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Early Howard College Clubs

They may not have lasted long, but they were fun while they lasted

The Annanias Club

1910 Entre Nous

Motto - Touch not, taste not, handle not - the truth.

Aim - To avoid trouble

Members- "Doc" Burns, "Briars" Johnson, "Kink" Dunlap, "Lanky" Harry, "Windy" Molton

The Five Hungry Devils

1910 Entre Nous

Motto: Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow ye may die.

Drink: "White Top."

Instrument: The Frying Pan.

Whistle: One Long, two shorts.

Members: "Chonny" Watson, "Runt" Burns, "Drayt" Doherty, "Strong" Jackson, "Pat" Sessions

The Paradise Club

1911 Entre Nous

Motto: "If you can't stand the hot grease, get out of the kitchen."

Drink: "Any old thing."

Favorite Song: "The Runaway Train."

Password: I am an officer.

Yell: Os-key-wow-wo, Whis-key-wee-wee. Paradise, Paradise.

Members: "Nifty" Craddock (Chief Cook), "Wiz" Hagood (Bottle Washer), "Big Henry" Walker (Waiter), "Slick" Tisdale (Scullion), "Bob" Riley (Sentinel), "Mushrat" Isbell (Chaplain)

Pompadour Club

1912 Entre Nous

Porcupine Chapter

Yell: Raff! Riff! Raff! Ree! Rah! Roar! Herpicide! Herpicide! Pompadour!

Song: There'll Be No Parting There!

Motto: United We Stand.

Active Members: "Most High Porcupine" Taylor, "High Top-o-lorum" Tisdale, "Reserver of the Model" McPhaul, "Custodian of the Hair-Tonic" Moon.

The Pie Club

1913 Entre Nous

Eaters-- Fullington, Harris, Rowan, Motley, Gilder, Newman

Honorary- Arthur Amenolik Astoron


Howard College Entre Nous

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