Literary Criticism

How do I find Government Documents?

For starters, What are Government Documents (Gov Docs)?

The thousands of publications issued by various branches of the U.S. Government each year on a multitude of topics.   Gov Docs vary widely in terms of format and intended audience.

The Samford University Library has been a selective depository for U. S. government documents since 1884.   In exchange for receiving these documents free of charge, we provide free public access to them.   There are 21 other depositories in Alabama.

We receive about 30% of all publications available through the Federal Depository Library Program, basing our selections on the needs of the Samford community as well as the residents of the 6th Congressional District of Alabama.

Okay, but why would I want any?

Gov Docs can be a valuable resource because they contain current and historical information from authoritative sources (government agencies).   They address a wide range of topics: agriculture, business, children, crime, current events, the environment, foreign affairs, the government, the law, medicine, politics, science, statistics, and more.

Convinced that they're useful?   Now we'll discuss how to find them.