Literary Criticism

How do I find Government Documents?

Many of our documents are located on the 2nd floor of the University Library.   These include print materials, microfiche, CD-ROMs, and maps.   Some older documents are located in the Annex, on the Lower Level.

Shelving (and retrieval) rules:

  • Documents are shelved alphabetically by the first letters, then numerically.
  • Treat numbers on either side of the decimal "point" as WHOLE numbers.
  • After the colon, letters come before numbers: Y 4.W 36:99-6 then Y 4.3:T 22.
  • After the colon, years come before numbers.
  • Nothing comes before something: Y 4.SCI 2:EU 7 then Y 4.SCI 2: EU 7/2
  • Dashes come before slashes: L 2.3-2:96-4 then L2.3/2:B 42.
Most government documents can be checked out.   Some that do not circulate are the Congressional Record and the U.S. Serial Set.   If you have questions please ask at the Government Documents service desk.

What if Samford doesn't have the document I need?

Regional Depositories receive all documents that are available through the Federal Depository Library Program. Alabama has two regional depositories: The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and Auburn University Montgomery.

You may visit these institutions to use the items you need, or we can place an interlibrary loan request for the items to be mailed to the SU library.