These are the most frequently asked questions in the library. For more answers, Search Ask Us

Can I renew books over the phone?

No, books may not be renewed over the phone. Samford faculty, staff, and students may request renewals online by clicking on "Library Account" from the library's home page. Special Patrons may not renew materials.

Does the library have a "lost and found"?

Yes. One is located at the main circulation desk at the front entrance of the library and the other is at the computer lab help desk on the lower level.

Does the library have a back entrance/exit?

Yes. But it is for handicapped persons and deliveries to the library only.

What equipment is available for checkout?

Samford students, staff, and faculty may check out handheld audio recorders, video cameras, tripods, LCD projectors, a portable sound system, slide projectors, overhead projectors, screens, and tape recorders. Check with the Circulation Main Desk for checkout periods. Equipment carries a $5.00 per hour overdue charge up to a maximum of $100.00 per item. Individuals are responsible for loss or damage to equipment.
Faculty and staff may contact the TLC (Technology in Learning Center) for equipment, 726-4045.

How do I get help with the computer labs?

Although the circulation staff is here to help you in any way possible, we are not experts in the computer lab nor do we maintain the computer labs. For the best possible help seek out a computer lab assistant or the computer lab manager.

Does the library sell copy cards for the copiers that only take a card?

All library photocopiers accept the Samford ID card for payment. If you do not have a Samford ID, you may buy a copy card at the circulation desk for $1.00. The card will have a ZERO balance. You must add a monetary amount to the card using a debit or credit card online before making copies. For more information on how to add funds: Get-Bulldog Bucks

What are the overdue fine rates?

  • Regular circulation materials- 20 cents/day
  • GovDocs- 20 cents/day
  • ILL (InterLibrary Loan)- 50 cents/day
  • Multimedia Equipment- $5/hour, maximum $100.00
  • Study room keys - $5/hour
  • Reserve- 25 cents/hour
  • Reserve and study room key removal- one time, per item, $10 fine
  • Replacement Cost- value of the material
  • Processing Fee (when material has to be replaced)- $10 per item replaced

Who pays overdue fines?

  • Undergraduate students and Graduate students of Samford University
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students of other universities with a cooperative agreement with Samford.
  • Special Patrons
  • Faculty (ILL only)

What happened to my fines at the library?

At the end of each semester, current accumulated fines on each library holder's account are transferred to the Bursar's Office and must be paid there.

If I attend another university can I checkout materials at Samford University Library?

Anyone can come and use library materials for research. Only students of other universities which Samford has a cooperative borrowing agreement with may checkout materials. This means that Samford students may borrow materials from their libraries as well.

Students must present a current student I.D. from their college or university.

View Cooperative Agreement Libraries

Can faculty charge photocopies to their department's account?

No. Faculty must bring a copy card.

How long can I checkout a book?

Borrowing Privileges full policy

  • Faculty- one semester with two renewals
  • Doctoral students- one semester with one renewal
  • Samford university's undergraduate and graduate students- 28 days with one renewal for 28 days
  • Special Patrons including other university's undergraduate and graduate students- 28 days with no renewal

How many books can I have on my account at a time?

  • All Samford Students- 100
  • Current Faculty and Emeritus Faculty- 100
  • Current Staff- 100
  • Samford Alumni- 10
  • Retired Faculty and Staff- 10
  • Trustees and their Spouses- 10
  • Local Ministers- 10
  • Students from Other Colleges and Universities- 10

What can I do if material that I need is checked out?

The circulation staff can put a hold on that material. When the material is returned you will get the first opportunity to check the material out. The material will be placed on the hold shelf at the circulation desk and you will be notified to come retrieve the material. Material stays on the hold shelf for 7 days. Then it will be returned to the stacks. If you are in immediate need of material the circulation staff can recall material. This will send a notice to the individual that has the material and request an early check-in of that material if possible. A recall is a request to the individual not a demand.

Where can I pick up/return my InterLibrary Loan materials?

After your materials have come to the library they will be processed by the library and put at the circulation desk for pickup. You will be notified when the material is ready to be picked up. You may also leave the interlibrary material at the circulation desk when you are ready to return it to the lending library.

If something is on reserve where do I get it?

All reserve items are located at the main circulation desk and may be checked out there.

Does the library have a book drop for me to return material when the library is closed?

Yes. It is located at the northwest handicapped/delivery entrance between the library and Dwight Beeson Hall.

Does the library have a computer that I can check out?

No. The library does not have computers for checkout, but there is a computer lab in the library open the same hours as the library.

What if I can't find the book that I need?

If you can't find the material that you need you may request assistance from either the reference desk or the main circulation desk. A staff person will be willing to help you find the material that you need.

Where are the study rooms?

Third floor study rooms are available for 1 or 2 Samford students, on a first come, first served basis. Second floor and lower level study rooms are intended for 2 or more Samford students. A key must be checked out from the circulation desk for a 2 hour period. After 2 hours, the key must be returned or may be renewed if no one is waiting for the room. Persons will be asked to vacate the study room if a key has not been checked out from the Circulation desk. A $5.00 per hour overdue fee is charged for keys not returned or renewed after 2 hours.

When is the library open?

The library has an hours recording that you may get the most up to date information about the library's operation hours. You may reach the recording at (205) 726-4015.