NOTE: Browser/plug-in compatibility issues may be avoided by downloading the pdf and using Acrobat Reader, not a web browser plug-in, to complete form. If you encounter a problem online, we recommend following the instructions. Another option is to print application and bring to the library.

The Student Application PDF is available online. *If you complete the form online, make sure you Download/Save [with your changes]! Otherwise, follow instructions.


Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader browser plug-in is required.

  • If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download and install, Get Adobe Reader.
  • Save/Download Student Application PDF to your desktop (or Download folder).
  • Open the downloaded file and complete form.
  • After completing, make sure you Save the file with your changes.
  • Compose message to: using your default client (example: Outlook) or internet webmail (gmail, yahoo, etc.) and
  • Attach your PDF application and send email.

Your completed application form is emailed to If you do not receive an email from within two business days, please let us know.


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