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Sherman Bookends

Sherman Bookend

"The library collection of Howard College, now Samford University, began as a gift in 1842 to the year-old college from the Alabama Baptist State Convention. The donation of 324 volumes from the defunct Greensboro Manual Labor Institute initiated the concept of giving books to develop the school's library. President Samuel S. Sherman was personally involved in the collecting by going door-to door in Marion asking the citizens for books. Total number of books in the collection for the academic year numbered about 1,000. (Samford University Library History). "

The bookends were given to Special Collection by Mrs. Edith VanKeuren Hammond, daughter of Edgar VanKeuren. Mr. Edgar VanKeuren was a faithful supporter of the university and an architect for the current campus. It is not known where Mr. VanKeuren purchased the bookends.

Bookplate of Sherman pushing wheelbarrow

In the 1970s, the library designed a bookplate depicting the wheelbarrow bookends.


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