Book Reviews

How do I find Book Reviews?

Book Reviews are published in all kinds of popular magazines and scholarly journals. Below are a couple of general databases that cover a wide variety of magazines and journals. Be sure to also look at the specialized database in your field by clicking on the Articles & More link from the Library homepage and then choosing your field from the drop-down subject list, or you can choose one of the databases below from the alphabetical list.

JSTOR is an online archive of many scholarly journals in a variety of social science and humanities fields. The easiest way to search for book reviews in this database is to type the title of the book in quotes into the first search box and then further down the page there is a check box that says reviews. Check this box and click search.

Books in Print with Reviews
Books in Print with Reviews provides online full text reviews for some of the titles it includes. Search for the title of the book being reviewed and look for a star next to the book you are searching for and then click on the title. Once you are in the record for your title, click on the Title Reviews tab. If there is no star next to your title, then the database does not contain reviews for your title.

Academic LexisNexis
Academic LexisNexis contains the full text of many newspapers, including the New York Times. To search for book reviews, click on News button in the top menu on the screen. Choose Book, Movie, Music, Play and Video Reviews from the Sources drop down menu.

If you encounter book reviews that are not full text in any of the print or electronic resources you have just read about and you wish to locate those materials, use the instructions for finding an article to make your search successful.