The manuscript collections include family files, diaries, and biographical information on Alabama Baptist pastors and laity; and county, state, and local materials. The following is a list of selected items. It is not comprehensive.

Alabama - Pardon Petitions and Amnesty Papers
  • Petitions, affidavits, and correspondence of those Alabamians seeking amnesty offered by President Johnson following the Civil War. Index for entire series, Special Collection houses only Alabama section. (MFS 809)

Alabama - Internal Revenue Assessment Lists
  • Lists of those assessed for property, goods, etc. 1865 - 1866 (MFS536)
Alabama - County Records (microfilmed; Partial Listing)
  • Bibb County (MFS 573)
  • Blount County (MFS 572)
  • Choctaw County (MFS 572, 576)
  • Conecuh County (MFS 572, 575)
  • Coosa County (MFS 587)
  • Jefferson County (MFS 605 - 6 reels)
  • Monroe County (MFS 578)
  • Talladega County (MFS 590)
  • Wilcox County (MFS 580 - 9 reels)
Alabama- Mortality Schedules
  • List of all people who died during the year prior to June 1 of the census year: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 (MFS 841). ; Published copy for 1850 and 1860 (shelved with census index)
Alabama - Freedman's Bureau Papers
  • Correspondence, reports, etc. of those in charge of and working with the Freedman's Bureau, 1865 - 1870. (MFS 809)
American Home Missionary Society Papers, 1816 - 1936
  • Correspondence, reports, etc. of the teachers and missionaries to the Board. 385 reels (MFS 727). ; Printed Index CD 3065.C6 H6 1975x
American Sunday School Union Papers, 1816 - 1936
  • Correspondence, reports, etc. of those establishing Sunday Schools; data from the schools. (MFS 795) ; Printed index BV 1503.A75 S64 1980
American Papers of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1701 - 1711
  • Correspondence, reports, etc. from missionaries sent by the Church of England to the American Colonies. ; Materials arranged by colony. (MFS 828)
Bledsoe- Kelly Collection
  • Collection of correspondence, family charts, abstracted family and county materials collected and compiled by Maud McLure Kelly. (SC 829 & SC 2739)
Draper Manuscripts
  • Collection of correspondence, affidavits, reports of service of the Revolutionary War veterans compiled by Lyman C. Draper. ; Available: King's Mountain and Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina series. (MFS 603)
McCubbins Collection
  • Collection of materials - family data, county sources, etc. of North Carolina. 72 reels; index on 3 reels. ; Materials arranged alphabetically. (MFS 382)
North Carolina Marriage Bonds
  • North Carolina marriage bonds (1741 - 1868) were statements of intent for couples who planned to wed. (MHB 7) ; Printed guide F 253.J3 1977x
Panton, Leslie and CO. Papers
  • Materials collected by Panton, Leslie and Co. Subjects: Indians of North America, Southern States, and Trading Posts. (MFS 881) ; Printed guide E 78.S65 P36 1986x