Special Collection Treasures
Published November–December 2008 by Jennifer Taylor

Howard College

In 1942 Howard College celebrated its centennial year of classes. In preparation for the celebration, the 1940 Alabama Baptist State Convention passed a resolution to raise $500,000 for much needed campus improvements and for indebtedness against the college.

However, the campaign was delayed until late 1942 because Howard Trustees and the Alabama Baptist State Convention realized that sister school, Judson College was in greater need of raising funds to keep the school running.

Even with the delay, Howard raised $2,005.75 by the end of the 1941/42 academic school year. That is approximately $25,500 in today's terms. By 1944, the Howard Trustee report to the Alabama State Convention reported raising $40,403.90 (that's approximately $502,256 in today's terms) through the sale of war bonds alone.


  • Bethsalem Baptist Church SC 5577
  • Centennial Fund, SC 4179
  • Chapman Collection, SC 4671 Box 27, F. 16
  • 1941-1944 Alabama Baptist State Convention Annuals
  • US Inflation Calculator