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Published on date, 2017 by Jennifer Taylor
Charles H. Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon, The Prince of Preachers, was the foremost preacher of the 19th century. In 1854, at the age of 20, Spurgeon became the pastor for the New Park Street Chapel in London, England (later the Metropolitan Tabernacle). He remained there until his retirement 38 years later. While he was there, the congregation grew to over 10,000 attendees.

As Spurgeon would preach, someone in the congregation would transcribe his sermon. The following day Spurgeon would begin to edit the transcription notes. You can see his edits in purple on the sermon below. His notes were then sent to his secretary for a final grammar check before being sent to the printer. Galley proofs would be returned to Spurgeon a little while later and he would make more edits before the sermon was ready to be published for the public to read on Thursday.

Transcription of the sermon delivered on Feb. 19, 1882

Galley Proof of the sermon delivered on Feb. 19, 1882

Enlarged top portion of the galley proof

Approximately 3,560 of his individual sermons were published in this manner. These sermons are still available today and fill a collection of 62 volumes.


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