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This page will offer you a brief overview of the materials within the Special Collection Department. It is not an exhaustive description but rather a brief outline of the collection housed within the department. For a more specific search, please see the Library Catalog, the Alabama Baptist Index., or the Information Index located within the department.

Samford University and Howard College

The Special Collection department serves as the archive for the university.

Official Publications of the university
Howard College Catalogues beginning with 1845
Matriculation Schedule
Entre Nous beginning in 1909
Doctorate of Ministry Projects
Education Dissertations

Alabama Collection

The Alabama Collection of published materials includes:

Alabama genealogical source materials
Biographies of Alabamians
State, county, town, community, and area histories
Histories of institutions, groups, and movements
Histories of Alabama churches (various denominations)

Baptist Collection

Recognized as the world's most complete resource on Alabama Baptists.
Original church and association records
Histories of Baptist organizations, agencies, and institutions
Histories of Baptist Associations in Alabama
History of Alabama Baptist churches
Printed minutes of the Baptist state convention, agencies, and institutions
Printed minutes of the Southern Baptist Convention
Biographical information of individual Alabama Baptist biographies

Irish Collection

Dr. Albert E. Casey favored the Special Collection with his fine historical collection of materials on Southern Ireland, focusing on counties Cork and Kerry. An annotated bibliography of the collection is available online as well as within the department.

Census Records

Alabama census records:
Population schedules: 1820 - 1880; 1900 - 1920
State census: 1855, 1866
Industrial census: 1850, 1860
Social census: 1860
Census records for southeastern states, 1850
Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

Periodicals, Historical & Genealogical

Most historical and genealogical periodicals published in Alabama are available. To see a list of the titles housed in the Special Collection Department you may check the Special Collection Periodical List.

Newspapers/Periodicals, Religious

The following is a partial list consisting of Baptist newspapers/periodicals published in the Southeastern states unless otherwise noted.
Alabama Baptist and variant titles, 1843 to date.

Alabama Christian Advocate (Methodist); 1881 - 1960 (MFP 2.5)
Baptist Courier (South Carolina), 1869 - 1900 (MFP 3.19
Baptist and Reflector (Tennessee), 1889 - 1920 (MFP 3.3)
Baptist Standard (Texas), 1892 - 1940 (MFP 3.25)
Biblical Recorder (North Carolina), 1834 - 1940 (MFP 3.2)
Christian Index (Georgia), 1822 - 1940 (MFP 3.5)
Florida Baptist Witness, 1885 - 1940 (MFP 3.24)
Religious Herald (Virginia), 1828 - date (MFP 3.4)
Tennessee Baptist, 1835 - 1839; 1844 - 1888 (MFP 3.8)
Western Recorder, 1835 - 1862; 1865 - 1940 (MFP 3.1)

Alabama Newspapers

Over 400 titles of Alabama newspapers. These newspapers are included in the Library Catalog

Map Collection

The map collection includes over 3,000 maps. An annotated bibliography of the collection is available in the department.

Manuscript Collections

The manuscript collections include family files, diaries, and biographical information on Alabama Baptist pastors and laity; and county, state, and local materials. The following is a list of selected items. It is not comprehensive.

Alabama - Pardon Petitions and Amnesty Papers
Petitions, affidavits, and correspondence of those Alabamians seeking amnesty offered by President Johnson following the Civil War. Index for entire series, Special Collection houses only Alabama section. (MFS 809)

Alabama - Internal Revenue Assessment Lists
Lists of those assessed for property, goods, etc. 1865 - 1866 (MFS536)

Alabama - County Records (microfilmed; Partial Listing)
Bibb County (MFS 573)
Blount County (MFS 572
Choctaw County (MFS 572, 576)
Conecuh County (MFS 572, 575)
Coosa County (MFS 587)
Jefferson County (MFS 605 - 6 reels)
Monroe County (MFS 578)
Talladega County (MFS 590)
Wilcox County (MFS 580 - 9 reels)

Alabama - Mortality Schedules
List of all people who died during the year prior to June 1 of the census year: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 (MFS 841). ; Published copy for 1850 and 1860 (shelved with census index)

Alabama - Freedman's Bureau Papers
Correspondence, reports, etc. of those in charge of and working with the Freedman's Bureau, 1865 - 1870. (MFS 809)

American Home Missionary Society Papers, 1816 - 1936
Correspondence, reports, etc. of the teachers and missionaries to the Board. 385 reels (MFS 727). ; Printed Index CD 3065.C6 H6 1975x

American Sunday School Union Papers, 1816 - 1936
Correspondence, reports, etc. of those establishing Sunday Schools; data from the schools. (MFS 795) ; Printed index BV 1503.A75 S64 1980

American Papers of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1701 - 1711
Correspondence, reports, etc. from missionaries sent by the Church of England to the American Colonies. ; Materials arranged by colony. (MFS 828)

Bledsoe- Kelly Collection
Collection of correspondence, family charts, abstracted family and county materials collected and compiled by Maud McLure Kelly. (SC 829 & SC 2739)

Draper Manuscripts
Collection of correspondence, affidavits, reports of service of the Revolutionary War veterans compiled by Lyman C. Draper. ; Available: King's Mountain and Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina series. (MFS 603)

McCubbins Collection
Collection of materials - family data, county sources, etc. of North Carolina. 72 reels; index on 3 reels. ; Materials arranged alphabetically. (MFS 382)

North Carolina Marriage Bonds
North Carolina marriage bonds (1741 - 1868) were statements of intent for couples who planned to wed. (MHB 7) ; Printed guide F 253.J3 1977x

Panton, Leslie and CO. Papers
Materials collected by Panton, Leslie and Co. Subjects: Indians of North America, Southern States, and Trading Posts. (MFS 881) ; Printed guide E 78.S65 P36 1986x

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