Howard College and Samford University

Samford's Special Collection department serves as the archive for the university. One of the primary missions for the collection is to preserve, protect, and provide access to the history of Howard College and Samford University. This is not an exhaustive list of Samford history resources but rather a brief overview of what the collection has to offer.


  • Samford University at its Sesquicentennial: Empowered to Bless by Thomas E. Corts LD 4881.22 C67 1992
  • Samford University, From Farm Belt to Space Age by Leslie S. Wright. HD28 N48 W7 1969
  • Toward a History of Samford University by James F. Sulzby Jr. LD4881.22 S85 1986
  • 160 Years of Samford University: For God For Learning, Forever by Sean Flynt LD4881.22 F59 2001
  • Harwell Goodwin Davis: Alabama Statesman and Baptist Leader by Susan Ray LD4881.217 D38 R38 1996
  • Highlights of Samford University Under the Leadership of Thomas Edward Corts From 1983 Through 1991 LD4881.22 H54 1992
  • Samford University 125th Anniversary Section LD4881.22 S3 1966
  • Sixty Years of Howard College, 1842 - 1902 by Mitchell Bennett Garrett LD2281.22 G3 1927
  • Athletics at Samford University 1900 - 1970 by Avalee Willoughby LD4881.22 W5 1972
  • Fact Book (Samford University) LD4881.177 F33
  • Charter of Samford University LD4881.17 C5 1966

Official Publications

  • Howard College Catalogues beginning 1845. Some years available online, 1845 – 1913 Internet Archive
  • Entre Nous beginning in 1909
  • The Samford Crimson beginning in 1966 - Print & Microform | Online
  • The Howard Crimson beginning in 1915 - Print & Microform | Online
  • Highlites 1966 - 1971
  • Samford Today 1972 - 1984
  • Samford University Alumnus 1966 - 1971
  • Samford University Bullpup
  • Faces beginning in 1992
  • Entres Nous Voices beginning in 1994
  • Exodus beginning in 1998
  • Seasons beginning in 1984
  • Scuttlebutt

Oral Histories

  • Ann Weaver Armstrong: Early biographical information, Howard College (1940's), foreign mission field, career at Samford University Library ARH 162
  • Dr. Ray Atchison: Experience as Howard College student during the depression and WWII ARH 157
  • Dr. Hudson Baggett: Life at Howard College, WWII, relations with Samford University and The Alabama Baptist ARH 156
  • Fanna K. Bee: Samford University, Special Collection Department, early life in Brookhaven, Mississippi ARH 114.1-115.1
  • Virginia Eagles Deturk: Early biographical information, Howard College life during the late 1920s and 1930s, information about Dr. John Dawson and Dr. Theophilus Eagles ARH 158
  • Mary Lou Martin Farley: Early biographical information, Howard College life in the 1920s, teaching career ARH 164
  • James G. Gann Jr.: Early biographical information, Howard College life during WWII and the V-12 Program, his career as an attorney. ARH 170
  • Sam Granade: Early biographical information, Howard College and Southern Seminary life, military service, Ala. Baptist Ministerial career. ARH 176
  • Mary Louise Hodges: Howard College life during WWII ARH 168
  • Charles Bowden Kingry: Howard College life 1910 - 1914 ARH 171
  • Howard F. McCord: Baptist work in Alabama, Bibb Baptist Association, Alabama Baptist Assemblies, Howard College
  • Nina Miglionica: Early biographical information, Howard College life during the late 1920's and early 1930s, her career as an attorney and Birmingham City Council member ARH 169
  • Lizette VanGelder Mitchell: Biographical information, her years as a professor at Howard College
  • Ben Fountain Robinson: Early "biographical information, Howard College student life (1935), engineering career ARH 166
  • Maurine Slaughter: Howard College life (1927 - 1930), Marine Corps experiences, teaching career ARH 163
  • Mable Willoughy: Early biographical information, Howard College student life, career as a Howard College Librarian (1931 - 1956) ARH 165

Manuscript Collections

  • Catherine Allen Sesquicentennial Collection
  • DeVotie Collection
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Ida Moffett Collection
  • Master Thesis
  • Matriculation Schedule
  • Sizemore Douglass Collection