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Special Collection Research Policy and Form


The Special Collection department serves the Samford University and Alabama Baptist community. However, the collection is open to the public and all researchers are welcome to use the materials.

Patrons who come into the collection are our priority.

If you are unable to visit the collection, the staff of the Special Collection department will perform a limited amount of research for you. Please, realize that while genealogical requests are welcome, we are not adequately staffed to perform detailed research on family lines. Therefore, the research request may require several weeks to be filled.

Photocopy Requests

The fee for each Photocopy Request starts at $5.00

A Photocopy request requires complete and accurate citation information. The $5.00 fee will cover up to five photocopies, the postage, and handling of the material. Each additional photocopy will be $.25 cents.

If the correct citation is not given, the request will be treated as a research request.

Research Request

The fee for each Research Request starts at $10.00 and is non-refundable

The fee will cover the search for one name and up to 5 photocopies. If more photocopies are required an additional charge of $5.00 will be added. The additional $5.00 will cover up to 25 additional photocopies.

We will search materials unique to our collection including

  • The Alabama Baptist Index
  • The Information Index (The index to our manuscript collections)
  • University Archive Indexes
  • The University Library Catalog

If Microfilmed materials are found which may be of interest to you such as church records, newspapers, or local family and county histories we will note these resources and inform you of their availability via Interlibrary Loan.

Please make checks payable to: Samford University Library

Send to:

Special Collection
Samford University Library
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35229

We ask that all research requests be submitted via the form provided below.
Requests will be filled in the order they are received.

Special Collection Research Request Form

For best results, keep requests narrow and specific. Please allow six to eight weeks to receive a response.

Your Contact Information
       First Name:  
        Last Name:  
   E-Mail Address:  
            State:   Zip: 
Telephone Number:
Photocopy Request
Research Request
 Full name of the person or subject you are researching:
Date of birth, or approximate time period: County: Gender: Parents' Name: Name of spouse:
Was this person a Baptist? Yes No I don't know Please tell us what information you are hoping to find: I agree to pay the research fees that accompany this request.

You must agree to the research fees before pressing the submit button.