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Charges for Microfilm Laboratory Services

For Institutuions

Alabama Baptist Historical Commission .09 cents per exposure
Archives in Montgomery .15 cents per exposure
Churches; Associations .15 cents per exposure
Libraries; Seminaries .15 cents per exposure
Newspapers (Publishers) .15 cents per exposure

For Individuals

MF Positive ONLY .15 cents per exposure

Additional Charges

Archives Security, Inc. (ASI)*

Delivery fee$21.00 first box
Pick-up fee$21.00 first box
Retrieval fee$3.50 per box
Re-file fee$2.00 per box

*ASI is the off campus storage facility for microfilm negatives. When a patron requests a positive microfilm copy, the negative is delivered to the Microfilm Lab from ASI.

Shipping and Insurances

Current Postal rates/charges are invoiced.