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Published in January–February 2007 by Jennifer Taylor

Fifty Years in Homewood


When enrollment increased, Major Harwell G. Davis had a vision for a new and more accommodating campus.

pre-development photo of land

During the early 1950's a site for the new campus was found.

group photo

Groundbreaking for the new Homewood campus was in 1953. L-R on ground: Contractor D.W. Ellard, Architect Charles B. Davis, Architect E.B. Van Keuren, John H. Buchanan, college Business Manager John G. Burton, and college Dean Percy Pratt Burns. L-R on tractor: Board of Trustees President Frank Park Samford, Sr., Trustee Paul A. Redmond, President Davis and his grandson Bill Eshelman.

Troy Scogin and June Bailey

Senior Troy Scogin and Freshman June Bailey look down on the newly paved intersection that would become Montague Drive and Sherman Circle.

Administration building

The first building to be constructed was the Administration building. It was named in honor of Frank Park Samford, who lent the backing for the initial move.

Homewood campus, 1957

The New Homewood campus as it was in January 1957. Classes did not begin on the new campus until September.


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