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The Samford Libraries Catalog search everything cataloged by the University Libraries (books, videos, recordings, journals by title, etc.) but not individual articles.

To limit after search, in Encore, use the facets under Refine by: on the left side of the search results page.

Only the top 5 categories are displayed under facets
Click more › to view all under each facet.

Encore, refine by, format
For this search, 5 items are DVD format

Facets include: Availability, Search Found In, Format, Collection, Language, Course, Professor, Place, Tag and Publish Date

To limit before search, in Encore, use Advance Search form and change Format: - this example shows Book
Encore, format, book

To limit search, in Classic catalog, go to (More Searches) dropdown on top right and select Advanced Keyword.

Select Advanced Keyword from dropdown

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