Welcome to the Library Staff

As student employees you are among our most valuable assets. The library staff is committed to serving the students, faculty and staff of Samford University. We cannot accomplish this goal without you.

The staff also takes seriously our responsibility to you as an employee. I challenge you to think of this as the first job on your resume. Learn everything possible from this experience and begin developing the work habits you desire to practice in your career.

Library's Mission

To support the curriculum of the university by acquiring, organizing, and preserving a broad, well-balanced spectrum of information and by providing access to that information through personal and technological services, to the fullest extent of our abilities and resources.

To improve the processes and services of the library continuously, in an effort to contribute to the furthering of the mission of Samford University.

Library Hours

Work Schedule

Your unit leader determines your work schedule in consultation with you. If you are unable to come to work, notify your unit leader as much ahead of time as possible. In some units, a swap with another student must be found to provide continuous coverage. That is your responsibility.

Keep your timesheet in a designated area in your unit. Sign in and out accurately and legibly in ink each time you work. Timesheets are due every other Monday morning and they must be signed by your coordinator.

Pay day is the Friday following each timesheet due date. Paychecks may be picked up after 9 A.M. at the Bursar's Office.


  • Arrive on time as scheduled.
  • Act in a professional, business-like manner.
  • Be sensitive to patron and library staff needs.
  • Give efficient and courteous service.
  • Ask if you do not know or make thoughtful referrals.
  • Be diplomatic and positive about the Library and Samford.
  • Keep personal conversations to a minimum.

Because the library is primarily a service and teaching institution, we must all be willing to go the extra distance to see that people's needs are met and their questions answered.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work assignments and training will be provided by the unit leader. Pay careful attention to the instruction, follow directions, ask questions, perform all tasks to the best of your ability, and eventually offer suggestions.
  • When you need additional work, ask your leader or look around for ongoing jobs.
  • Remember customers come first. All persons using the library are our customers and should be given prompt attention.

Library Environment

The library environment should be conducive to study, research, and work. Please do your part by not having extended or loud conversations with your friends or fellow workers which interfere with the work of library users and with your library duties.

Dress Guidelines

In order to maintain a certain working decorum, there must be a standard for appropriate dress. Wear clothing that is clean, neat and modest. Walking length shorts are acceptable. Short shorts, halter tops, caps and hats are not acceptable. Shoes are required. If you are uncertain, ask your unit leader.

Name tags should be worn while you work.

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. You will make a difference. -- Adapted from Samuel Butler