BILT (Bulldog Information Literacy Tutorial)

BILT is an information literacy tutorial designed to help you develop the skills necessary to find information in any format and to evaluate it critically. BILT is your blueprint to becoming a successful information seeker.

In a world full of options- internet, television, print-- it is easy to get overwhelmed, but don't worry, you are about to be BILT!

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To navigate through this tutorial, please use the back and next links at the end of each page. After "back and next" there is a series of links that take you to the contents of the module, the module choice page, a glossary of terms, an input form, and some help pages.

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Original BILT material © 2003 by Samford University Libraries. BILT incorporates material from Searchpath a tutorial developed by the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University, © 2001-2002 and material from TILT, a tutorial developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office for the University of Texas System Digital Library, © 1998-2002. This material may be reproduced, distributed, or incorporated only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the BILT Open Publication License.

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