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Irish Bibliography

Albert E. Casey Collection and Other Irish Materials

An Annotated Bibliography
Compiled by
Georgia V. Fleming-Haigh

Samford University Library
Research Series
Paper No. 3
Birmingham, Alabama 1976

Table of Contents

Preface and Editor's Note
Agriculture, Land Management, Etc.(nos. 1-3)
Archaeology and Antiquities (nos. 4-24)
Architecture (nos. 25-26)
Art and Artists (nos. 27-30)
Bibliography (nos. 31-42)
Biography (nos. 43-60)
Census and Land Surveys (nos. 61-72)
Civilization and Culture (nos. 73-79)
Commerce, Trade and Industry (nos. 80-81)
Description and Travel (nos. 82-107)
Guide Books
Travel Accounts; Early Works thru 20th Century top
Economic Conditions and Policy (nos. 108-119)
Education (nos. 120-121)
Emigration and Immigration (nos. 122-124)
Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Antiquities (nos. 125 - 138)
Genealogy (nos. 139 - 185)
Methods and Sources in Ireland
Irish Names (Surnames and Place-names)
Heraldry and Heraldic Dictionaries
Irish Source Materials
Genealogical Periodicals
Family History
Geography, Topography, and Atlases (nos. 186 - 200)
Topical (nos. 201-304)
  • Historiography
  • Annals
  • General
  • Local
  • Military
  • Monarchial
  • Parliamentary and Constitutional
  • Sources
  • Related Non-Irish Works
Chronological (nos. 305-355)
  • Pre-history
  • To 1172
  • 1172-1603
  • 17th century
  • 18th century
  • 19th century
  • 20th century
Irish Abroad (nos. 356-370) top
Journals and Periodicals (nos. 371-377)
Language (nos. 378-388)
Law (nos. 389-396)
Manuscripts (nos. 397-437)
Genealogical and Topographical
Personal and Family
Medicine (nos. 438-442)
Memoir, Diaries, Reminiscences (nos. 443-450)
Music and Musicians (nos. 451-457)
Political Theory (nos. 458-462)
Politics and Government (nos. 468-477)
Publishing and Printing (nos. 478-479)
Religion (nos. 480-530)
Bibles and Bible Commentaries
Church History
Church Governance, Documents, Etc.
Church Records
Hagiography (lives of Saints)
Science (nos. 531-532)top
Social Life and Customs (nos. 533-538)
Transportation (no. 539)