How to Read a Catalog Record for Books & Media

Catalog records are our friends. They tell us which library, which floor and which shelf an item is located on. They also tell us if the item is checked out or available. Check out the catalog record below to take a closer look.

The Location (shaded in blue) tells you which library and which section of the library this material is located in.

Possible Libraries: Possible SU Lib Locations:
SU Lib (University Library) Circulation
Law Reference
DIC (Pharmacy) S.C. (Special Collection)
Career Development Gov Doc
Education Annex

The Status (shaded in yellow) tells you whether the material is on the shelf (Available) or checked out (the catalog will list the date on which the material is due).

The Call Number (shaded in green) tells you where on the shelf the material is located. This call number, combined with the location information, gives you the exact location of the material.

Possible SU Lib Call Number Locations:
Circulation Call Numbers A, C-G - 1st floor Media - 1st floor (all Call Numbers)
Circulation Call Numbers B - 2nd Floor Reference - 2nd floor (all Call Numbers)
Circulation Call Numbers H-Z - 3rd floor S.C. - Lower level (all Call Numbers)
Annex - Lower Level (all Call Numbers)