dated August 1988, BSSB Salary Administrative Review dated December 1989, Photocopies of overhead projection slide presentation for Salary Administration
Folder 30 Kitchen Cabinet – (1984-1987) – Correspondence, Agendas, Meeting notes
Folder 31 Remodeling blue prints and floor plans (1988-1989) – Remodeling notes about the 11th floor for the office of President and Executive Vice-President
Folder 32 Dr. Lloyd Elder named a recipient of the Southwestern Seminary’s Distinguished Alumni Award (March 1985) – Congratulatory letters, Correspondence, 1 issue of the Southwestern News dated March 1985, SWBTS 1985 National Luncheon Program dated June 1985

Box 27
BSSB 1990 Meetings

Folder 1 Audit Committee Preparation – Minutes, Proposed Agenda, Recommendation of an Independent Auditor for 1989-1990
Folder 2 Church Programs & Services (CPS) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Byrd – Meeting notes, Agendas, Reports
Folder 3 Business & Finance (B&F) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Byrd – Meeting notes, Agendas, Reports dated 1989-1990
Folder 4 General Publishing (GP) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Byrd – Correspondence, Meeting notes, Reports
Folder 5 Trustee Meeting Follow-up – (February 1990) – Correspondence, Minutes, Article, Paper written on Monotheism
Folder 6 Plenary Sessions – (February 1990) – BSSB Trustee Meeting (Instruction sheet, Schedule of Events, Correspondence, Typed phone message, List of BSSB Trustee Wives Attending), James V. Lackey recommended as Director, Sunday School Growth and Administration Dept., Brief biography on Robert P. Thomas and James P. Guenther, Remarks to Trustees of the BSSB of the SBC by James P. Guenther dated February 1990, Facts & Trends (President’s Report to Southern Baptists) dated February 1990
Folder 7 Minutes – (February 1990) – Letters written in shorthand, Transcripts of February Trustee Meeting and General Publishing Committee Report dated February 1990, Agenda/Schedule of Meetings, Handwritten notes, Letters written by Lloyd Householder about NewScene taping of Trustee Meeting and Press Representatives at Trustee Meeting dated December 1989, 2 Daily News dated February 9th & 27th, 1990
Folder 8 Lloyd Elder – Newspaper article and Statement of Reconciliation and Healing dated February 1990
Folder 9 Genevox Administrative Report and CIS Administrative Report to the President by the Office of General Publishing (Johnnie C. Godwin, Vice-President) and The Office of Marketing and Distribution (Jimmy D. Edwards, Vice-President) dated June 1990
Folder 10 General Administrative Committee (GAC) – (1990) – Trustee Meeting – Byrd – Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, Articles, Includes, also, a copy of the GAC Minutes dated 1989
Folder 11 Guidelines for Dealing with the Ordination of Women dated February 1985
Folder 12 Committee on Nominations – (1985-1986)
Folder 13 Committee on Nominations – (1986-1987)
Folder 14 Nominating Committee – (1987-1988)
Folder 15 Nominating Committee – (1988-1989)
Folder 16 Nominating Committee – (1989-1990)
Folder 17 Nominating Committee – (1990-1991)
Folder 18 Nominating Committee – (1991-1992)
Folder 19 BSSB Trustee Dinner dated August 1990
Folder 20 Minutes – (August 1990) – Financial Reports for 1989, Comments on Financial Statements for 9 months ended June 1990, Audit Committee, Business & Finance Committee, Church Programs & Services, General Publishing Committee, General Administration Committee, BSSB 1989-1990 Semiannual Report, BSSB Proposed Budget 1990-1991, Revenue & Expense Statement for 9 months ended June 1990, Update Report on BSSB Centennial Observance Plans, Articles, Proposed Agendas, Reports
Folder 21 Critical Issues – Elder – (1990) – Sons & Daughters of the SBC, Issue of Black Church Development (speaks about Nelson Mandela), Correspondence, Articles
Folder 22 BWA Youth Representative – Correspondence dated 1990
Folder 23 Trustee Meeting Follow-Up – (August 1990) – Correspondence
Folder 24 Centennial Celebration – Van Ness Auditorium – (August 1990)
Folder 25 Letters/Inquiries – (1990) – Mailing List – “Dear Former Employee of BSSB” – Directory of BSSB Retirees dated May 1989
Folder 26 BSU Student Mailing – Correspondence, Articles, Who’s Where Directory dated 1988, Mission 1990 (Students Touching the World) held in Fort Worth, Texas dated December 1989, Student Ministry Information dated 1989
Folder 27 Church Programs & Services (CPS) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Elder – (1990) – Correspondence, Minutes, Reports, Agenda, VBS Improvements
Folder 28 Marketing & Distribution (M&D) Committee – Trustee Meeting – Report to the Business & Finance Committee from the Office of Marketing and Distribution Committee dated February 1990, Agenda, Correspondence dated 1989 & 1990
Folder 29 Audit Committee – Elder – Report, Minutes, Correspondence
Folder 30 Transcript Excerpts – Trustee Meeting – (August 1990)
Folder 31 General Publishing (GP) Committee – Trustee Meeting – (August 1990)
Folder 32 Business & Finance (B&F) Committee – Trustee Meeting – (August 1990)
Folder 33 Trustee Preparation – (August 1990) – Byrd – Correspondence, Announcements, Menus, Seating arrangements, Place cards list, Travel Recommendation for Trustees (reimbursement policy) and Travel information , Mailing list, Activities sheet for the Trustee wives, Response card, Instruction sheet, Booking information for the Park Plaza International Hotel (Nashville, TN), Proposed Agenda
Folder 34 Trustee Meeting – (February 1991) – Elder – Correspondence, Proposed Agenda, Outline of Events, Bill Anderson Comments at Special Chapel dated January 1991, List of Trustees Rotating off in June, BSSB Trustees (pictures, addresses, phone numbers, and their position titles) 1990-1991

Box 28
3 Reviews, Issues (etc.)

Folder 1 Paul Pressler Letter & Documentation – (Issues about the Bible and inerrancy) – Articles (1985), Correspondence (1985), 1 issue of Facts & Trends dated May 1985, Broadman Publishing Committee dated February 1986, Dr. Adrian Rogers television sermon about the book The Death of Christ by Dr. Fisher Humphreys (letters from Johnnie Godwin, Earl C. Davis about Rogers’ sermon) dated 1985, Photocopied pages from the book The Death of Christ
Folder 2 Confidential Correspondence – Elder – (1990-1991)
Folder 3 SBC Building - $400,000 – (1989) – Correspondence, Articles, Issues about the $400,000 Gift to the SBC Cooperative Program for the SBC Building Debt
Folder 4 Salary Administration/Hay – General Administration Committee about recommendation of BSSB Salary Administration Plan dated February 1990, Performance Appraisal Rating Guidelines (1989-1990), Report from Hay Group for the BSSB Salary Administration Review dated December 1989, Dr. Lloyd Elder’s Annual Salary Housing, Computer print-out of Trustee elected positions (AMG Pay Grades), Agenda/Minutes, Correspondence
Folder 5 Abortion–Sanctity of Human Life – Correspondence, Articles
Folder 6 Dr. Lloyd Elder’s final days as President of the BSSB (August 1991) – Correspondence (1991-1992), Articles, Speeches, Resolution of Appreciation for Dr. Lloyd Elder dated March 1992
Folder 7 Flextime – Dr. Lloyd Elder’s approval of the implementation of Flextime (December 1986), “Flextime: a Position Paper” dated September 15, 1986,
Correspondence (1987), Article on Flextime in the Daily News (Office of Communication/BSSB) dated January 6th, 1987
Folder 8 News Clippings – (1984-1991) – The Circle dated March 1985, Facts & Trends dated March 1985
Folder 9 SBC-Key Leadership Churches Pastoral Letter – Statistical Analysis of SBC Key Leadership Churches’ Records for 1984, A Time for Servant Leadership a Personal Plea by Lloyd Elder, Responses to Pastoral Letter, 1984-1985 BSSB Trustees (pictures, position title, address/phone number), 1985 Baptist State Conventions, Correspondence, Articles, Computer print-outs
Folder 10 1989-1990 Budgeting – BSSB Budget Analysis for the Office of Publishing and Developing (OPD) dated May 24th,1989, BSSB Statement of Income and Expenditures Multiyear (1989-1990) Budget dated May 30th, 1989, Correspondence dated 1989
Folder 11 Breakthrough Growth in the Churches – (1987) – Photographs (dated May 18th, 1987) of the 6 members of the Executive Officers Team who work with President Lloyd Elder which appeared in the “Breakthrough Growth in the Churches” booklet: (1) Jim Clark (senior editor vice-president for OPD at BSSB), (2) Jim Edwards (vice-president for CPS at BSSB), (3) Lloyd Householder (assistant vice-president for Communication at BSSB), (4) Jim Williams (executive vice-president of the BSSB), (5) Gary Cook (vice-president for CPO at BSSB) and (6) E.V. King (vice- president for Business & Finance at BSSB), Breakthrough Growth in the Churches booklet, Articles, Correspondence
Folder 12 Budget Management – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Charts, Budget Reports, Financial Ratios
Folder 13 BSSB Financial Structure – (Speaking Notes) – 2 Articles, Correspondence, “Doing Good in the Family” by Dr. Lloyd Elder, Budget Statements & Charts
Folder 14 State of the Board Report – Elder – (To full board)
Folder 15 Facts & Trends – Trustee Report – Correspondence dated 1987
Folder 16 Christmas Gift – Conference Centers – Book Stores from Dr. Elder – Christmas Greeting letters from Dr. Lloyd and Sue Elder dated 1984-1987, Listing of Regional Book Store Mangers (addresses and phone numbers)
Folder 17 Executive Staff (Current) – Correspondence dated 1990-1991, Meeting Minutes dated 1985-1986 & 1991, BSSB Operational Planning Guidelines 1991-1992, BSSB Chapel Schedule dated 1991, BSSB Executive Staff Calendar dated 1991-1995, Financial Statistics and Volume Sales
Folder 18 Executive Staff Retreat – (October 25th-28th, 1990) – Correspondence dated 1990, Retreat Minutes dated 1988 & 1990
Folder 19 Report to Executive Committee – Elder – President’s Report BSSB Trustee Executive Committee dated September 1985 & 1986, Transcription of Executive Committee Meeting dated 1986, Handwritten President’s Report Committee Notes dated 1985-1988, Typed dialogue with Elder and Trustee Executive Committee dated October 23rd, 1986, Correspondence
Folder 20 Executive Officers Meeting Minutes dated October 1988-August 1989, Executive Staff Minutes dated November 1988-June 1990
Folder 21 Peace Committee – Correspondence dated 1990-1991, 2 articles dated 1986, SBC Enquirer dated 1987
Folder 22 Business Plan (New Broadman Readers Plan) Christian Living Book Club written by Mark King (contributors: Steve Bond & Thelma Helm) dated January 1991, Tactical Marketing Plan for The New American Commentary for October 1990-September 1991, Accounts Receivable Recommendation from ICF dated September-October 1990, Correspondence (Jimmy Edwards, vice-president of Marketing & Distribution at BSSB) dated February 1991, March 1991 & May 1991
Folder 23 Woman’s Missionary Union correspondence dated 1988-1989, Marketing & Distribution (Minutes, Sunday School Curriculum, Correspondence, Operating Report, Distribution Study/Improvement Project Plan, Correspondence with Jimmy Edwards VP of M&D) dated 1983 & 1989-1991, Correspondence and Proposal Agreement for Baptist Spanish Publishing House for 1991-1993, BSSB Meeting Minutes dated February 1991
Folder 24 BSSB Minutes of the Executive Committee dated April 1990, E.V. King (VP of Business & Finance) Correspondence dated April-December 1989
Folder 25 Elder – Miscellaneous – (1991) – Correspondence (1989 & 1991), Articles, Program of President’s Luncheon dated December 1986, Beginning dated October-December 1986, Dr. Lloyd Elder’s Employment Requisition /Change of Status dated August 1991, BSSB Chapel dated August 1991, Dr. Sullivan address from the President’s Report BSSB Trustees’ Meeting dated August 5, 1986, “Normal/Routine” Correspondence & Telephone Calls (President’s Office) dated October 26th, 1989 edited November 13th, 1989

Box 29
3 Reviews Purged

Folder 1 Christmas Fellowships/Chapel – (1988) – Program, Banquet/Catering Request, Floor plans for setting, stage and room decorating, Thank You to Joyce Byrd from Lloyd Householder dated December 1988, Correspondence (1988-1989), Hanging of the Green dated December 13th & 14th, 1988, 2 Readings by James Williams and Ann Keller, BSSB Christmas Committee Minutes & Agenda dated November 1988, Invitation samples, Christmas Steering Committee Meeting Minutes dated January & September-November 1988, 2 Daily News dated November & December 1988
Folder 2 Christmas Fellowships/Chapel – (1987) – BSSB Christmas Committee Minutes/Agenda dated November-December 1987, Correspondence, Outline of Christmas Program dated December 15th, 1987, Christmas Greetings from Dr. Lloyd & Sue Elder dated 1986, Letter to David McGee from Dr. Lloyd Elder dated November 1986
Folder 3 Christmas Luncheons – (1983) – Invitations (December 12th-14th, 1983), Assigned tasks for luncheon, Proposed menu, Floor plan & cost list, Count of attendees, Invitations for 1984 Christmas luncheons (December 10th-12th, 1984), Information on the BSSB Christmas Luncheons of 1980 & 1981
Folder 4 Richard H. Kay – (1983-1984) – BSSB Director of the Office of Planning since March 1980
Folder 5 Executive Assistant Study – Elder – Management/Professional Grade Salary Scale dated October 1990, Administrative Assistant Proposed Ratings dated July 1990, Pay scale for Joyce Byrd, Survey form for Salary Grades dated January 1990, Joyce Byrd job description dated September 1990, Hay Management Consultants Guide Chart dated April 1987, BSSB Organization Chart Executive Board Staff (Baptist General Convention of Texas) dated January 1987, 1 newspaper article entitled “Staff Evaluations Form Basis for Compensation Process” printed in the Baptist Courier dated October 26th, 1989
Folder 6 William S. Graham – BSSB Director of the Book Store Since 1974
Folder 7 SBC Annual Meeting – New Orleans, LA – (June 12th-14th, 1990)
Folder 8 Howard B. Foshee – BSSB Director of the Christian Development since February 1977
Folder 9 E. Dessel Aderholt – BSSB Director of the Broadman Division since 1977
Folder 10 E. DeVaughn Woods – BSSB Vice-President for Finance since August 1975
Folder 11 David P. Turner – BSSB Director of the Management Services since 1981
Folder 12 Robert M. Turner – BSSB Director of the Conference Centers in Ridgecrest (North Carolina) and Glorieta (New Mexico)
Folder 13 Dr. Lloyd Elder’s article in Facts & Trends dated October 1989
Folder 14 SBC Briefing – (1984-1988, 1990-1991)
Folder 15 Financial Analysis – Elder – (1986-1987)
Folder 16 Bold Mission Thrust – Articles, Correspondence, Project plans
Folder 17 Jim Clark
Folder 18 BSSB Affirmative Action Program
Folder 19 Retirement Trust Fund – Investment Policy
Folder 20 Insurance – Car – (1983)
Folder 21 BSSB – Coopers & Lybrand Proposal – 1986
Folder 22 VIEWpoll – August 1990 & February 1991
Folder 23 Daniel Vestal – SBC President Nominee
Folder 24 BSSB Program Statement Study
Folder 25 Letter Drafts on Hold – (1990) – Dr. Jerry Vines (Pastor of 1st Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida), Mr. Barry McCarty (President of the Cincinnati Bible College)
Folder 26 Centrifuge Offerings – Conference Center
Folder 27 Retirees Salary Study – (1986-1987)
Folder 28 Miscellaneous Correspondence (1983-1984), BSSB curriculum and mailing list, BSSB Trustee Meeting (August 16th-17th, 1983), BSSB Professional & Management Salary (1983-1984), BSSB Year-end Allocation of Funds dated October 25th, 1984
Folder 29 Pending – Correspondence (1987-1988)
Folder 30 International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy)
Folder 31 To File – Correspondence (1990-1991), Articles (1990)
Folder 32 Pending – Correspondence (1985-1987, 1989 & 1991), Phone messages, BSSB Trustees mailing list (1991-1992), The Baptist Program dated August 1991, The Circle dated February 1987, Trustee Executive Committee meeting notes, BSSB Bylaw Study Report dated August 1987, BSSB Bylaws dated August 1985, Baptist Press articles dated July 1987
Folder 33 Executive Staff – Correspondence (1990-1991), Minutes (1990-1991)
Folder 34 BSSB (1985-1986) Semi-Annual Report to the Trustees dated August 1986, Correspondence
Folder 35 Program Statements – BSSB Program Statements Revisions dated February 1985, Correspondence
Folder 36 SBC Book of Reports (Las Vegas, Nevada) pp.106-123 dated June 13th-15th, 1989, The Baptist Press articles dated July 3rd & 5th, 1991, BSSB Administrative Management Group (Trustee-Elected positions), Time for a Change written by Dr. Lloyd Elder, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Meeting: Report (Atlanta, Georgia) dated May 9th-11th (no year given), Article in The Baptist Program about BSSB annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia dated August 1991, Articles in the Northwest Baptist Witness about Dr. Lloyd Elder accepts teaching position at Belmont Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee dated June 25th, 1991, BSSB Chapel Service Outlines dated June 1987, June 1988 & September 1988, Executive Officers Meeting Minutes dated September 1989, Performance Appraisal Guidelines/Performance Reviews & Provisions for Salary Increases dated September 1989, Correspondence with E.V. King (VP of Business & Finance) about Security Measures dated March 1990
Folder 37 Lloyd Elder – Correspondence, Church programs, Thank you notes, Letter of recommendation, Curriculum information, Voting information
Folder 38 Correspondence, Articles, Chapel Service outline dated June 1991, Information on nominating committee dated August 1990, Religion and Television a research report by George Gerbner, Larry Gross, Stewart Hoover, Michael Morgan & Nancy Signorielli dated April 1984, Facts & Trends article written by Dr. Lloyd Elder dated October 1989

Box 30
State Executives, etc.

Folder 1 Trustee Special Selection Committee for VP OPD – (1989)
Folder 2 Special Selection Committee – (1986)
Folder 3 General Administration Workgroup – Elder – (1987-1988)
Folder 4 Presidential Search Committee – (1991)
Folder 5 Space Study – (1985)
Folder 6 Trustee Space Committee – (1985-1986)
Folder 7 Trustee Space Committee – (1986-1987)
Folder 8 Trustee Space Committee – (1987-1988)
Folder 9 Special Selection Committee – (1986-1987)
Folder 10 Special Selection Committee – (1988-1989) – Letter dated January 9th, 1990
Folder 11 Special Selection Committee – Personnel Recommendations
Folder 12 Special Selection Committee – (1986) – BSSB Organization Planning
Folder 13 Curriculum Writing Workgroup
Folder 14 Personnel Committee – (August 7th, 1984)
Folder 15 Personnel Committee – (January 31st, 1984)
Folder 16 Trustee Special Study Committee – (September 27th, 1984)
Folder 17 Trustee Space Committee – (1987-1988) – Articles, BSSB Nashville Properties Master Plan dated April 1988
Folder 18 Marketing Study Chase Research – (1987)
Folder 19 Organization Structure
Folder 20 Report and Working Design – (June 1989)
Folder 21 Preliminary Report
Folder 22 Trustee Space Committee – (1985-1986)
Folder 23 BSSB Building Study
Folder 24 Andy Dodson – Resume
Folder 25 Russell Hairston – Resume
Folder 26 Robert Turner – Resume
Folder 27 Johnnie Goodwin – Resume
Folder 28 Jimmy Edwards – Resume
Folder 29 Current Executive Staff
Folder 30 Management Group–D
Folder 31 Structure Components–D
Folder 32 Structure Charts (A–B–C–D)
Folder 33 Corporate Distribution System
Folder 34 Consultant Review – (1989)
Folder 35 Distribution Study – (1989)
Folder 36 Marketing/Ministry Study – (July 1987)
Folder 37 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – November 30th–December 1st, 1989 – State Executive Directors’ Dinner (Agenda) dated June 11th, 1984)
Folder 38 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – November 29th -30th, 1990

Box 31
SBC Agency, etc.

Folder 1 Working Drafts/Bkup. Information – (1988-1989) – Information on OPG
Folder 2 Working Drafts/Bkup. Information – (1989-1990) – Information on OPG
Folder 3 Working Drafts/Bkup. Information – (1987-1988) – Information on OPG
Folder 4 Inter-Agency Council Meeting Minutes – (1990-1991)
Folder 5 Inter-Agency Council Meeting Minutes – (1989-1990)
Folder 6 BSSB Organization Planning Study Report and Recommendations dated February 1987
Folder 7 Inter-Agency Council
Folder 8 Inter-Agency Council
Folder 9 Inter-Agency Council Research
Folder 10 Inter-Agency Council Correspondence
Folder 11 Inter-Agency Council Correspondence – (1990-1991)
Folder 12 Inter-Agency Council Correspondence – (1989-1990)
Folder 13 Inter-Agency Council – Nashville Group
Folder 14 Inter-Agency Council Coordinating Committee Mts./Reports – (1989-1990)
Folder 15 Inter-Agency Council Coordinating Committee Mts./Reports – (1990-1991)
Folder 16 Inter-Agency Council – (1986-1988)
Folder 17 Blueprints, Distribution & Review
Folder 18 Blueprints – Writing – (1987-1988)
Folder 19 Blueprints – Marketing – (1983-1984)
Folder 20 Book – Decision Making
Folder 21 Dr. Elder – Manuscripts – (1983-1984) – “Moving on in your Ministry”
Folder 22 Article for Adult Leadership (“Make a Commitment to Growth”) due on October 1st, 1983
Folder 23 Executive Staff – (1988-1989)
Folder 24 Blueprints – Writing – Correspondence, Photograph of John Simmons (Southern Tier Association N.Y.) with 10 months old grandson (Jonathan Edward Trail)
Folder 25 Executive Officers Team – (1988-1989) – BSSB “Aging of America Task Force” Report dated July 1989
Folder 26 Book Store Division – (1988-1989)
Folder 27 Office of Publishing & Distribution – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Articles, **Letter from the Rev. Billy Graham to Mr. Johnnie Godwin (Director of Holman Bible Publishers) dated September 6th, 1989
Folder 28 Office of Church Program Organizations – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Articles, Bulletins, Brochures, BSSB Division CCDA Financial Impact Report dated September 1st, 1988
Folder 29 Church Services Division – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Article, Pamphlets/Schedules
Folder 30 Office of Church Programs & Services – (1988-1989) – Correspondence
Folder 31 Office of Business & Finance – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Phone messages
Folder 32 BSSB Semiannual Report to Trustees – (1988-1989)
Folder 33 Board Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – (1988-1989) – Correspondence, Reports
Folder 34 Baptist World Alliance (Structure/Committee Report) – (1988-1989)

Box 32
BSSB Old Files Review/Purge

Folder 1 General Administration Committee
Folder 2 General Administration Committee – (February 1991)
Folder 3 BSSB Minutes dated February 1991 and June 1991
Folder 4 President’s Evaluation – Byrd – (December 1990) – (February 1991)
Folder 5 Trustee Meeting – Minutes – (February 1991) – Correspondence
Folder 6 First Class Mail (letters & reports)
Folder 7 BSSB Trustee Elected Positions (AMG Pay Grades), Information on President’s salary and housing costs, Correspondence, President’s Performance Appraisal
Folder 8 Trustee Executive Committee – Byrd
Folder 9 BSSB Nashville Birthdays (January 1991-July 1991), Daily News dated June 15th, 1990, Listing of SBC Agency Executives, Correspondence dated April-July 1991
Folder 10 Special Board Meeting – (July 18th-19th, 1991) – Inaugural Ceremonies Program for James T. Draper, Jr. the 8th BSSB President dated August 20th, 1991, Articles
Folder 11 President’s Performance Appraisal – Don Mathis
Folder 12 President’s Evaluation – Procedure – Byrd
Folder 13 President’s Performance Appraisal – (August 1989)
Folder 14 President’s Performance Evaluation Documents – Revision – Trustee Workgroup
Folder 15 President’s Performance Workgroup
Folder 16 GA (General Administrative) Trustee Meeting
Folder 17 President’s Performance Workgroup – Byrd
Folder 18 President’s Performance Workgroup – Byrd
Folder 19 President’s Evaluation – Elder
Folder 20 President’s Job Description & Goals
Folder 21 Officers/Attorney – (October 26th, 1989) – “Moving Your Church Through Conflict” by Speed B. Leas (Alban Institute)
Folder 22 Special GAC Meeting – (January 1991)
Folder 23 Leadership/Communication Plan – Agenda Marketing Division Staff (September 1990), Phone messages, Agenda OMD Staff Meeting (July 1990), Correspondence
Folder 24 Goals – Curriculum – Elder – President’s Work plan (1990-1991) – Executive Committee (Budget & Financial Data), BSSB Marketing Plan Literature Improvements
Folder 25 President’s Performance Workgroup – 1989-1990, BSSB Salary Administration Review dated December 1989
Folder 26 Special Board Meeting – January 1991
Folder 27 Work Outside Board or Job Description dated November 15th, 1989, Travel (BSSB Policy) dated September 1988 & June 1990, Termination of Employment of Nashville & Conference Center Personnel (BSSB Standard Procedure) dated February 15th, 1991, Correspondence, Articles, Affidavit of Joyce M. Byrd dated March 15th, 1991, Articles concerning dispute between Dr. Lloyd Elder and BSSB (1991), GAC (Report & Recommendation Concerning the President) dated February 1991

Box 33
Curriculum Study, etc.

Folder 1 Labor Union Activity
Folder 2 Labor Union Campaign
Folder 3 Peace Committee – Subcommittee Visit – Glorieta Statement
Folder 4 Spiritual Emphasis Days – (April 1990)
Folder 5 Baptist Hymnal (New)
Folder 6 Curriculum Study
Folder 7 Reorganization Implementation/Communication
Folder 8 BSSB Reorganization – (1987)
Folder 9 State Executive Directors’ Association (San Diego, CA) – (February 1989) – Correspondence (1988-1989), Agendas (1985-1988), Study Group for 1990-1995 Bold Mission Thrust dated November 30th, 1988, Bold Mission Thrust 1985-1990 dated June 19th, 1986, Schedules, Financial Update 1987-1988, BSSB Curriculum Comparison
Folder 10 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – (December 1985)
Folder 11 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – (December 1984)
Folder 12 Executive Directors’ December Meeting – 1983
Folder 13 State Executive Directors’ – (December 1988)
Folder 14 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – (December 1987)
Folder 15 State Executive Directors’ Meeting – (December 1986)
Folder 16 Correspondence (1986), Facts & Trend dated September 1986 (Dr. Lloyd Elder’s article on pp. 2-3)
Folder 17 State Executive – SBC Dinner – 1990 (Samples)
Folder 18 State Conventions – (1986-1990) – Reports/Charts, Correspondence, Agendas, 1 article published in Baptist Courier dated July 4th, 1991, BSSB Trustees for 1990-1991
Folder 19 (1983-1986) – Correspondence, Notes, Articles, Photocopies of 2 checks
for the Home Bible Study Program from the estate trust fund of Robert H.
Dickson dated June 1984, Church Training dated June 1984 (p. 20)

Box 34
Facts & Trends, The Circle, Portrait Brochures

Folder 1 “What Must Happen Before Peace Can Come to the SBC?” A personal statement by Dr. Lloyd Elder dated October 1986, 2 portrait brochures of Dr. Lloyd Elder, Minutes of the BSSB Trustees Meeting dated February 4th-6th, 1991, ViewPoll May & October 1986,
Folder 2 March 1983 – Facts & Trends, The Circle
Folder 3 Facts & Trends dated December 1983, January 1984, February 1984, March 1984
Folder 4 Facts & Trends – (1984-1985)
Folder 5 The Circle – (1984-1985)
Folder 6 Facts & Trends – (1985-1986)
Folder 7 The Circle – (1985-1986)
Folder 8 Facts & Trends – (1986-1987)
Folder 9 The Circle – (1986-1987)
Folder 10 Facts & Trends – (1987-1988)
Folder 11 The Circle – (1987-1988)
Folder 12 Facts & Trends – (1988-1989) – The President’s Report to the Southern Baptists dated February 1989, BSSB Report to the 1989 SBC
Folder 13 The Circle – (1988-1989)
Folder 14 Facts & Trends – (1989-1990) – The President’s Report to the Southern Baptists dated June 1990, BSSB Report to the 1990 SBC
Folder 15 The Circle – (1989-1990)
Folder 16 Facts & Trends – (1990-1991) – BSSB Centennial Tower Dedication Ceremonies dated February 5th, 1991
Folder 17 The Circle – (1991)
Folder 18 Transparencies

Box 35

Folder 1 Set of Transparencies – Records of Baptisms 1950-1989, Church membership 1950-1989, Change in number of Churches 1960-1988, Cooperative Program as a percent of total gifts 1960-1989, Resident & non-resident membership change 1980-1989, Net increase in number of lost & resident members 1980-1990
Folder 2 Photograph of Dr. Lloyd Elder sitting at his desk.
Folder 3 Set of Transparencies – CP Reports 1975-1989
Folder 4 Set of Transparencies – SBC Resident Members (1982, 1985, & 1989)
Folder 5 Set of Transparencies – SBC Key Leadership Churches (Analysis & Conclusions) 1984
Folder 6 Set of Transparencies – Financial Review/Update (April 1990)
Folder 7 Financial Operations 6-months ended March 31st, 1991 (Fiscal year 1990-1991)
Folder 8 Set of Transparencies – Budget year (1990-1991)
Folder 9 Set of Transparencies – (no date) – BSSB Committed to Service, The Effect of Mission Starting, Projections/Phases/Options, Projections for Denominational Growth
Folder 10 Report for Trustee Space Committee and Trustees Minutes from December 2nd, 1986, Key Leadership Churches (article, reports, statistical analysis & correspondence), Annual Session for Southern Baptist Research Fellowship dated June 7th, 1986
Folder 11 Copy of McBeth manuscript as it existed in November 1989 & as it appeared in June 1990 (chapters 12-15, the Cothen & Elder chapters), Correspondence
& notes concerning editing actions, instructions & understandings between the BSSB & McBeth between November 1989 & July 1990, Correspondence & statement between President Dr. Lloyd Elder and any seminary faculty member or representative, Notes prior to July 1990 concerning editorial changes
Folder 12 Articles pulled from different periodicals with varying subjects dated March-April 1985, Mrs. Lloyd Elder’s article I Believe in Miracles dated August 28th, 1973
Folder 13 5 issues of Experience the World (a publication of the BSSB), Catalogue for the Baptist Hymnal, 1 issue of Growing Churches dated January-March 1991, Business Plan Content & Reporting dated December 4th, 1990, BSSB Glorieta Trustee Action (August 7th, 1989) the President’s Commitment & Response dated August 31st, 1989, President’s Workplan prepared by Lloyd Elder (1989-1990), GAC Meeting President’s Performance Presentation Work Goals for 1989-1990, Information on the New American Commentary (Romans), BSSB Church Growth Strategy, Managing the Centennial Manuscript (a report from the President) to the GAC dated January 4th, 1991, Agenda for New Trustee Orientation dated June 21st-22nd, 1990, Proposed Agendas dated February 1990 & August 1990, 1989-1990 SBC Return Churches, Financial Business Plan, BSSB Strategic Program Plan (1995-2000), BSSB Planning Status Summary for 1990, Recommendation BSSB Salary Administration Plan dated February 1990, Preliminary Business Plan Report to the President for Genevox Music Group (OPD) & CIS/Church Supplies Department (OGP) & Video/Audiovisuals Department (OGP) dated December 31st, 1990
Folder 14 Copies of Awards/Certificates
Folder 15 Legal Papers/Documents