Book Reviews

How do I Find Book Reviews?

Book Reviews can be really useful because they not only tell you one person's opinion about the work, but they often let us know about the popular reception of the book at the time of publication as well as alert us to other possible similar titles. Here are some print resources to help you locate book reviews. These resources will be particularly helpful for finding reviews of books that were published before 1980. They are all located behind the Reference Desk on the 2nd Floor.

How it Works:
Book Review Digest Book Review Digest provides short excerpts from book reviews in popular and scholarly periodicals as well as citations to the original book review. The reviews are organized by year of publication and then arranged alphabetically by author of the book being reviewed.
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature covers articles from many popular periodicals such as Time, Newsweek and Life. Book reviews can be found by going to the end of the volume for the year the book was published to the Book Review section and looking the author up by last name.
Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals - 1886-1974 This set of books focuses on scholarly sources for book reviews. Book reviews can be found by looking up the title of book being reviewed in the title volumes or by going straight to the author's name in the author's volume.

Now, let's check out the electronic resources that can help us find book reviews.