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Published May–June 2009 by Jennifer Taylor
Class photo from Entre Nous Class Photo from Entre Nous

A Birmingham Political Pioneer

After graduating from Howard, she was offered a scholarship to pursue a masters degree in music. However, she had other plans. She said, "I always heard my little brother say he was going to be a lawyer. I figured if he could, I could. Then he went into medicine, and I got stuck with law." Miss. Miglionico graduated from the University of Alabama with a law degree in 1936. She used her musical talents to teach music from 3 o'clock in the afternoons until 9 o'clock at night to help pay for her classes.

Miglionico was elected in 1963 to serve on the first Birmingham City Council. Later she became the first and only woman to serve as president of the council. She remained on the council until 1981.

Nina Miglionico with Angie Grooms Proctor
In 1970, Miglionico along with Pulitzer Prize winner, Harold Martin, were awarded Samford's Alumni of the Year award.
Click the tape to listen to a portion of Miglionico's 1985 oral history interview by Irma Cruse about her education.  Transcript:  [DOC]   [TXT]