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Study rooms are kept locked and are for Samford undergraduate and graduate students only with the exception of Law students. Law students should use study rooms in the Law Library. Keys for study rooms are handled by the Circulation Main Desk. Second floor study rooms are available for group study of two (2) or more students. Lower Level study rooms are available for groups of three (3) or more.

Rules and procedures follow:

  • Study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved.
  • All study rooms may be used for a 2-hour block, per person/group. If there is no one waiting for a study room, an additional 2- hour block may be obtained by renewing the key at the same desk where it was originally checked out.
  • Individuals may not use a group study room. Individual study space is available on 3rd floor and in carrels around the perimeter of the library on 2nd and 3rd floors. Additional group study space may be found on 1st floor and outside the Special Collection department on the Lower Level.
  • The person checking out the key is responsible for returning the key. Late key return results in $5.00 per hour fines. Unauthorized removal of keys from the University Library results in a $10 charge. Lost keys are $50.00. All fees will be added to the record of the person who checked out the key.
  • Each room is equipped with the number of chairs that the room will accommodate. Please do not remove chairs from nearby study spaces.
  • The person who checks out the key to the study room is responsible for the condition of the room. Repair costs to fix any damage to the room will be charged to the person who checked out the key.
  • Rooms are not sound-proofed. Users should be sensitive to the need for quiet to avoid disturbing other library users.
  • Food and drink, cell phone, and other library policies are enforced in study rooms. If these policies are broken, patrons may be asked to leave the study room.

Patrons not in compliance with these rules and procedures may be asked to leave and be barred from future group study room use.