Plagiarism at Samford University

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty have serious consequences at Samford.

"...for a first offense, the student will be placed on probation, and the professor will receive a recommendation that the student receive an 'FX' in the course. Any student already on probation who is found guilty of dishonesty again automatically will be suspended." 1
As a values violation, academic dishonesty demonstrates that the student is "...not only academically dishonest, but also completely deficient in the scholarly maturity necessary to college study... The more dependence on cheating, the more inevitable becomes ultimate failure, often accompanied by public disgrace. Any act to obtain an unfair academic advantage is considered dishonest." 2.

To read the entire policy on academic dishonesty, refer to your Student Handbook.

Remember, ignorance of this policy or citation style is not an excuse. You are expected to know how to cite and paraphrase materials as well as to know the University's policy on academic dishonesty. Stating that you didn't know that plagiarism was wrong won't keep the consequences from happening.

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2 Samford University Student Handbook, Academic Life, Academic Integrity, Faculty Statement on Academic Dishonesty